Chemotherapy Fails 97% of the Time and Does Not Address the Underlying Cause

If chemotherapy fails 97% of the time, then why do patients line up to get the treatment? That’s perplexing to say the least. However, most physicians today neglect to tell their patients about failure rates because they’ve been MANDATED to recommend it. Our entire medical system is reckless and absurd!

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Furthermore, if chemo fails 97 percent of the time, that means that the success rate is a whopping 3 percent! Think about that. Additionally, cancer is misdiagnosed around 28 percent of the time. Seems like an unfair trade-off to say the least.

What's no secret that cancer is BIG business. It’s presently raking in around $200 BILLION each year (and growing) in the US alone.

Conventional treatments don’t work and patients are bound to get sicker. That’s because chemotherapy does not treat the underlying cause of cancer. Instead, it kills all body functions at a cellular level. When chemo is finished, patients can only hope there’s enough good stuff left to rebuild immunity and cellular function.

Leonard Coldwell - holistic physician who is not afraid to speak up explains:

"If you have a garden with flowers and bushes and trees and grass, and some weeds, you come with Agent Orange and kill it all off, and now it’s all dead, and you hope only the good stuff is coming back," Coldwell says. "They bombard the entire system and then they say the cancer is in remission".

He notes that the statistics (that most doctors quote) on the effectiveness of cancer cures refer to survival rates after five years. "You killed basically every bioelectrical and biochemical function in the body,” he says. “Since nothing works anymore, for three years, you have no cancer, you’re cured. You’re just dead in five years".

Chemotherapy fails miserably again and again. It is a barbaric and medieval procedure that affects many people’s lives in a negative and debilitating way. It attacks and kills not just the cancer cells, but all the living, healthy cells in the body.

Furthermore, it completely cripples the body's own immune system. While chemotherapy has been called effective against testicular cancers and lymphocytic leukemia, in many cases it's difficult to predict what the therapy will kill first -- the patient or the cancer. In fact, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that most patients who die from cancer, actually die from chemotherapy.

Coldwell claims that radiation can cause similar harm. "It’s an assault with a deadly weapon," he says. "When you radiate someone, it’s causing scars. A scar can never turn back into healthy tissue".

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False Positive Rates in Cancer Screenings

To be clear, there are a ridiculously high number of false positives in cancer screenings. Among 1,087 individuals participating in a cancer screening trial - who underwent a variety of tests for prostate, ovarian, colorectal, and lung cancer, 43 percent had at least one false positive test result, according to a study published in an issue of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. That's nearly half of the patients who were tested!

"In a German study of women over age 80 with breast cancer, those who received no treatment lived 11 months longer on average than those who received conventional cancer treatments".

A 14-year study by two oncologists in Australia reported in the film "A Shocking Look at Cancer Studies" that chemotherapy fails for all of major cancers -- and falls far below a 10 percent success rate.

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Mammograms do more damage than good (and preventive mastectomies are pointless.) The $4 billion-a-year mammogram industry urges women to rely on invasive x-ray tests that are designed to save lives. What they fail to tell you is mammograms are a highly unnecessary and harmful. In fact, mammograms harm ten women for every one the procedure helps.

A study by researchers from the Nordic Cochrane Center in Demark reviewed both the pros and cons of seven breast cancer screening programs on 500,000 women.

For every 2,000 women who received mammograms over a 10-year period, only one would have her life prolonged, but ten would be harmed. This is because mammograms can inadvertently INCREASE a woman's risk of developing breast cancer by as much as 3 percent yearly by irradiating the breast cells and triggering breast cancer.

Many mammograms are also miscalibrated, so they end up putting out far too much radiation to be safe. If a woman begins getting routine mammograms at age 40 - then by age 60 - it is almost certain that breast cancer will ensue.

It's no wonder so many women end up with breast cancer if they begin getting regular screenings starting when they’re mid aged. The cancer industry knows well about the relationship between CT scan radiation, mammograms, and cancer statistics. Yet they keep telling their patients to get tested because "early detection is key to survival". The outrageous truth is that recurring mammograms bring repeat business to the corrupt cancer industry by CREATING cancerous tumors over time.

