Best Beauty Secrets and Tips - Sssshhh!!!

The best beauty secrets and tips can help you look great everyday!

But keep them all to yourself! Secrets are not meant to be shared!

When you know information that's private, you have a direct advantage over everyone else you know! So shhhhh! Lips zipped right?

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One of the best ways to have an edge on others is to pay attention to the little imperfections you see on your skin. They might not seem like a big deal until you actually do a little inside investigating. The people who participate on the reality show Survivor can attest to this! When you don't take a good look at yourself every once in a while, when you do look, you will see things that you don't like! Trust me!

Some of the best beauty secrets are so simple! Make up mirrors for example, are a must have for women who want to look great and who care about their skin and their looks! When you shed light on your face, you see those pesky little things that can make a big difference. A lighted make up mirror is a beauty essential for any diva. They don't cost a lot but they can ensure you don't get freaked out or taken by surprise.

Make up mirrors are at the top of my best beauty secrets because they work so well! They can be a powerful element in the way you present yourself to the world. If you're not using one, you could be making a huge beauty mistake! This comes with experience!

Here is my point. I have a make up mirror but the light bulb burned out a while back and I didn’t replace it. I kept putting it off or forgetting to buy one when I was at the store. When I finally replaced the light bulb, it was another full week before I used the darn thing! OMG! What an awful sight!

My eyebrows were unshapely and my upper lip needed waxing. My skin looked alright because of my daily skin care regimen :o) but the hair on my face was pretty scary. Oh my!

Aside from seeing those unruly hairs, it's also a great way to find blackheads or zits that need zapping, or any other imperfections you need to work on.

You really won’t believe how much of a difference 'paying attention to the details' can really be! A make up mirror is one of the bests beauty secrets you should remember! You just have to make time for you, no matter what!

The best beauty secrets are to #1) invest in a good lighted makeup mirror and #2) use it as much as possible to pick up on the little things you may be missing in regular light! They can really help you fine tune your beauty! Here are more beauty secrets but remember, they're taboo to discuss!

Best Beauty Secrets and Tips

  • If you have a lot of superfluous (superficial) hair on your face and you love using mineral makeup but don't like the way it looks when you apply it, try applying it in the same direction your facial hair grows. (Facial hair grows in a downward direction, not up.) When you apply minerals in this manner, the superficial hair won't be nearly as evident to onlookers.

  • One of the quickest best beauty secrets is to simply tuck your hair behind your ears. You can look years younger instantly.

  • Try oil pulling to whiten your teeth naturally!

  • Take hyaluronic acid supplements to decrease wrinkles. People will think you've gotten a facelift if you take them regularly.

  • Got blackheads? Use a cold compress of slightly diluted (not distilled) apple cider vinegar on them every day for a week. This trick should help dissolve in no time.

  • Another of the best beauty secrets is to make sure your skin is properly balanced by toning your face regularly. If your skin's not clean, it won't look as fresh and makeup won't glide on as easily.

  • Use an old soft toothbrush to gently remove chapped or peeling skin from your lips, hands, or elbows. Be sure to moisturize afterward.

  • Did you know that vegetable shortening can be used on your skin? In a pinch, try it. It not only moisturizes, it protects!

  • Use Vanna White's secret to fresh breath. Use your shower spray as a water pick to get rid of bacteria on your teeth before you brush.

  • For beautiful nails, use ridge fillers before applying fingernail polish. They help 'fill in' any voids, imperfections, or ridges and help nail polish stay in place longer. Your nails will look like you spent hours with a nail professional!

  • For whiter teeth in a flash, use dark-colored lipsticks.

  • Apply plain chapstick (or other lip moisturizers) before bed at night for incredibly smooth lips in the morning. (If you use flavors, you’ll lick your lips all night long, which defeats the purpose!)

  • To help make your hair shiny and sleek (and smelling great), apply a small amount of argan oil to your favorite conditioner.

  • High amounts of bromides can cause and/or contribute to eye puffiness in the morning. Reduce the amounts you consume to eliminate bags under your eyes for good.

  • Like more of a polished look when you apply makeup? Apply liquid foundations with a moist makeup sponge. It will leave you with a flawless complexion.

  • If you have toxins in your body, you will develop age spots. Instead of using spot treatments, try diatomaceous earth. It clears them up in less than a week, from the inside out.

  • Love parting your hair on the side? Try parting it more towards the middle to look younger fast!

    The best beauty secrets should help you save money too. Its a win win proposal for you and your great look!

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