How to Braid Your Hair

Good things happen when you braid your hair! It takes only a few minutes to change your look completely, no matter which method or type of braid you choose.

One thing I always recommend is that you use soft ties only, that will be gentle to your hair. Don't make the braid too tight close to your scalp either or you'll end up with a big FAT headache! Ouch!

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The nice thing about braiding is that it only changes the pattern of the hair for a short amount of time. Chemicals are the only thing that have the ability to permanently restructure and change your hair.

If you braid your hair while it's wet and allow it to dry naturally, you'll have tons of curls that are unique only to you. Use your fingers to gently pull the strands apart. If you use a brush, you'll expand your hair and it could end up looking frizzy instead.

Here's are the basic steps to braiding. It's simple enough! Once you get the hang of it, it's like riding a bike! You'll never forget!

How to Braid Your Hair

  • Make sure your hair is tangle free. Divide your hair into three even sections. Damp hair is easier to work with so you may want to start with slightly damp hair.

  • Lift your left elbow to your shoulder and make a thumbs down fist around the it. Do the same on the right side, which allows the middle portion to lay down against your back.

  • Extend your left index or middle finger and hook the right section of hair. Pull it over the middle section, letting it slip completely out of the right hand. Grasp the middle section of hair with your right hand, pull it to the right side, and resume the thumbs down fist position with both hands.

  • Now extend your right index or middle finger and hook the left side and let it slip completely out of the left hand. Shift the portion of hair in your left hand into a thumbs down fist and then release the left finger. Make a thumbs down fist with your right hand and use your left index or middle finger and hook the far right section.

  • Continue the braid until you're satisfied. Use a covered elastic band to secure it. Use ribbons or bows if you wish. You can stop the braid at any point too. Half-braided hair is cool too, as well as braided pig-tails!

    Braided Hair Tutorials

    French Braid

    Snake Braid

    Fish-tail Braid

    Below are some styles you may wish to try. You can get more ideas from this page and on the following page, find some cute braided hairstyle ideas!

    Braided Hairstyle Ideas

    braided styles image

    braided hair image
    Side Part, Hairline Braid
    braided hair image
    Side French Braid

    braided hair image
    Back Braid Secured in Front
    braided hair image
    Funky Front French Braid

    braided hair image
    Loose Side Fishtail Braid
    braided hair image
    Back Snake Braid

    braided hair image
    Front Braid Secured in Back
    braided hair image
    Loose Fish-tail Braid

    No matter how you braid your hair, it's a great way to style it quickly and go. Once you get the process down pat, you'll be a braid-master!

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