24 Ways to Boost Energy Levels Naturally Without Caffeine

There are many ways to boost energy levels naturally besides consuming lots of coffee, taking caffeine stimulants, using drugs, or reaching for energizing drinks.

We all need extra endurance!

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We want to do more but our bodies simply won’t allow it without reaching for something to stimulate us into action. In fact, the older we get, the more responsibility we have! We can’t slow down. It's non negotiable!

Many of us have high stress jobs, have to budget our money, and perform other tasks outside of work that demand extra attention. Juggling all these things requires more stamina!

Hectic schedules play a big part of it, whether your work is in a busy office or you're at home watching the kids. Believe me, taking care of growing children all day is a full time job by itself. Working in an office takes more and more time too, as younger people graduate college and compete for your job! You can’t work less if you want to keep your position in life and your job!

For the most part, we are all driven by the same principles. To get as much work done in as little time possible and to make each day count more! Heck, that’s exactly what I’m doing right now. I was up till very late last night working, and I’m right back at it early today.

Maybe you are overworked. Maybe you are underpaid. Whatever force drives you, you’d better make sure you know how to boost your energy in a pinch to get the required work done! But how? How can we boost energy without having to drink tons of coffee and caffeine drinks throughout the day to get things done?

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Natural Ways to Boost Energy

Honey - To improve stamina and get an easy increase of energy naturally, try drinking a glass of water with one or two teaspoons of honey. Honey helps to detoxify your body and will help activate your cells into action! The organic sugars will rapidly increase blood sugar levels the way nature intended!

Alternately, drinking a glass of water sprinkled with cinnamon and a half tablespoon of honey three times daily, increases endurance within a week.

Diatomaceous earth - The food grade version of diatomaceous earth helps you detox and cleanse your body. Do this often enough and you will get an incredible burst of go-power!

Exercise - Exercise actually increases energy levels and is a great way to counteract fatigue. How? As your blood pressure increases, your blood gets flooded with more oxygen. When there's more oxygen in the brain, your brain wakes up and you feel more alert. You don't have to go for a power walk or lift heavy gym equipment either. A relaxing walk anywhere, can feed your mind, body, and spirit and give you renewed stamina.

You may also want to vary the kind of exercises you do! When you use the same muscle groups repeatedly, your body adjusts and burns fewer calories. Surprise your body and engage in different activities and utilize different muscle groups. Your body will reward you with a better metabolic rate and provide you with a different kind of energy boost than you are used to.

Eat Breakfast - If you skip over breakfast, you may find that your energy levels start falling off during mid morning. The best breakfast combines complex carbohydrates (whole grains) with lean proteins (try a half a peanut butter sandwich on whole-wheat toast). Even eating a handful of grapes with cottage cheese or a couple of whole grain flaxseed cookies are healthier choices that satisfy hunger pains.

H20 -The easiest way to boost energy is simply by drinking more refreshing water. When your body is dehydrated, your body reacts by yawning. This happens often as late afternoon doldrums set in. Keep drinking water until you stop feeling sleepy. It may take more than one glass of water to replenish your body so keep drinking it down until you feel energized.

*You can also splash cold water on your face or wipe your face with a cool cloth to boost energy.

Smaller meals - Your body uses energy to digest food. Therefore, every time you eat, you also burn calories. The trick is to consume smaller portions throughout the day instead of saving all your calories for larger meals. Nibbling and snacking on low calorie foods will help fuel your body and increase mental stamina.

Not only will this increase your metabolism, it may help you manage your weight. You will avoid getting overly hungry which can lead to ravaging food later on. When you inhale your food instead of enjoying it in a relaxed manner, you are more prone to gain weight!

Protein - When you don't consume enough protein, your body will break down lean muscle mass. Good healthy sources of protein include lean cuts of meat, most dairy products, protein shakes, or energy bars. Protein requires extra energy to be digested so not only does it boost energy, it raises metabolism.

