Grabbing the Best Bargains Year Round

Grabbing the best bargains year round is a smart move if your income is dwindling or your job isn't paying as much anymore. We’ve all thrown money away buying things that weren’t on sale or that weren’t a good deal! It's not a good feeling afterwards either!

Even when the economy is in good shape, its still a WISE decision to buy on sale! But why? Why not? Money doesn't grow on trees and you never know what's coming around the corner. Remember, a penny saved is STILL a penny earned!

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My mom taught me at an early age, that if you can't find the price you're looking for, to either haggle (which can be a hassle) or simply wait! Sounds pretty smart to me! And although I'm guilty of buying things not on sale, I do it less often than not! You just need to know when to buy what!

That's why I've posted the following best bargains tips and list so you always know whats on sale. However having said that, you'll need to do a bit of planning unless life throws you the infamous curve ball. Even if that happens, you can still find the best bargains on other items you might need throughout the year.

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Tips to Find the Best Bargains

January – Februrary - Furniture, linens, winter clothes, bicycles

Furniture: Most manufacturers get their new inventory in January and February. They need to clear their old furniture to make room for the new furniture. That’s why these two months are fantastic months to find the best bargains on furniture.

Linens: White sales in January have been around since they were introduced back in 1878. Without white sales, who would really be thinking about stocking up on new sheets and comforters?

Winter clothes – The fashion industry is already working on spring and summer lines in the fall of the previous year, so winter clothes have to be removed from the floor to make room for the new spring and summer line of clothes. You can find the best bargains on winter clothes after Christmas; but hurry! They fly fast!

Bikes: These are a great buy during these months because no one wants a bike when the weather’s frightful outside. Who would think about riding a bike in 10 feet of snow, right? But that’s why bikes are on sale! Many stores drop prices to promote them cause no one wants them!

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April - Electronics, cookware

Electronics/TVs: The Consumer Electronics Show happens every January, and by the spring, the new models are on the floor, so the old ones need to be sold! Last year's models are the best bargains you’ll find and are still pretty nifty items to own! After all, they’re only a year old!

Cookware: It’s a popular gift for graduates heading off to college and for weddings. Both of these events generally happen in May or June, so stores stock up on them and lower the prices. Cookware can also be found on sale in late summer as college student’s head back to school.

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August – Summer clothes, computers, lawn mowers

Summer clothes: You won’t find the best bargains on summer items when they hit the stores! You have to wait till the end of the summer season for stores to roll back the prices. August is the best time to find these items on sale or clearance! If you wait too long though, they’ll simply disappear!

Computers: Mid to low end computers are in good supply because of all the college students heading back to school.

Lawn Mowers – Landscaping tools are a great buy this time of year because the grass growing season is just about over. If you’re mower is a clunker that’s always needing work, it might be a good time to think about a new one! Stores want to move the inventory off the floor to make room for fall and winter items. You won’t find these items around in the winter though. Once they’re gone, they won’t come back until spring! And they’ll have a new higher price tag so grab them while supplies last!

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October - Jeans, appliances, school supplies

Jeans: Jeans are a great item to find on sale since so many people wear them. Stores have lots of left over jeans after the back-to-school sales in August. New fashion lines come out in the spring, so the price is lowered on many styles.

Large appliances: Larger appliances (like washers, dryers, and refrigerators), are overstocked this time of year, so last years models are the best bargains you’ll find. If you can live without some of the bells and whistles of the newer models, you can really find some good buys! If you miss October sales, no worries! They go back on sale on Black Friday.

School supplies: It may not seem fair after you’ve already hit the back to school sales in August, but stores mark school supplies even lower during October. After all, everyone’s already stocked up and stores simply want to move the inventory that wasn’t purchased. That makes it a great time to get supplies for next year!

If you're interested in buying diamonds, the best bargains are available from October thru Valentine's Day. That's when diamond vendors have their largest inventories and need to move them.

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Use the itemized list below to provide you with year round savings on the best bargains. Print it out or bookmark this page so you can take a glance each month! I want you to be able to save, save, save!

Best Bargains Shopping List


Winter clothes
Linens (white sales)
Christmas cards and wrapping paper
Christmas Candy


Weddings (May-Sept is peak season)
Travel (best month for honeymoons)
Home theaters (Super Bowl sales)
Bikes (new models are released this month and in March)


Video games (new videos come out Nov and Dec)
Gardening tools (get ready for gardening season)


Cookware and kitchen accessories
Electronics (Japanese manufacturers release newer models so older models are marked down)
Office furniture


Vacuum cleaners (new models are coming out)
Snow blowers
Winter coats
Mattresses and box springs (newer versions are on their way)


Gym memberships (January has hyped prices cause of New Years resolutions and weather)
Hardware (Fathers Day sales)
Paint (people paint during hottest months)


Heating items/oil for your home
Furniture (second wave of year's new product arrives August)
Suits (spring suits on sale)
Small appliances (Fourth of July weekend)


Computers (back-to-school)
Lawn mowers (peak season is passed)
Summer clothes (same reason)


Patio furniture (takes up a lot of floor room, so big stores need to make room)
Houses in the suburbs
Shrubs, bulbs, trees (store them until spring)
Wine (latest vintages are coming out)


School supplies (clearance)
Cars (dealers are clearing lots for old models)
Big appliances (washers, dryers: newer models rolling out)
Jeans (post back-to-school specials)


RVs (dealer clearance)
Outdoor and camping equipment
Black Friday: electronics, appliances
Halloween Candy


Air conditioners (now’s the time to buy them if you can find them!)
Champagne (stock up for New Year's)
Wedding dresses

If you want to get the best bargains year round, you've got to pay attention. Finding sales is great when they're unexpected but knowing when to buy what, helps even more!

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