Can Your Breast Shape and Size Predict Personality?

Can your breast shape and size really predict what type of personality you’ll have? If the bra fits, wear it! When I first saw the title of the article, I laughed out loud - but then I took a closer look. And Bam! According to my results, it nailed me! Who ever came up with this is bang on it!

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Before we get into those predictions however, I find it useful to go over the breast anatomy so you can compare the pictorial to what you actually have. Note too, that if you’ve had breast surgery or implants, you’ll have to think back to what your breast shape and size looked like before those events. To get the most accurate results, go with what nature gave you.

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All I know is that I was floored when I read the results for myself! I already knew that the choice of your hairstyle could be a personality predictor (which you can find here) but I had no clue that the breast shape and size could also be. Check it out and post a comment below. I am dying to know if this works for anyone else!

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How Breast Shape and Size Can Predict Personality

#1 - Small bosoms, small areola with nipples facing forward - You are a great problem solver and intellect. You are quick thinking and can be quite humorous at times. You love the arts and are a true classic. You start conversations sometimes that other wished you hadn’t. You love to be comfortable at home and are not highly social. You value books and learning but you can come across as a little weird at times. You prefer time alone. You hide your emotions but are one strong lady!

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#2 - Large breasts, small areola, with nipples facing forward - Your breast shape predicts that you were born to lead and are quite the looker. You succeed in the most complex of tasks and have a strong will. You make decisions with your mind over your heart most of the time. You possess lots of self control and weigh actions carefully. You may be an empath but don’t know it. You are a stable person who rarely asks for help.

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#3 - Medium sized breasts, small areola, with nipples facing forward - You are a free spirit – and do whatever you think is best. You are a very innovative person – many times turning what’s old into something new. Your forward thinking makes some people to believe you are a bit odd. You always show great style by sporting lots of attention-getting clothing. You have a tendency to offend others, even when you don’t mean to.

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#4 - Large bosoms, large areola with nipples facing downward - You always look at the bright side - always smiling at others and have something nice to say. You are an avid daydreamer and have many hopes for the future. Even though you’re shy on the inside, people don’t seem to notice. And even though you’re funny, not everyone understands your sense of humor.

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#5 - Small breasts, small areola with nipples facing slightly outward - You have an attractive personality. People love you for your fiery disposition. You are passionate and compassionate and people love that about you. You have great concern for the environment and always go after what you want. Your quick decisions sometimes get you into trouble. You may have a quick temper at times.

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#6 - Large bosoms, large areola with nipples facing forward - Your breast shape says you are very kind to others and have a good heart. You work harmoniously with others and are a great problem solver. People recognize this about you and come to you for advice. At times, you put others well being ahead of your own because of your nurturing personality. You hate judgemental people and listen to the facts before making decisions. People enjoy your company.

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#7 - Smallish breasts, medium areola, with nipples facing slightly outward - You are a good friend and wise beyond your years. You love to try new things and are always looking to improve yourself. You love reading and prefer to remove yourself from drama. You detest violence and arguing and are therefore a pacifist. You prefer to be alone with a good book or classic movie.

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#8 - Large bosoms, large areola with nipples facing outward - You are popular and very creative. You have clever ideas and plan things well ahead of time. You can get depressed when life overwhelms you. You can be very charming and people flock to you! You tend to do things your own way and love to put a new spin on things.

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#9 - Medium bosoms, small areola, nipples facing slightly outward - You love to fit in with all the popular people but are a bit shy. Even though you might seem a little gullible to some, you are no dummy. You are a good judge of character and were born for special things in life. You have many hopes and dreams and believe in yourself. You are a great friend and an especially hard worker.

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#10 - Large breasts, medium areola, nipples facing slightly outward - You always see the best in other people. You love going new places and love new adventures. You are highly sociable and fun loving. You love to amuse others and carry your positive attitude with you wherever you go. Best known for your great smile!

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#11 - Smaller breasts, medium areola, nipples facing downward - When you walk into a room, heads turn! You are breathtakingly beautiful and love to seduce attention. You detest boring routines and love traveling to exotic lands. You can be manipulative at times but let your heart lead the way most of the time. You are also very smart!

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#12 - Medium sized breasts, medium areola, nipples facing outward - People trust you explicitly and find it easy to confide their deepest secrets with you – which they have no doubts you will keep private. However, you don’t allow everyone to be a close friend. In fact, you often say you have enough friends and don’t need more. Your breast shape predicts that you can be elusive and mysterious, even to your closest friends. You tend to hold all your cards privately – trusting only those whom you consider to be family. You hold high standards for life in general.

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So, how did the breast size and shape personality test stack up for you? As a website owner, sometimes you have an opportunity to do something solely for fun. People accuse me of being overly serious at times so posting this page was really refreshing!
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