Ceramic Straightening Irons - What are the Perks of Using Them?

Most professionals use ceramic straightening irons, but women often wonder if they're really better for your hair? In a day when hype seems to have taken over the market, its hard to separate fact from fiction.

Women are just plain fussy about their hair and want to use the best products available. No one wants unhealthy looking hair! Other flat irons seem to work relatively okay, so what makes ceramic so much better for your hair?

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Why Use Ceramic Straightening Irons?

The truth is that ceramic straightening irons use ceramic heaters, which produce negative ions when they’re heated. Even slightly damaged hair has positive ions, so when you apply negative to positive, you neutralize and stabilize the integrity of your hair. Your hair becomes shiny, resilient, and has greater tensile strength when you use quality appliances.

Metal heated irons add static electricity to your hair, which have positive ions. A positive charge on your hair, keeps hair follicles open, which is very drying to your hair. Your hair loses a lot of moisture and becomes brittle and frizzy without it. Moisture from your sebaceous glands and from hair conditioners keep your hair healthy. Lose the moisture and your hair becomes brittle and unhealthy.

When you use appliances that negatively charge your hair, you close your hair follicles which smooths the hair shaft. The result? Sexy, silky, shiny hair! All ceramic flat irons produce them, while materials like tourmaline and titanium boost the amount of negative ions they produce.

There are many straightening irons with pure ceramic plates, like the more expensive FHI Runway flat iron used by celebrity stylists. There are certainly comparably lower priced brands like Hana Elite flat iron, which works just as well. It just doesn't have the expensive price tag attached to it. The benefits of using pure ceramic irons are worth every penny you invest in them!

The Benefits of Ceramic Straightening Irons

  • More even heat
  • Smoother handling
  • Are healthier for your hair
  • Last a lifetime with proper use and care.

    Pure ceramic irons do cost more initially, but what price do you pay if the irons you use on a regular basis, damage your hair? By the time you've paid for all the products you invest in to fix your hair, you could probably have just bought a ceramic iron instead, and saved your precious hair.

    You must however, use caution when you use ceramic appliances. They do break easily if they're mishandled and they will break if you drop them hard enough. They should be handled conscientiously.

    hana ceramic straightening iron image Any worthwhile ceramic flat iron should include:

  • A protective outer case
  • A leather carrying case
  • A rubber pad
  • Variable heat settings
  • Instructions for use

  • Pure ceramic straightening irons are of superb quality and receive excellent reviews from stylists and consumers alike.

    People who have porous hair, (African American hair and blonde hair types), have to be especially careful about losing moisture. Blonde hair is more likely to have be a fine texture, while African American hair tends to be coarse. Both however, will suffer the most damage if extra care is NOT used when selecting products to use. That's why ceramic flat irons are especially beneficial to both of these hair types.

    You should also be aware that shine enhancing products are not a good choice when using any flat iron. Spray on laminates or oil based shine products can actually fry your hair, like bacon frying in a pan! Use them sparingly if at all, when you use hair appliances that apply direct heat to your hair. Tourmaline and/or titanium irons add natural shine by smoothing your hair cuticle, which makes them both great choices.

    Most women are picky about the products they use in their hair. You should also be very selective about the appliances you use too! Hair can take a long time to grow out, so be careful not to stress your hair out unnecessarily! Ceramic straightening irons take all the guess work out of the selecting a good hair iron. using a Hana ceramic straightening iron image

    They are just naturally better for the health of your hair over the long term. Once you own one, you'll wonder why you ever waited! The best place to buy them? Misikko.com!

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