Cracked Heels – Tips to Correct and Heal Alligator Skin

Cracked heels are a major cause of foot pain globally. Aside from being totally embarrassing, they can also make it painful to stand or walk. If left untreated, they can eventually cause problems with your stride!

Even though they aren't typically a sign of major medical problems, they may be caused by deficiencies or underlying issues. Most of the time, they can be amended just by using some simple remedies from your kitchen.

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If the pain is great enough and you aren’t using your heels a lot when you walk, a chain reaction can occur in your skeletal frame, especially your spine. Because you’re walking abnormally, your spinal alignment may shift. Your body will want to compensate for the difference and this could result in a slipped disc or worse. In this perspective, getting a handle on the problem is truly important to your well being.

If you think about, you also depend on your feet to carry you wherever you need to go throughout your life. Further more, if splits in the skin are preventing you from walking as much, you are far more likely NOT to get regular exercise. There is a definite domino effect that can be easily remedied if you address the problem head on!

The Cause of Foot Pain

Cracked heels are also known as heel fissures. Fissures are regular linear cut wounds and mostly affect the surface of the skin but they can also compromise the epidermis.

Sometimes fissures may go deep into the dermis and become extremely painful. Excessive pressure on foot pads make them expand sideways. Excessively dry skin on the sides of the feet can also split and cause cracking. Appearances of cracked heels may also indicate zinc, vitamin E, and omega-3 deficiencies.

Cracking can be worse in the winter months or for those who live in dry climates. Going barefoot or wearing open backed shoes can also be drying and lead to foot pain. As the condition becomes worse, it gets more difficult to treat, since regular moisturizers won't penetrate the dry, dead, thick skin on your heels.

The big takeaway is to deal with the issue before it gets worse. It's also understandable that it's far easier said than done! How often we put off caring for ourselves when dealing with the stresses of daily life. But don't procrastinate caring for yourself. Do it today to avoid the associated problems.

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Preventing Cracked Heels

  • Take care of your feet regularly. Keep them clean and dry.
  • Exfoliate the feet gently whenever possible.
  • Use contrast baths regularly to soothe painful feet.
  • Avoid walking with bare feet if they're bleeding.
  • Protect your feet by wearing socks and shoes more often.
  • Avoid picking at the dead skin. My mom used to do this all the time at home and it used to drive me nuts!

    Tips for Correcting and Healing Cracked Heels

  • A good place to start dealing with cracked heels is to coat the feet with warmed moisture-rich oils right before bed and slip on a pair or thick socks. Any oil that supplies more moisture to the skin is a good choice. I prefer coconut oil because of the great smell but olive oil or fish oil are perfectly fine too!

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  • Some medical professionals believe that cracking is caused by candida or leaky gut syndrome. The splitting of the skin is an external representation of what is happening on internally along intestinal walls. One way to help eliminate candida is to regularly include the enzyme bromelain in your diet. The best source is fresh pineapple. If you can't eat pineapple everyday, opt for bromelain supplements instead.

  • Cracked heels can be caused by a deficiency in lecithin. One tell-tale sign of deficiency is constant thirst and having to urinate often. Even though you drink ample water, it seems to go right through you without much absorption. Simply taking lecithin may be able to cure your cracked heels.

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  • Mash a ripe banana and apply the pulp on cracked areas. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Continue using this regimen daily for as long as needed.

  • Coat heels with providone iodine (betadine) right before bed, then cover your feet with a pair of thick socks. After a few days, use a pumice stone to help slough dry skin. Continue using betadine until healing occurs.

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  • Milk and honey used together can be very effective for cracking skin. Pour one cup of raw honey per each two cups of milk into a large basin or bowl. Just make sure it's big enough to hold both feet. Soak your feet for 15 minutes, massaging the mixture into the skin as you soak. Rinse and pat dry. Repeat as needed.

  • Unfiltered vinegar, fresh lemon juice, and even baking soda are known to kill candida on the skin. Use any one of them (or combination of them together) in a foot bath with warm water daily until cracking is eliminated.

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  • A great remedy for alligator skin is fresh, raw papaya. Similar to pineapple, papaya contains an enzyme called papain, which has been referred to as the 'organic alpha-hydroxy substitute'. Rub mashed papaya onto heels daily. Allow it to stay in place for 10 - 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and pat your feet dry.

  • Some people have gotten real relief from cracking skin just by applying vaseline, Vicks vapor rub, or Chapstick. Use them at night before bedtime and wear socks over your feet.

    When you get rid of cracking you can feel confident going out in public wearing slaps, strappy sandals, or even high heels. It's easy to get the relief you deserve by at least trying something! Cracked heels can be eliminated if you persist and work at it regularly.

    Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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