Matching Your Bridal Hairstyle to
Your Wedding Gown

Your bridal hairstyle should always match your dress, right? Why yes, its true!

That's why its important to try out a few different styles before your big day.

You plan everything else, so don't forget your hairdo! It might also be wise to consider thinking outside the box and try several different styles that you hadn't thought about trying.

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For example, when you go shopping for clothes, generally you try clothes on before you buy them. Right? Have you ever noticed though, that it's always the clothes you're not 'sure about' or look 'iffy', that actually look best on you! You just never know until you try! It really pays off to look around and be an outside the box thinker. Don't ever discount something until you try it!

Bridal Hairstyle Advice

Bridal Hairstyles Hair Feature
By Roy Caccamo, THS Hair Consultant

Bridal occasions require some effort to achieve success, with proper planning a key ingredient. Bridal hairstyles are the same; they require thought, consideration and a solid plan. There are many important factors to consider when choosing a bridal hairstyle.

The length and texture of your hair will determine what can actually be achieved. Next, your bridal hairstyle needs to complement the gown you will be wearing. For example, if your gown is low cut off the shoulder, you should consider choosing a bridal hairstyle where some hair falls down onto your shoulders so not to leave that area bare. You can still consider an upstyle, but you should make sure that some hair is down, even if it's only a little, to soften the style.

If your gown has sleeves and even a collar, definitely look at upstyles that will show it off best. If you would like to wear your hair down, just be sure to choose a bridal hairstyle with lots of body and bounce, or consider a half-up, half-down look.

Another important factor to consider is face shape and body shape adjustments, where height and width can be added or minimized to suit your profile, as well as your partner's profile. If you are tall and thin, you should keep away from high tight upstyles that will add more length to your profile, and you should look for curls that are always softer in texture, due to their round shape.

If your gown is plain and simple in design, you should consider more detailed bridal hairstyles to create an interesting overall appearance. The opposite applies if your gown is very detailed.

Other points that require proper planning include the length of your neck, the size of your ears, as well as the height of your hairline. If all this seems complicated and confusing to you, don't despair, because now you can see for yourself what you would look like with various Formal and Bridal hairstyles.

You can upload a waist high photo of yourself with your gown on, and then try on all of the Formal and Bridal hairstyles to see which you like and what suits you best. You can also print out your favorite bridal hairstyles and take them to your stylist for thorough consultation and advice.

To view a Bridal Hairstyles demo click here then choose Formal Styles from the Hairstyle Categories.

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Bridal Hairstyles

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Virtual bridal hairstyles make your life a little more less stressful. If you are seriously thinking about a formal look for your big day, it only makes sense to be sure what you decide is the best choice for you. Who wouldn't like a 'head's up' first! You might also want to consider some great bridal hair products. You might also want to consider some bridal hair jewelry to help accent your hairstyle, some silver bridal jewelry to accessorize your dress or a hair color glaze to give your hair more shine and luster.

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