Smoking Hot Cat Eyes - Update Your Look!

Cat eyes are creatively sulky, spicy, and darn right provocative. They are an absolute must-have for any feline that's on the prowl! Growl!

You just might like the way they look on you, plus they've regained popularity in recent years! Everyone's overextending their liners to super-accentuate their eyes!

Halle Berry

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They can be alluring and provocative if you know how to use eyeliner and draw lines! Cat Woman might not have been a hit at the box office but Halle Berry certainly pulls-off the look very well! If she can, why can't you? (You can!)

Cat eyes create a different kinda look, when you're feeling like showcasing your style. If you’re looking for something a little unorthodox, they might just be the recipe you've been yearning for, and believe me, they're bound to draw attention your way!

The most powerful cat eye looks are created by using midnight black liners and other darker colors. You can also achieve a less dramatic appeal using colors of gray, burgundy, or khaki colors instead. A lot depends on the color of your skin and your hair, but there's no reason to limit your shade selection. Conventional or not, cat eyes are a unique and captivating look for anytime!

Tip: If you can find the right eyeliners, you can change the way you look and feel very easily!

Use these steps as a loose guide. Leave out optional steps you can do without or change up things! It's totally your call!

How To Create Smoking Hot Cat Eyes - Conventional Style

What you'll need:
  • Angled eye shadow brush
  • Pencil Black eyeliner
  • Liquid Black eyeliner
  • Dark eye shadow colors - (Dark gray and black are traditional colors, but use any dark shadow you like really!)
  • Highlight shimmer
  • Black mascara
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Eyelash curler

    cat eyes image

    Steps to Bring Out Your Eyes!

  • Clean your face and apply lotion. Skin serums help your makeup glide on more evenly and easily.

  • Apply your foundation, eyeshadow primer, concealer, and loose powder.

  • Apply a creamy shadow over the entire upper lid. Use colors like peach, nude, or light brown. If they shimmer, that's even better. (Mac Makeup has a lot that shimmer, so check them out.)

  • Apply a dark ebony black pencil eyeliner to the tear line of your eyes, on both the top and bottom lids. (optional)

  • Apply black pencil eyeliner under your lower lash line or use your angled shadow brush and apply a dark gray or black shadow just under the lash line.)

  • If you used pencil eyeliner in the step above, using an angled eye shadow brush, apply a dark eye shadow color on top of the lower pencil line. Smudge it out if you like. (This step is optional if you like your makeup to look clean and neat.)

  • Subtly blend a darker eye shadow color into the socket line. Blend out with a small makeup brush.

    applying liquid liner

  • Use liquid liner to apply a line as close to your lashes as you can on the top lids only. Make the line as thick and pronounced as you like, however the line should be thickest at the outer corner of your eyes, and thinnest at the inner corner of your eyes.

    If you want to make your eyes look ‘cattier’ extend the outer line beyond your lashes. You can drag the line out with a sponge brush and make as long as you like... but keep it closer to the outer eye if you're experimenting. You can always drag it out longer if you like. It's a hot harder to subtract it with liquid liners if you overdo it.

    If you have wide set eyes, keep the liner along the lash line only. Extending the line will only make your eyes look even wider.

  • Apply a coat of dark eye shadow (dark gray or black) with an angled brush along the liquid liner line. Smudge it out for a smokey effect.

  • Apply a shimmery highlight in a lighter color on your brow bones. Now use an angled brush to highlight just under your lower lash line too. Both of these moves will help to open up your eyes.

  • Use your eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrow curve more pronounced then draw the line outward... to create harmony with your liquid eyeliner. (optional)

  • Curl your eyelashes, then apply thin coats of mascara, building the layers up gradually to avoid clumping. Allow coats to dry in between applications.

    apply mascara on curled eyelashes image

  • You can also use false lashes if you like more glamOUR.

  • Indulge your lips with a shimmering nude or pearly pink lipstick. (ELF Cosmetics has some great lipsticks at a great price so check them out!)

  • Apply a glossy clear lip gloss over lipstick to finish off your cat eyes look.

    Fresh New Cat Eyes Look
    cat eyes image

    Updated Cat Eyes 2014 Video

    This video is great and I love her techniques. (I could live without the music though;o)

    Here's another great idea! Get a group of your gal pals together and ask everyone do their own version of cat eyes for the evening. You'll have any bull dogs in sight eating out of your paws by the end of the night!

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