Consumerism Debt is Entrapment – Learn 7 Reasons to Break Free From the Hysteria!

Consumerism debt is a set up – meant to enslave you to the banksters in the federal reserve. People have become addicted to spending the almighty dollar using money that doesn’t really exist. Vast commercialism tempts you into thinking you need things you simply do not. Throw in planned obsolescence and it’s the perfect recipe for financial disaster.

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I have heard that people spend the first half of their lives accumulating stuff and the second half of their lives getting rid of it. I am living the latter category right now. The fact is that getting rid of “stuff” is very freeing but most people are so brainwashed by mainstream media, they can’t even recognize it.

Excessive consumerism can destroy entire families. Over time, clever advertisements subtly and purposely shapes our desires. Material “wants” promise faster cars, bigger houses, and newer technologies but only creates clutter and temporary happiness. As more and more is acquired, shopping for more temporary happiness can consume entire lives.

In reality however, humans have very limited REAL needs.

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Planned Obsolescence Traps You into Consumerism Debt

Planned obsolescence is a deliberate and “planned” strategy that allows sale of a current version of a product that will become outdated or useless within a specific amount of time. Good examples are cell phones, computers, and televisions. This ensures that consumers will, in the future, have a desire to get the updated versions which guarantees more sales. In a throw-away society, if something breaks, no problem. Just buy the newer version and toss what’s broken. It can quickly become a vicious cycle of non-ending spending that keeps landfills overflowing.

Maybe taking a minimalist approach isn’t for everyone but it’s certainly something that should be researched if you’re tired of being weighed down. Consuming some things is a very necessary part of life (think food, few clothes, limited shoes) but excessive spending is optional. Life can bring fulfillment by creating new memories that do not depend on material wealth.

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Consumerism Debt in the USA

  • Forty six percent of all Americans have credit card debt which is paid monthly.
  • The average debt on credit cards per household is nearly $16,000.
  • The more income you make, the more consumerism debt you carry.
  • Nearly fifty percent of auto loans are set up to be paid back in six years or longer.
  • Nearly eight million Americans are behind at least one payment on their mortgage.
  • Most America families hold over $132,000 of debt.
  • Medical debt is owed by at least forty percent of Americans.
  • Medical bills cause more than sixty percent of all bankruptcies.
  • Student loans have doubled over the last ten years and 65 percent of all college students will graduate with loan debt.
  • There is a strong relationship between mental illness and consumerism debt. The more debt you carry, the stronger the likelihood that you’ll have mental health problems.
  • A higher cost of living has outpaced income growth for the past 12 years.

    Here are a few ways to rethink what you amass instead of falling into more consumerism debt.

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    7 Reasons to Escape Consumerism Debt

  • Combined consumerism debt in America is estimated to be around $2.43 TRILLION! And for what? 30 pairs of fashion shoes/pants/shirts sitting in a closet collecting dust? Having less debt gives you feel-good satisfaction and happiness, whereas shopping in department stores rarely does.

  • Your time and energy are valuable commodities and shouldn’t be wasted on caring for frivolous possessions. Sorting through too many “things”, replacing what is broken, and cleaning things made of glass, metal, or plastic is exhausting and doesn’t create enjoyment. Humans are so much better off owning less!

  • Envying what others have or own is a huge driving-force towards consumerism debt. Today’s internet and media has spawned lifestyle norms way beyond people’s incomes by promoting the lifestyles of the rich and famous - which is then viewed as superior or enviable. Rejecting the urge to follow by example can help squelch the desire to upgrade lifestyle norms.

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  • The impacts of what is consumed affects the environment in a very real and negative way. Your Mother has always had enough resources to meet all of your needs but it does not have enough resources to meet all of your wants. Protecting the environment may not be at the top of your to-do list but it should. Every one of us is responsible to some extent. Consuming more resources than the earth can replenish is completely unnecessary.

  • If you are constantly chasing the latest fashion trends, you might want to put a lid on that. Henry David Thoreau said: “Every generation laughs at the old fashions but religiously follows the new.” A culture built on consumption must produce newer, greater targets to keep those that follow it interested and spending money. This is exactly WHY every year a new line of fashion is released as the newest trend. A better idea is to update/change what you already have or remove yourself entirely from the pursuit.

  • Credit card debt is vast in America alone. Most people today spend WAY beyond their financial limits to achieve a certain look or appeal. This term is coined conspicuous consumption, where material wealth is used as a means for “displaying” income or wealth. Consumerism debt has been around a long time but with credit readily available to most everyone, it can reach across every social class that exists today. No one is exempt from the temptation.

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    Consumerism debt is engulfing and crippling American incomes. The more bells and whistles a product has, the higher the likelihood that it will break down and need to be replaced. America used to build products that lasted a lifetime but BIG CORPA changed all that. I highly suggest you question whether you REALLY need something or just WANT something. There’s a huge difference between the two. In actuality, the less you have, the more you’re able to enjoy life and the people in it.

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