Sleep - Lack of sleep can interfere with metabolism. Those that sleep poorly seem to have hormone changes that negatively affect their appetite. People who sleep less tend to eat more. (More waking hours to eat!) The more overweight you get, the more sluggish you may become.

Cut out sugar - Consuming excess sugars cause fluctuations in blood sugar, which can result in plummeting energy levels. Boost energy levels by simply eliminating sugar. Many foods, like low fat foods, have optional forms of sugar, which can be hidden as dextrose, maltose, and sucrose.

Diaphragmatic Breathing - Diaphragmatic breathing is a simple way to jump start energy levels and improve stamina. We are all born breathing this way naturally, however over time we lose the ability to breathe diaphragmatically. Want to try it? Find out how here. Alternately, you can also meditate to increase levels.

Vitamins - Even the healthiest of diets will not give you sufficient key nutrients. Important vitamins that increase energy are vitamin A, B Complex (especially), C, E, and selenium. Low levels of B12 are well known for energy depletion. Taking the B complex of vitamins alone can help prevent tiredness.

Stress - Stress can sizzle your nerves and your energy. The more stressed out you are, the more your body holds onto fat. Stress releases huge amounts of cortisol into your system. High cortisol levels can make you crave unhealthy foods like sugar. The more stress you have, the more cortisol your body produces. Find ways to cut back on stress to boost energy!

Allergies - If you are tired all the time and don't know why, you may have food allergies. Most people with food allergies and sensitivities are unaware that they have them because the symptoms are very subtle such as low energy and difficulty losing weight. Some of the most common food sensitivities are to wheat (gluten) and dairy (casein). If there is a food you tend and eat everyday, try eliminating it for a few weeks and see if your energy levels increase.

*Seasonal allergies can also deplete energy and make you overly tired. Stop the allergic symptoms and you will boost energy levels almost immediately!

Lose weight - When you lose weight, you feel lighter than air! If you’re overweight, you drag around a lot of excess weight that can really slow you down. Lose weight and you’ll be more raring to go!

Intestinal tract - A sluggish, congested colon is often responsible for fatigue and many other health problems!

Check for Thyroid or Adrenal Problems - Low functioning adrenal glands and thyroid are common culprits of chronic fatigue. Get your doctor to check your levels often.

Turn off the TV - Watching TV is mesmerizing and can make you waste an entire day. Get off your behind and go outside for a walk with nature. You’ll feel better about yourself and increase blood flow.

Take Glutathione – This natural liver-producing enzyme is one of the best natural ways to boost energy! Include Glutathione or NAC along with your other vitamin supplements each morning.

Deficiencies in potassium, iron, and iodine contribute to fatigue - Celery, cabbage, and bananas are good sources of potassium. Molasses, chocolate, cereal, and red meat are good sources. Sea salt, mushrooms, and fresh greens are high in iodine and help increase energy levels.

Fats – Good fats are a great way to boost energy. Excellent sources of MUFA's and essential fatty acids are avocados, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, Tahini, and olive oil.

Roots and spices - Warming herbs such as cayenne pepper, garlic, and ginger increase energy levels.

St. John's Wort – Although there can be contraindications for many herbs, they do hold a prestigious place in holistic medicine. From what I’ve read, this herb may really help you. St. John's Wart relaxes nerves yet increases energy. You'll sleep better, ache less, and wake up in the morning with more energy and a brighter outlook on life.

Parasites - Although talking about parasites is avoided in the US, especially by physicians, if your body is full of leeches, they will drain you! If you've traveled overseas for example, third world countries do not 'watch over their food supplies' the way that populous countries do. You can pick parasites up just about anywhere too; from dirty money to shopping carts, parasites hide and wait for YOU. When you ingest them, they can live in your body and suck the energy right out of you! Get rid of parasites and you'll feel much more energized!

Another way to get energized is to stand in front of an air conditioning unit or hold your head in your freezer for a few minutes. Cold air decreases body temperature. Your body will work hard to keep you awake as it doesn’t want you to freeze to death.

It’s not rocket science, it’s just a matter of being consistent with your health and what it takes to boost energy the natural way.

Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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