*Note - Perhaps you've heard through the medical mainstream media that treating early stage breast cancer creates a 91 percent cure rate over five years. This statement is ridiculous -- you can get the same rate of cure by doing nothing at all. (Breast cancer has a very slow growth rate.)

*Note – A saliva test for breast cancer exists, which yields no false positive or negatives. Researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston discovered that women with breast cancer carry different proteins than women with no cancer. This test is so simple a dentist could do it.

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If Chemotherapy Fails – Then Why Do Most Doctors Recommend It?

Dr. Glidden, author of The MD Emperor Has No Clothes, cites a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The study found that over a 12-year period, chemotherapy fails 97 percent of the time in the adult population. So why on earth is it still used? Because it’s all about the money!

Glidden points out that while doctors don’t get direct kickbacks for prescribing most pharmaceutical medications, chemo drugs are quite unique. Oncologist’s actually purchase the drugs from the pharmaceutical company and then sell them back to patients at a profit - even though they know that chemotherapy fails to cure almost 100 percent of the time!

Chemotherapeutic drugs are the only classification of drugs that the prescribing doctor gets a direct cut of,” Glidden says. "The only reason chemotherapy is used is because doctors make money from it — period. It doesn’t work 97 percent of the time. If Ford Motor Company made an automobile that exploded 97 percent of the time, would they still be in business"? he asks. "No".

"This is the tip of the iceberg of the control that the pharmaceutical industry has on us," says Glidden. "Medicine in the United States is a for-profit industry. Most people are unaware of this, and most people bow down to the altar of MD-directed high-tech medicine".

The problem is in the way doctors are trained. "No medical doctor ever learns about curing anything," says Coldwell. "They learn about chemical intervention or surgery to suppress symptoms. They don’t go for the root cause". (Which is why I subscribe to eastern medicine, not western.)

He points out that doctors today have very high rates of suicide as well as alcohol and drug abuse. "These poor guys figure out over time that they have no tools and that they are murdering, and [have] murdered, their patients".

Dr. Coldwell explains:

"You go into the medical profession, the first year, the first two years, you’re really excited, you’re really in it, you’re giving your all, until you find out no matter what you do the patient gets worse, or they cure themselves".

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Facts About Cancer and Chemotherapy

  • Patients who refuse chemotherapy treatment live on average 12 &1/2 years longer than patients who undergo chemotherapy, says Dr. Jones.

  • Approximately 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will develop cancer within their lifetime. Modern treatments of dis-ease are often ineffective and only make symptoms worse.

  • According to one Berkeley doctor, chemotherapy fails 97 percent of the time.

  • Dr. Hardin B. Jones, a former professor of medical physics and physiology at the University of California, Berkeley, has personally studied the life expectancy of chemo patients for more than 25 years and has come to the conclusion that "chemotherapy does more harm than good".

  • "People who accepted chemotherapy die within three years of diagnosis, a large number will die immediately after a few weeks".

  • The #1 reason doctors prescribe chemotherapy is because they make money from it. Such an accusation doesn’t seem too unreasonable, as conventional cancer treatments can average, between $300,000 – $1,000,000 per treatment.

  • "Patients with breast cancer who reject conventional therapy live four times longer than those who follow the system".

  • Despite the fact that the United States spends more on healthcare than any other country in the world, diseases of affluence continue to increase in prevalence, resulting in a shorter life spans.

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  • Potent all natural medicines, such as cannabis oil (along with baking soda and vitamin B17), are also strictly regulated and illegal in many areas – despite the fact that CBD-rich oil from the marijuana plant is listed as a remedy on the U.S.’ National Cancer Institute’s own website.

  • There is no money in a healthy population, which is why the fast food and pharmaceutical industries continue to thrive. Anyone who has cancer should seek out alternative options - if they or someone they know develops the disease. You should also tell them that chemotherapy fails to treat the root cause of their cancer. That is always the KEY to fighting cancer!

    As long as BIG PHARMA has a firm grip on our lawmakers, preventative medicine will take a back seat. We all know that eating a variety of healthy foods, getting oxygen rich air, reducing stress levels, and thinking positive thoughts all contribute to a healthy human being. Your doctor will never tell you outright that chemotherapy fails most of the time and they will NEVER recommend opting for a healthy lifestyle over chemotherapy treatments.

    Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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