6 Ways Bowel Movements Influence the Skin

Having regular bowel movements is not something that is usually associated with your skin, but it should be. To have great skin you need to have proper elimination. That’s a fact!

What you see in the toilet can be a direct reflection of what you see in your skin. When intestinal flow is hindered, your skin can pay the price! The old adage "you are what you eat" should maybe be "you reflect what you eat"!

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Healthy skin is always dependent on a healthy digestive tract. Both the large intestine and skin have many similarities. They both interact with the environment by absorbing and emitting chemicals, water, and other metabolic products.

The large intestine is the biggest internal organ of the body. Its purpose is to absorb nutrients, food, and water. The skin is the largest external organ. It’s function is to hold everything together and help your body breathe – by absorbing water and excreting waste.

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6 Ways that Bowel Movements Influence the Skin

  • The bowels and the skin both react positively to sufficient supplies of dietary water. Water helps lubricate and encourage bowel movements through the large intestines. Dehydration on the other hand, hinders peristaltic action. As fecal matter collects in the large intestine, toxins are emitted and slowly poison the body.

    Likewise, ample water intake also improves the skin by lubricating it and keeping it soft and supple. Without sufficient supplies, all tissues become crippled and begin to shrink and shrivel and lose their ability to function correctly. As cells lose their ability to do basic things, nutrients cannot be absorbed and waste products cannot be eliminated. Dehydration adversely affects how the skin and digestive tract perform.

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  • Sweating is good for the skin and reflects that you’re getting ample water. Not only does sweating cool your skin, it opens the pores so they can excrete toxic wastes. Products like antiperspirants in particular, (contain metals and other toxic stuff) totally BLOCK your body’s ability to release sweat. When your body loses its ability to flush toxic wastes through the skin, breast cancer, liver cancer or other types of cancer can develop.

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  • You can bet that people who seem to have chronic skin problems, also have problems going on in their large intestine. And this is also reflected in their bowel movements! When dairy products stagnate digestion, they putrefy and stay lodged in the digestive tract. When this happens, pus-filled sores form along intestinal walls. The exact same thing happens to the skin – it creates sores filled with pus called acne. It is a direct reflection of what's happening in the intestines, yet shows up on the outside.

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  • When you consume more phytonutrients like chlorophyll from fresh fruits and vegetables, your skin and bowel movements will also perform well. People who routinely juice raw fruits and vegetables have such healthy looking skin because of their cleansing action. Juicing nourishes the skin by helping to flush out the large intestine. Their entire digestive system gets healthier, and the skin reflects that improvement.

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  • Probiotics are beneficial for the large intestine and the skin for many of the same reasons. The large intestines and the skin provide the perfect terrain for friendly, helpful bacteria. It only makes sense that the more friendly bacteria there are around, the more bad bacteria are discouraged from flourishing.

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  • Another interesting link between the skin and intestines is that they both benefit from good nutrition, which allows them to maintain tissue flexibility. Minerals like silica and nutrients such as collagen can also help in this process. Healthy intestinal tissue is flexible; the same which is true of the skin.

    When someone suffers from nutritional deficiencies, they begin to lose the flexibility of the protein fibers throughout their body. This can affect their skin and the intestines, as well as other organs.

    Looking at your skin is actually a very good way to get a quick glimpse at the overall health of your digestive tract and your skin. Conversely, looking at your bowel movements can also give you insight to your body’s overall function.

    The same things that irritate skin also inflames your digestive tract. If something is giving you acne, rashes, eczema or any kind of skin problems, chances are it is doing the same thing to your digestive tract.

    The American Diet is loaded with refined foods, high sodium, and a whole bunch of other junky stuff your body cannot utilize or digest well. What you eat is a direct reflection of what your skin will look like. When you have better bowel movements, your skin will reflect the changes you make!

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    How your skin health reflects the health of your intestines

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