Codex Alimentarius – Part of the TPP and Massive Hazard to Human Health

Codex alimentarius, an integral part of the Trans Pacific Partnership, (TPP) is a sinister plot to take control of the worlds food supply. Once enacted, it will also take away your rights to vitamin supplements, in favor of pharmaceutical drugs. The TPP cannot be overturned (that I'm aware of) and has no end date. It will put biotech corporations in charge of entire nations. If a government fails to comply, those corporations can then sue.

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Most people today are blatantly and purposely unaware of the long term health implications of the codex agreement. Part of the bigger picture is the fact that once new trade deals are signed into law, the commissions that meet annually will support the idea of ‘business with disease’. Humanity and the earth in general will simply be 'out of luck'.

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What is Codex Alimentarius

The World Trade Organization (the WTO) uses Codex Guidelines and Standards as the hallmark in the "adjudication of international trade disputes involving foods." The Codex Commission is a global body that makes proposals and is consulted by the Directors-General for the FOA (Food and Agriculture Organization) of the UN and the WHO (World Trade Organization) on all matters pertaining to the implementation of the Joint WHO/FOA Food Standards Programme. Established in 1963, the Commissions sole purposes are laid out in the Procedural Manual and are as follows:

  • Protecting the health of consumers
  • Ensuring fair practices in the food trade
  • promoting coordination of all food standards work by international governmental and non-governmental organizations.

    While it certainly sounds all fair and good, codex alimentarius has a GRIM DARK SIDE and our governments don’t want you to be informed. If they did, you’d already know about it right?

    Broken down, this agreement does little to protect consumer health nor make international food trade fair.

    In 2006, the Commission presided over 27 subsidiary committees and ad hoc intergovernmental task forces – whose primary functions center around the drafting of guidelines, standards, and other information relating to food, including supplements. Once completed, they are presented to the Commission for final approval and adaptation as new global standards. (Called GLOBALISM)

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    Codex Alimentarius and Your Health

    Standards and guidelines for codex already exist for all foods. While these are theoretically optional, the creation of the WHO - established in ’95 – changed their international status. They have become increasingly used by the WTO as the benchmark for trade disputes involving food. Losing such a dispute makes the adoption of Codex mandatory, which leaves WTO members (countries) with no other option but to comply.

    There are currently 149 countries who are members of the WTO. Codex guidelines and standards exist for EVERY food on the planet that you can name. Once completely enacted under the TPP, TISA, and TTIP, Codex Alimentarius will directly affect most every consumer on the planet.

    As if that wasn’t bad enough, codex alimentarius also sets the standards for many other things. These include: mineral and vitamin supplements, health claims, organic foods, GMOS, food labeling and advertising, food additives, and pesticide residues. Codex can be seen supporting economic interests first – those of the BIG chemical and pharmaceutical industries – before human health.

    You’ve heard of the long arm of the law right? Codex has many long arms and consumers will become slaves to the guidelines and standards. We will have little say so about what goes into our foods at all.

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    Codex Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

    Guidelines for vitamin and mineral supplements (adopted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission in 2005), set a new global standard. Drafted using the EU’s restrictive Food Supplements Directive as a blueprint, these guidelines mandate restricting upper limits on supplement dosages!

    They also prohibit any language which claims that supplements are suitable for the prevention, alleviation, treatment, or cure from disease. Since most of my holistic friends know those claims have been long substantiated, this is a direct slap in the face. Global enforcement of these guidelines will ensure that the sale of such supplements remains the exclusive province of BIG PHARMA - making it much harder for consumers to protect their own health.

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    Health Claims

    The General Guidelines for Codex on Claims protects only the patents of the pharmaceutical industries control of our healthcare systems.

    There are already many Codex texts in existence that put restrictions on the benefits that can be tooted on food products. The most damning of these is the Codex General Guidelines on Claims, which was adopted in ’79 and revised in ’91. These claims appear to be the root problem of the Codex platform in terms of putting severe restrictions on natural forms of healthcare. In effect, this will ensure that pharmaceutical drugs will be the only products that are permitted to make claims relating to the prevention, alleviation, treatment and cure.

    Codex Claims prohibit any claims that imply that a balanced diet or ordinary foods can supply adequate amounts of nutrients – and all claims that food products are suitable for use in the prevention, alleviation, treatment or cure of disease.

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    Organic Foods and Codex Alimentarius

    The Codex Committee on Food Labeling is (and has been) attempting to water down global standards for organic foods. Organic companies are allowed to use substances such as sulphur dioxide (causing allergic reactions in some people) sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite (potentially carcinogenic and may cause hyperactivity in some children) and carrageenan. (associated with the formation of ulcers in the intestine and cancerous tumors in the gut)

    Furthermore, the Codex Commission recently granted for work to begin on the inclusion of ethylene, used before harvest to induce artificial ripening of fruits and vegetables. (dessicant) Use of this practice on organic foods would be another step towards WTO enforcement – and the same unnatural agriculture practices that non-organic foods are already subject to.

    Why would they do this?

