Bridal Beauty Tips that Keep You Organized

Use these bridal beauty tips to help you get better organized before your wedding day. Getting married is stressful enough - which is why making preparations in advance is fundamental. You want to have good memories after all the efforts you make, right? Being prepared for the mishaps is as important as picking out your dress. Making sure you have all your bases covered only makes sense!

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General Bridal Beauty Tips

  • A few weeks before you get married, think about whitening your teeth. Yellow teeth are a big turn off in pictures especially. Remember, you’ll be looking at your wedding pictures for many years to come. You’ve picked out the perfect dress and makeup colors. Don’t ruin the image by forgetting about your teeth. There are lots of safe, reliable over-the-counter tooth-whitening systems, which are likely to whiten your teeth by a few shades. If you like to go all natural, use this method.

  • If you have a blemish or breakout just before your wedding day, keep your hands away from your face. Your pimple will heal more quickly if you leave it alone. You can also clean the area with hydrogen peroxide regularly to help dry it up faster.

  • On your wedding day, start your day clean. Take a nice relaxing shower or bath and then moisturize your skin (all over) thoroughly. You'll want your skin to look fresh, dewey, and rejuvenated!

  • If your wedding ceremony is outside, use this all natural sunblock beforehand. If you get too much sun, you could look a bit flushed or pinkish in wedding pictures after the ceremony.

  • Use eye drops before you apply makeup to whiten your eyes. The whiter your eyes, the better your wedding pictures will be! Use a brand that you’ve used before successfully.

  • Make sure your eyebrows are shaped perfectly at least a week before you walk down the aisle. Use an eyebrow stencil if you need to, or have them professionally threaded.

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    Bridal Beauty Tips for Makeup

  • If you can, apply your makeup in natural light. Use a nearby window to allow natural light into the room or use a makeup mirror that has a natural light setting.

  • Use bronzing powder on your chest and neck if you need to even out skin tone. Bronzers will make your skin more luminous and ensure that your facial skin tone doesn’t look like a different shade from your natural skin tone.

  • Don’t use liquid or cream foundation on your decolletage. It can rub off and stain your wedding gown.

  • Choose a brighter lip color for your wedding day. Nude or brown lip shades can make your face appear washed out in photos. This is especially true if you are wearing a white gown. If you normally wear a natural shade, wear it underneath a red or rose lipstick on top.

  • Be sure to have one great lipstick to carry with you for quick touch-ups throughout the day. Always be prepared for the unexpected!

  • ALWAYS opt to use a professional waterproof mascara. They last longer and won’t smudge if you cry. Remember though, you don't need to overdo application to make a statement. Using two coats should be enough and will help avoid clumping.

    Worried about taking mascara off later? You can always use false eyelashes instead.

  • Charcoal, navy, or dark brown are your best options for eyeliner for daytime weddings. Black liners are more appropriate for indoor or nighttime ceremonies.

  • Contour your eyes by using a matte base shade eyeshadow on your entire eyelid, a darker color in the crease of your eyes, and a lighter shade as your highlighter.

  • Define your brows with an eyebrow pencil. Use wispy strokes to fill them in, then brush them out to erase lines and shape brows.

  • Be sure to blend your makeup to avoid any visible lines of demarcation!

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    Bridal Beauty Tips for Hair

  • Get a professional scalp massage and deep conditioning treatment a few weeks before your wedding. Scalp massages help relax you and eliminate any dandruff flakes you might have. A moisturizing hair treatment will give your hair added shine and luster.

  • Be sure to test your your bridal hairstyle out with your dress well beforehand. Dresses that showcase the decolletage usually look better with an updo hairstyle, with maybe a few tendrils hanging down in front or back.

  • Make sure you set your hair style appointments in stone on your wedding day and make sure you tell your hairdresser to be on time. Also, set the appointment earlier than necessary. You want to have extra time just in case.

  • If your wedding is early in the day or if your hairdresser has agreed to come to your house, plug in your hair appliances before your stylist arrives to save time.

  • Brides always remove their veil after the ceremony. Make sure you know how to take yours off successfully without messing up your hair. You may even want to get mom or a bridesmaid to lend you a hand.

    Make a copy of these bridal beauty tips if you need to. It might make things easier to remember! If you're getting ready away from home, be sure you’ve brought everything with you. Make your list and check it again and again. Make sure you cross things off as they get packed and ready to go! Nothing’s worse than having to scramble at the last minute to find stuff you forgot to bring along. Forgetting something important can be simply disastrous!

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