Celebrities Without Makeup - A Lesson in Perspective!

Celebrities without makeup is a real attention grabber, isn't it? People with influence (power and money) are seldom seen in their true light, so it can give a good perspective to see them without it.

It really makes you feel better about what you look like without your makeup too! It also makes you wonder why on earth they’d ever be caught not looking their best!

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Celebrities have so many advantages right at their fingertips after all. You and I can only dream about them. *Sigh*. They have personal trainers, makeup artists, hairdressers, and so many other resources that most ordinary people don’t have access to. Add to that fact, that most of the images you see in magazines, have been air brushed to perfection! These images set a standard that most women just can’t live up to!

But then someone snaps a shot and they’ve been caught! Gotcha!

This page is just for fun but it does serve its own purpose. No one can look glamorous and tantalizing all the time! Its simply impossible! The fact that celebrities don’t look so hot when they aren’t wearing makeup, should help you feel tons better about how you look! Enjoy!

Celebrities Without Makeup

Alecia Silverstone without makeup image

Alecia Silverstone

Alicia Keys without makeup image

Alicia Keys

Ashanti without makeup image


Avril Levine without makeup image

Avril Levine

Britney Spears without makeup image

Britney Spears

Cameron Diaz without makeup image

Cameron Diaz

Christina Aguilera without makeup image

Christina Aguilera

Christina Ricci without makeup image

Christina Ricci

Courtney Love without makeup image

Courtney Love

Demi Moore without makeup image

Demi Moore

Drew Barrymore without makeup image

Drew Barrymore

Eva Longoria without makeup image

Eva Longoria

Goldie Hawn without makeup image

Goldie Hawn

Heather Locklear without makeup image

Heather Locklear

Heidi Klum without makeup image

Heidi Klum

Hillary Duff without makeup image

Hillary Duff

Jennifer Aniston without makeup image

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Garner without makeup image

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Lopez without makeup image

Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Alba without makeup image

Jessica Alba

Jessica Simpson without makeup image

Jessica Simpson

Julia Roberts without makeup image

Julia Roberts

Kate Moss without makeup image

Kate Moss

Lisa Kudrow without makeup image

Lisa Kudrow

Madonna without makeup image


Miley Cyrus without makeup image

Miley Cyrus

Nicolette Sheridan without makeup image

Nicolette Sheridan

Pamela Anderson without makeup image

Pamela Anderson

Paris Hilton without makeup image

Paris Hilton

Penelope Cruz without makeup image

Penelope Cruz

Renee Zellweger without makeup image

Renee Zellweger

Sara Jessica Parker without makeup image

Sara Jessica Parker

The intrigue that most people feel about celebrities, seems to only get more and more intense over time. Seeing celebrities without makeup is something you can count on for years to come. As long as the paparazzi can flash pictures, new images will become available... to help you and me feel better about the way we look! Priceless!

You can also keep up with the latest news from celebrities here:

Celebrity lifestyle and fashion!

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