    Food producers will see this as an easy way to break into the organic markets, thus making larger profits. Organic foods promote better health than their counterparts because they contain more micronutrients - and are not supposed to contain pesticides, residues, or genetically modified organisms. Since good health is not in the interests of ‘business with disease’, this makes the increasing demand for organics a real threat to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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    Genetically Modified Foods

    The Codex Commission adopted it’s first guidelines and standards for genetically modified organisms back in 2003. These guidelines became instrumental in the US, Canada, and Argentina launching and winning trade disputes at the WTO against the EU - where it was argued that the EU had a moratorium for the approval and import of GM foods.

    Eventual adaptation of these standards will make the approval and importation of GM foods MANDATORY for all WTO member countries. The US, Canada, and Argentina are pushing for no requirements for manufacturers or exporters of GM foods to disclose the presence of GMO’S on their labels. This of course is exactly what companies like Monsanto want, since so many people are now opposed to genetically modified foods in general. No one wants them but it looks like we’ll be stuck with them if the TPP passes later this year. (I am hearing that President Obama plans to sign the TPP over Thanksgiving).

    Unlike organic and regular foods, GM foods (and seeds) can be patented. This is key to why biotech companies are so desperate for these foods to be forced onto the world markets. Long term profits are extremely colossal and compare quite favorably with the market for pharmaceutical drugs – since the major players in BIG PHARMA (like Bayer and BASF) are also major players in the biotech industry. Once again the pharmaceutical drug industry has positioned itself as a key beneficiary of Codex Alimentarius.

    According to the pharmaceutical industry, patentable products are the only ones worth producing. Financial interest groups that back the Codex Alimentarius Commission are in a desperate struggle to maintain their monopoly on the healthcare industry and expand into GM food production.

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    Food Labeling and Advertising

    The Codex Commission on Food Labeling has been around since 1965.

    "The issue of food labeling is particularly crucial to the further spreading of life-saving natural health information, as restrictions upon the written content of food labels contribute, along with those on advertising, to preventing nutritional supplement manufacturers from informing people of the proven benefits of dietary supplementation."

    CCFL has refused to acknowledge the role of optimum nutrition in the prevention, alleviation, treatment, or cure of disease, rather than protecting the consumer.

    Meanwhile, the CCFL has decided to work on a definition for advertising language.

    The definition initiated is far from satisfactory from a natural health perspective:

    "Advertising: any representation to the public, by any means other than a label, that is intended or is likely to influence and shape attitude, beliefs and behaviours in order to promote directly or indirectly the sale of the food."

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    Food Additives and Codex Alimentarius

    The Codex Food Additive Index currently lists 300 additives (synthetic and natural) that it permits to be used in foods. One of it’s main functions is to establish maximum permitted levels.

    While it may be the case that some additives are safe when consumed in isolation from other foods that also contain them, the reality is that no substantive consideration for this gross and negligent oversight has been given by Codex Alimentarius. How can we ever be sure we’re getting safe levels when we eat several foods containing those additives? The sad truth is, we can’t. The cumulative and long term effects of consuming multiple patented chemicals and artificial additives is largely being ignored.

    Many diseases that are caused or aggravated by the long term consumption of pesticides and only increase the potential market for pharmaceutical drugs.

    Furthermore, many of these artificial additives are manufactured by the same pharmaceutical drug and chemical companies that would like nothing more than to ban vitamin supplements and force GM foods down our throats.

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    Pesticides and Codex

    The maximum limits for pesticide residues in specific foods or groups of foods are set by the Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues. This Committee was established in 1966. Again however, these guidelines are generally examined in isolation and their collective presence in the body is generally ignored. Since many of these dangerous chemicals are manufactured by BIG PHARMA and BIG CORPA, it isn’t hard to imagine the widespread damage they could ultimately do. The dual financial benefit will increase the size of the market for (and profits for) patented drugs used in treatments, that their long term usage could cause.

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    Codex Alimentarius and the TPP

    Language contained in the TPP is what codex has been long waiting for. The TPP has little to do with fair trade deals and everything to do with global control by special interest groups over humanity. This evil plan (that Obama says is a "good deal for the American people") is nothing short but a corporate takeover and will stranglehold humanity. The only people that this deal is "good for" are the corporate elitist’s. Obama and other world leaders will line their pockets with plenty of cash and the sheeple of the world will be slaves/puppets to corporations.

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    This effort called GLOBALISM, is part of the Bildeberg agenda. The primary function is a political battlefield where war is being waged against human health. Those who control the global food supply will be the real winners. These global ‘authorities’ are only interested in one thing – profits.

    The further adaptation of the Codex guidelines for foods derived from biotechnology seems inevitable. Our freedoms of choice, health, and the environment are clearly the losers and we are all at risk.

    While few people even know about codex alimentarius, it is critical that this news is spread far and wide. We have little time to take action however at this point, I am unsure how to stop it. Obama recently said that he will sign the TPP over the lame duck session this fall. The Codex Alementarius Commission’s support for the ‘business with disease’ model has continued unabated.

    The wide reach of its guidelines make it a clear threat to the future health of mankind and the entire earth. It will not bode well for those of us who subscribe to a food-to-table lifestyle. I highly suggest that you start stocking up your cabinets and freezers NOW before it’s too late. There will be a time when the only way we can get vitamins is through our health care providers and they will be VERY expensive. Don’t delay.

    Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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