Reduce Carb Consumption – Watch Body Fat Disappear Using These 8 Easy Ideas!  

When you reduce carb consumption, something magical happens to the deep fat in your body since carbohydrates are converted to sugar then fat. When you scale down their intake, your body eliminates what it can’t use. Yes, it really IS that simple!

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According to Dr. Mercola, one study from the University of Alabama found that when 69 people had their carb consumption restricted for 8 weeks, they attained an 11 percent decrease in deep belly fat. During a second 8 week trial period, calories were reduced by 1000 each day. The group achieved a loss of 4 percent more body fat – even when a reduction in weight was not apparent.

This study speaks volumes about what’s wrong with the American diet today. Because it is so cheap to produce, simple sugars can be found as fructose in virtually ALL processed food. This simple sugar turns to FAT in your body and is stored deep in the tissues and organs. When you reduce carb consumption, your body reacts in a positive manner.

The average person today consumes 75 grams of sugar every day. That’s one pound of sugar every three days. That’s roughly 120 pounds of sugar in one year. Doesn’t that sound excessive? It’s actually 300 percent more than the amount that will trigger biochemical mayhem!

The sad reality is that many people get much more than this average!

Furthermore, grains whether they be whole or high fiber, are also converted to simple sugars like glucose - and increase insulin resistance and interrupts your body’s ability to burn fat. In other words, grains quickly break down to sugar – which stimulates insulin production – and encourages weight gain.

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Reduce Carb Consumption Using These 8 Easy Ideas

  • Sugar sweetened drinks such as koolaid, soda, and fruit juice, and even milk, can mean real trouble for your weight. One 12 ounce full sugar soda, fruit juice or iced tea contains around 38 grams of carbs or more. I often suggest that folks invest in their health and avoid these drinks like the plague.

    Diet drinks do not serve your body well either because they are sweetened with aspartame, a by-product of genetically modified organisms – and full of glyphosate. Sugar free drinks such as infusions of water or lemon or lime in unsweetened tea can give you the edge you need to satisfy taste buds. Think of alternate ways to make your drinks more interesting when you’re trying to reduce carb consumption. If you do give in, just make sure it’s the exception, not the rule.

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  • My son and I used to eat bread three times a day. Toast for breakfast, 2 pieces of bread for a sandwich at lunchtime, and a slice or two of French bread for dinner. That’s a lot of sugar! When I realized the error of my ways (which I had been taught by my parents), I immediately took action and cut WAY back on our bread consumption and it paid off!

    Remember that a grain is a grain is a grain. Most sandwich breads have around 15 grams of carbohydrates PER SLICE. Even if it’s high fiber, fiber is the only component of carbs that isn’t digested and absorbed.

    And while whole grain breads might offer some vitamins and minerals, there are clearly other foods that provide the same benefits with much fewer carbs.

    Go for half a sandwich and pile up meat, cheese, cucumber and onions to satisfy hunger pains.

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  • Potato chips, pretzels, and crackers pack a mean punch and not in a good way if you’re trying to take weight off. Truth be told, these snacks often times leave you wanting more and more. They do not do a good job of satisfying satiety.

    One alternative is to reach for a high protein snack instead. One study found that when women ate a high protein snack during the day, they ate 100 calories less at dinnertime.

    Authority Nutrition offers these high protein, low carb snacks as alternatives:

    - Almonds: 6 grams of carbs
    - Peanuts: 6 grams of carbs
    - Hazelnuts: 5 grams of carbs
    - Pecans: 4 grams of carbs
    - Walnuts: 4 grams of carbs
    - Cheese: Less than 1 gram of carbs.

    Typically, one small handful is equivalent to one serving size. Also choose nuts that are unprocessed and raw. You will get far more nutrition from these!

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  • When it comes to breakfast, most people reach for cereals, breakfast bars, or pop tarts, which is actually a horrible way to start the day since their sugar and grain content is abundant.

    Just one half cup of granola contains around 30 grams of carbs, before adding milk. Pop tarts are even worse at at 37 grams PER pastry.

    Pre-packaged breakfast bars might look like a good option but again, they are probably rich in high fructose corn syrup or use GMO ingredients.

    Here are some high protein bars you can make at home, which will help you reduce your carb consumption!

    And of course, since they can be prepared quickly and in a variety of ways, eggs are always a good healthy high protein, low carb option! (One egg contains less than 1 gram carbohydrates.)

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  • Did you know that your body actually prefers the type of carbohydrates contained in vegetables rather than grains? This is because veggies slow down the conversion to simple sugars like glucose and decreases insulin levels. Temporarily, it may make your carb consumption higher but it’s a healthy kind of carb that doesn’t affect weight loss goals.

    Additionally, starchy veggies like potatoes and corn act like grains in your body and are less desirable to a low carb diet. Low carb veggies include but are not limited to; broccoli, green beans, asparagus, cauliflower, avocado, zucchini, mushrooms and leafy greens like spinach and leaf lettuce.

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  • Dairy products for the most part offer low carbs and high protein. Most contain CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) – a type of fatty acid that actually increases fat loss in several studies.

    Bad dairy choices are fruit-infused yogurt, frozen yogurt, and yogurt with granola or sugary treats that I see offered at the grocery store.

    Full fat plain Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and various cheeses cut in small cubes are your best options. Eat them slowly and enjoy the ride and you’ll step up digestion too boot!

    Do NOT be fooled by the low fat or fat free options of dairy, according to Chris Kresser. These contain chemicals that your body does not use or need and actually encourage weight gain!

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  • If you find it hard to get more veggies in your diet – because of work constraints or availability, consider consuming more protein. In fact, eating something high protein at every meal activates the release of the fullness hormone PYY, (peptide tyrosine tyrosine). This short 36-chain amino acid helps to reduce appetite.

    Protein also has a higher thermic value when compared to carbs or fat. This increases metabolic rate and encourages better digestion and metabolism.

    High proteins to opt for include: red meat, poultry, cheese, nuts, eggs, and organic whey protein powders.

    Choosing a healthy protein at each meal helps you reduce carb consumption, fight food cravings later on, increases a feeling of fullness, and boosts metabolism.

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  • One thing I want to make perfectly clear. Fat is good for you and can help you lower weight. Low fat is not and cannot. Fat can replace some carbs in your diet and typically makes up around 50 percent of calories in a low carb diet. Fat from meat is especially important in a low carb diet because you need the energy from dietary fat. Otherwise you will never feel full and might just abandon your weight loss efforts.

    Organic extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil are such good options for weight loss and health. These oils are MCT (medium chain triglycerides) saturated fats, which may increase HDL cholesterol levels, decrease appetite, and reduce belly fat. They are very stable at high cooking temps.

    You can’t keep up with your nutrition if you’re not reading labels. Although they are incomplete as of now because most do not include GMOS as an ingredient, they do contain the amount of carbs and sugars contained within a certain food. You should also check out the serving size recommendations. Some people would be very surprised to learn that they are usually LESS than most people think.

    Reducing carb consumption does have its challenges but your weight certainly affects your overall health. Lowering carb consumption has been shown to decrease your chances of developing health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. The pay-off is much safer than the ultimatum!

    Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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