Blush Application to Create Cheekbones

A subtle sweep of the right blush shade will make you look healthy while the wrong shade will drain the color from your face.

A subtle sweep of the right shade will also lift your cheekbones and enhance your face.

Correct cheek colors can give a soft natural look to the entire face and create more attractive facial contours.

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Realistically, the colors you choose should blend well with whatever color lipstick you choose to wear. If you use a deep color lipstick, your cheek color should be a lighter tone. This will look more natural. If used alone they will draw attention to that area of the face and may create an artificial look so use with caution.

Types of Cheek Colors

  • Cream

  • Liquid and

  • Dry/Powder/Mineral/Brush On

    Cream’s are used for dry to normal skin and will help the skin stay moisturized.

    Powder’s are used for normal to oily skin because they help absorb excess oils from the skin.

    Liquid's can be used by any skin type, but are specifically made for oily skin because they have a water base.

    Apply cheek colors after you use foundation. If you have clear skin with good skin tone, you can apply it without a foundation.

    Blusher's might seem easy but they are actually one of the hardest cosmetics to make invisible and must be blended perfectly to ensure that there are no harsh edges or lines of demarcation. You don't want to look like a clown! If you use a good makeup brush, it will be easier to apply correctly.

    Avoid heavy applications!

    This happens when you overload the brush and do not remove excesses. Excess cheek colors will give you a harsh, 'stand out in the crowd' effect.

    Steps to Apply Blush

    1) Brush powder cheek colors with a medium sized brush along the cheekbones in a upward direction. Use sweeping strokes directed towards the top of your ears.

    Apply blusher to the apples of the cheeks in a teardrop OR triangular shape. The wider part of the cheek color is applied near the hairline. Blend well.

    If using a cream type cheek color, place a small amount on your middle finger and dot along the cheekbone. Blend well with your fingertip using the same guidelines as with the powder blusher.

    2) Blend the color well into your foundation with a larger brush or fingertips. Be sure not to get blusher into the hairline. If you use cream cheek color, be sure to wash your hands well after you apply it. Cream cheek color is just like lipstick and it will stain clothing.

    3) If you think you’ve applied too much color, you can brush over it with a loose translucent powder to tone down the color. Of course, if you haven’t applied enough, now is a good time to apply a little more.

    It is always better too apply too little than too much!

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    Steps to Create Cheekbones using Blush

    1) If you don’t have prominent cheek bones, you must create them. This is usually done by application of a lighter color shade along the cheeks. This is called ‘highlighting’ and will make the cheeks appear more prominent.

    If you suck in your cheeks you will see where your cheek line should be. Apply a lighter shade blusher to this area of your cheeks.

    You can also apply a shimmer color to your cheekbones to help highlight them. Shimmers turn back the clock and give you a more youthful glow!

    2) Next apply a slightly deeper/darker shade cheek color just under the lighter highlighting color. This will create a shadow and will cause the lower cheek to recede. Your face will appear thinner and further draw attention to your upper highlighted cheekbone.

    3) Blend, blend, blend!

    More Blusher Makeup Tips

  • To create a slightly girlish look, apply circles of cheek color on the highest part of the cheek. (Called the apple of the cheek.) Blend well.

  • Cream blushers, which glide on easily, work well with liquid foundations and can be used to create a more natural look. Pick colors that blend well with your complexion.

  • If you are confused about what makeup colors to use, remember what color clothes work well on you. If you look good in bright pink or red colors, then choose the darker, brighter cheek colors or bronzers. If you look better in pale colors, choose lighter cheek colors or bronzers.

    Just be sure if you use brighter, deeper colors, to blend, blend, blend! Don’t overuse the colors you add to your cheeks though. A LITTLE goes a LONG way!

    Cheek color is used to enhance the shape of the face and lift the cheekbones. Always remember that if you apply too much, you can tone the color down with a loose translucent powder!

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