Bleaching Your Hair at Home - Highlighting with a Cap

This video explains bleaching your hair to get highlights at home, without having to use those silly kits that don’t work! Highlighting your own hair does take a bit of getting used to, but just like anything else, you can learn!

Once you’ve gotten through the process a few times, it gets easier. You will however, need a list of supplies before you can get started. You will have to buy a few things outright, but most of them you won’t ever have to buy again! One tub of hair bleach can last you years, if you don’t highlight a lot.

What You’ll Need for Bleaching Your Hair

  • Bleach cap
  • Hooks
  • Color Cape (optional if you have an old button up shirt you can use)
  • Bleach with bluing action
  • 40 volume developer/peroxide
  • Hair cap
  • Shine Hairspray
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Small hard plastic or ceramic bowl (Don't use metal bowls, which can react with the peroxide!)
  • Color Brush
  • Protective Gloves
  • Timer (optional if you have a clock, cell phone, or watch nearby)

    When you bleach your hair, you must pay attention to your hair and take your time! You must set several hours aside to do a good job, especially if it's your first time bleaching your hair by yourself. Don't start watching Oprah or talking to your friends on the phone. Bleaching is a precise process that takes your undivided attention! If you leave bleach on too long, it can disintegrate your hair completely or possibly leave you with damaged hair. Bookmark this page if you need it for reference along the way.

    Even if you're a seasoned highlight queen, you can't afford to get distracted! You want to lift your hair to the level of color you want as an end result or slightly lighter if you're using a toner afterward. Start timing your hair after you've applied the bleach and have placed a cap over it, to help process the bleach. (The heat from your head will help process the bleach more quickly.)

    Check the color every couple of minutes and more your hair around with your brush at intervals! Always pile your hair loosely on top of your head after you've applied bleach.

    If you need to tone your bleached hair, you can do several things. If you want to know how to tone your hair, I'd suggest buying my home hair color guide. Its a small investment for such valuable information!

    Always color at your own risk! I claim no responsibility if you screw up your own hair. These are merely suggestions on how to change your hair color from my own experiences.

    Please watch all three videos so you get all the tips on bleaching your hair!

    Highlighting with Bleach 1

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    Highlighting with Bleach 2

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    Highlighting with Bleach 3

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