Quick 10 Minute Firming Body Massage!

To help you look great, give yourself a quick 10 minute firming body massage everyday!

Massage helps firm and tone your skin when you don't have time to exercise.

Over time it can really add up and help! Of course, your skin looks absolutely gorgeous when you take good care of it! Remember, sometimes it's those little things in life that can mean the most. That's why I developed this great method for applying lotion.

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Don't ever just slap your lotion on and go! Give yourself a good vigorous '10 minute total body massage' while you apply it and do it everyday. Your skin will look toner and firmer and be more resilient to little boo boos that happen along the way!.

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Firming Body Massage

Why Use This Technique?

Giving yourself a body massage everyday helps firm and tone your skin, especially if you don't have time to exercise every day. Over time it can really help!

A great body lotion to use is any Vitamin E lotion that has other moisturizing ingredients like shea butter or coco butter. You don't need to wait until you have stretch marks to enjoy the benefits either! In fact, using butter's at an earlier age might even help prevent stretch marks later on. Its a great product to use when you do this firming body massage too, because of its rich emollients!

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Quick 10 Minute Firming Body Massage!

1) Everyday after you shower, apply a handful of lotion to your stomach. Getting lotion from your stomach on both hands, apply firm vigorous strokes up and down your legs, front and back. Massage up and down your legs, then use circular motions. Really massage those leg muscles and make it count! And be sure to finish off your leg massage using UPWARD STROKES. You will want to LIFT your SKIN upwards, against the force of gravity.

Be sure not to skip the knees, ankles, feet, and heels! Next collect more lotion from your stomach onto both hands.

Next, move on to your arms.

2) Stroke up and down your arms, being sure to get the elbows and the top of the deltoid muscles. (Deltoid muscles are located at the top of the shoulder.) Be sure to get both the front and back of the arms and hands and then massage around the armpits. Don't forget to massage the bicep and the triceps muscles! Again, use rigorous and vigorous strokes!

(Remember this is only a 10 minute massage, so make each massage stroke count!)

3) Grab more lotion from your tummy and apply to the buttocks and as much of the lower back as possible. Cross your arms and get the top of each opposite side of the back shoulder area as best as you can. If you have a spouse or friend who can lend an extra hand when applying lotion in your body massage, ask for help to get your entire back.

4) Grab more lotion from your tummy. Apply a good coat of lotion to the breast area and neck area last. This is one area that you don't want to use vigorous strokes. Use gentle and calming strokes around the neck and breast area.

5) And lastly, massage the lotion left on your tummy into the skin on your tummy! In a clockwise direction, massage your tummy around in a circle. You can apply firm pressure to this area. (When you move in a clockwise motion, you are moving with the direction of flow of the intestinal tract. This aids in digestion!)THEN use UPWARD STROKES on your tummy and sides. You want to lift the tissue and skin UP, against the direction of gravity.

You can even use this lotion on your face after your firming body massage. Massage your face gently, and always massage upwards where you can, especially under your chin.

You may wonder why you should apply a 'glob' of lotion to your tummy instead of just getting more out of the bottle?

Place the lotion on your tummy so you don't get the lotion bottle messy and don't have to get more lotion out of the bottle. Its a matter of time and convenience for this body massage. Remember, this is only a 10 minute body massage! Utilize your time wisely! Once you master the technique, you'll see why this makes more sense.

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View the Technique on Video

Because you can buy most body lotions for a reasonable price, you can afford to really slather it onto your skin. (Always apply lotion after you shower while your body is still moist. This helps to 'lock' the moisture in!)

If you slather it on, you will need to let the lotion totally absorb into your skin. Just walk around naked for a while, stand in front of a fan, stand by the fireplace, or walk around outside in the wind or sun to get my skin completely dry before you dress.

You certainly don’t have to do this for the lotion to dry well, It just helps speed up the process. There is nothing worse than trying to climb into a pair of skinny jeans with sticky lotion on your skin!

I committed to a good daily skin care regimen years ago after I read an article that really opened my eyes. The article explained that as we age our skin requires extra moisture, and that you need to use a daily moisturizer DAILY as early as your 20’s.

I have been using Fruit Of The Earth lotions for over 30 years now and think my skin looks and feels great! Unfortunately, they are getting harder and harder to find locally but are still readily available online.

If you begin giving yourself a quick 10 minute firming body massage everyday, you too will notice a fantastic beneficial difference in the way your skin looks and feels.

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