How to Correct Skin Tone – 8 Steps for a Flawless Complexion!

Getting the correct skin tone is highly desirable to women especially, and there's no doubt why. Magazines and advertisements boast beautiful women (and men) with air-brushed complexions that look stunning. It’s awfully hard not to want what they all seem to have!

However, the harsh truth is that no one’s complexion is without flaw, yet we compare ourselves to those beautiful people whom we admire so much! This makes getting an evened out complexion even more important to many of us!

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The good news is that with the many advances in technology today, a smooth even complexion is attainable. You just have to take a few extra minutes to get the steps down pat. Once you get into a routine, you’ll have no problem showing off your own perfectly blended skin!

There are many things that affect your skin tone! These are most of the major factors.

Things that Affect Skin Tone

  • Heredity - your family genes may play a big role.
  • Hormones - conditions like melasma or the ‘mask of pregnancy’ can affect skin tone.
  • Sun damage - due to UV radiation.
  • Other environmental factors - such as wind, chemical exposure, and even humidity.
  • Scarring - possibly due to pimples, wounds, abrasions, irritations.
  • Stress - can cause pimples, autoimmune disorders, other illnesses that affect the skin.
  • Slow wound healing - can cause more damage if scabs are removed prematurely.
  • Cleanliness - cleaning too much or too little can disrupt the delicate pH balance of the skin.
  • Large pores - the larger the pore size, the less smooth your skin will look.
  • Your skin tone - the darker your natural skin tone, the harder it is to correct skin tone.
  • Yeast and fungus.
  • Smoking.
  • The skin care products you use.

  • According to leading Dermatologists, most skin blemishes are directly related to sun exposure. If you expose your skin to the sun too often without protection, you’re more likely to experience facial discolorations.

    There are many products and remedies that help correct skin tone and make it smoother and more even but there are many variables and hurdles that may get in the way. One of the most important is not knowing your skin tone. For help determining what it is, see this page

    Fading Skin to Correct Skin Tone

    If you have an uneven skin tone and want to try to correct skin tone, try using one of these products.

      For All Skin Tones

    • Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector
    • Idealist Skintone Illuminator
    • Bio Oil

      For Lighter Skin Tones

    • Porcelana Lightening Cream

      (There are prescriptive strength hydroquinone creams available. Some brand names are Eldoquin, Epiquin Micro, Lustra, and Melanex.)

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    Correct Skin Tone Using These 8 Steps

    1) - The first step to flawless skin is always to clean your face thoroughly. Most soaps work great at removing surface bacteria but deep cleansers help remove deep impurities in your skin and clear out pollution, dirt, oils, and other debris.

    2 – You can’t correct skin tone if you don’t properly moisturize your face. Smooth skin is always plumped and hydrated.

    3) – Next, you’ll want to check for zits. If you notice any trying to pop up, now’s a good time to apply a spot treatment.

    4} – Many makeup primers on the market today offer extra ingredients that help correct your skin tone. I’m using one that works great! It’s called Revlon Photoready Color Correcting Primer. It’s kind of a muted pink color and when I use it, my face is as smooth as a baby’s behind but it also helps hide facial discolorations.

    5} – Your next step will be to decide which foundation you need to use. The more you need to hide, the more coverage you’ll need. Of course, you also need to know which foundation is best for your skin type! Find out here.

    Apply your foundation over your entire face. Don’t forget to include the sides of your face up to your sideburns and down your throat. If you still have areas that need more coverage, target them with another dab of foundation. Layer slowly though so you don't overdo it. You will get much move even coverage using a moistened makeup sponge if you're using liquids or creams.

    You can also use a makeup concealer if it's an EXACT match to your foundation. If not, you can still use it but go back over the area with your foundation.

    Many women use mineral foundations for this very reason. You can build the coverage you need effortlessly. Just a few extra brushes with minerals and dark patches magically disappear.

    Today, you can also buy foundations that help improve your skin by using them. Clinique Even Better Makeup adds color to your face while it helps smooth fine lines and fade blemishes.

    6} - If you have dark circles, red spots, or veins that are clearly visible, you may want to use a concealer on these areas specifically. Just be sure to blend them well into your skin. (Try Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Dark Circle Minimizer!)

    7} – Give your complexion a long hard look in the mirror! Your complexion should be near about perfect by now! It not, go back and work on problem areas before you finish up!

    8} – Now that you’ve got the correct skin tone, set your makeup using loose powder. Skip this step if you prefer a dewey-looking complexion instead. You will also need to add the rest of your makeup if you're wearing it. flawless complexion image

    Any way you slice it, once you get over a few hurdles and correct skin tone, your face is going to look simply smashing darling!

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