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Favorite celebrity hair styles can be fun to imitate, if you know who's wearing what. Katy Perry for example, has had hair color in just about every shade you can imagine! People will always be drawn to famous people, no matter what. We want to know what they do, where they go, and who they're with!

Moreover, we want to know where they shop, what they buy, who does their hair, and what styles they choose. Why? Because they are beautiful people and live the lifestyle of the rich and famous! Who wouldn't want to be like one of them?

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There is a large variety of pictures below to choose from. You can look through the celebs hairstyles and colors to decide which ones are right for you. You may not have their money, but you can create their style or copy their hair color!

Look through the pictures and decide which celeb you want to look like. Be sure to check back often and bookmark this page to check for more pictures I'll be adding later on.

Celebrity Hair Styles and Colors

Katy Perry Emma Stone
picture of Katy Perry picture of Emma Stone

Kaley Cuoco Beth Behrs
picture of Kaley Cuoco picture of Beth Behrs

Jennifer Lawrence Scarlett Johansson
picture of Jennifer Lawrence picture of Scarlett Johansson

Jennifer Aniston Angelina Jolie
picture of Jennifer Aniston picture of Angelina Jolie

Julianne Moore Demi Moore
picture of Julianne Moore picture of Demi Moore

Anna Nicole Pamela Anderson
picture of Anna Nicole picture of Pamela Anderson

Katie Holmes Jennifer Lopez
picture of Katie Holmes picture of Jennifer Lopez

Miley Cyrus Jessica Biel
picture of Miley Cyrus picture of Jessica Biel

Mariah Carey Julia Roberts
picture of Mariah Carey picture of Julia Roberts

Madonna Mandy Moore
picture of Madonna picture of Mandy Moore

Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson
picture of Jessica Simpson picture of Jessica Simpson

Marcia Cross Marg Helgenberger
picture of Marcia Cross picture of Marg Helgenberger

Victoria Beckham Mya
picture of Victoria Beckham picture of Mya

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Nicole Richie Paris Hilton
picture of Nicole Richie picture of Paris Hilton

Meg Ryan Rachel Bilson
picture of Meg Ryan picture of Rachel Bilson

Jennifer Love Hewitt Vanessa Hudgens
picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt picture of Venessa Hudgens

Cameron Diaz Christina Aguilera
picture of Cameron Diaz picture of Christina Aguilera

Jodie Foster Julie Chen
picture of Jodie Foster picture of Julie Chen

Courtney Cox Jessica Alba
picture of Courtney Cox picture of Jessica Alba

Halle Berry Alicia Keys
picture of Halle Berry picture of Alicia Keys

Lara Spencer Naomi Campbell
picture of Lara Spencer picture of Naomi Campbell

Michelle Pfeiffer Juliette Binoche
picture of Michelle Pfeiffer picture of Juliette Binoche

Claire Danes Avril Lavigne
picture of Claire Danes picture of Avril Lavigne

Renee Zellweger Reese Witherspoon
picture of Renee Zellweger picture of Reese Witherspoon

Naomi Watts Maria Bello
picture of Renee Zellweger picture of Maria Bello

America Ferrera Adriana Lima
picture of America Ferrera picture of Adriana Lima

Carmen Electra Catherine Zeta Jones
picture of Carmen Electra picture of Catherine Zeta Jones

Nicole Kidman Kelly Clarkson
picture of Nicole Kidman picture of Kelly Clarkson

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If you want to imitate any of the hairstyles above, take a picture to your favorite hairdresser to help you create a similar look. To print out a copy one of any of these celebrity hair styles or colors, just highlight the image, then choose 'print selection' on your computer.

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