Best Beauty Tips for Teens - Making the Best of Awkward Days

Beauty tips for teens are vital because teenagers have so much to deal with all the time.

You might be having hormonal problems, weight problems, emotional problems, or a combination of all three.

Demands are high and the pressure is tremendous. It’s all enough to cause your complexion to go radical!

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Teens need help sorting through all of it. After all, your body is changing at a critical time! Stress levels have never been greater. Memories of your carefree days in middle school quickly fade and are replaced with high energy demands. Pressure from parents, school, and friends can drive you bonkers.

It's tough being a teen! It's hard to imagine what teens go through in this day and age. Everyday stresses can leave you feeling overwhelmed with 'to do' lists a mile long. There are some things you can do though, that make your daily grunge a little more rad. See if you can spot a tip or two from this list of beauty tips for teens, that might help you!

Beauty Tips for Teens

  • Reduce your intake of junk foods and cola's to keep your skin pimple free. People who consume more raw foods, have fewer outbreaks, if any at all.

  • Get enough sleep! You may have a lot of studying to do, or you may want to watch the next episode of your favorite late night show, but sleep is something you really need. You won't look great if you're tired and run down.

  • If you're feeling like a wall flower, try a new hairstyle. Just changing your hair a little bit, may shed new light on you.

  • Keep your hands off your face for an oil free complexion. If you've got to keep your hands busy though, drag them through your hair instead. When you do, the oils from your skin transfer to your hair and help moisturize it for more shine.

  • Feeling emotional? Crying is actually good for you, so don't hold it back. But remember, the more emotional and stressed out you are, the more likely you are to break out.

  • Don't over-clean your face. Instead, clean your face once in the morning and once before bed. Use toners if you are prone to acne.

  • Eat more meals at home. Your mom or dad are far more likely to put healthy food on the table. If you're out with friends, you are far more likely to eat out more. The more junk food you eat, the more you gain weight.

  • Pick one feature. Everyone has one feature they like best on themselves. Figure out what yours is, and accentuate it. If you have a small waist, wear hip new colorful waistline belts to show it off. If you have gorgeous high cheekbones, wear pinky blush colors that show them off!

  • Moisturize and clarify your hair often. Clarifiers like tea tree oil and jojoba oil shampoos are needed to take product build up on your hair, and moisturizing conditioners are a must have for longer hairstyles.

  • Get regular check ups. Going to the doctor isn't a lot of fun, but your body needs a good thorough check up at your age to spot possible problems you may have. You won't look beautiful if you're not healthy.

  • Drink water regularly to help keep your skin, hair, and nails hydrated from the inside out. Water also purifies toxins and expels more fat cells from your body.

  • Tinted moisturizers add color without covering up your natural glow. Use them.

  • Mineral makeup is a great tool for teens. It's light, fresh, and won't cause acne.

  • Be careful when plucking your brows. Over-plucked eyebrows look totally weird and unnatural.

  • Use products like Visine during the day to wake up and brighten your eyes.

  • Don't overdo makeup. Minimal is a good rule for any teen!

  • Exercise regularly if you want to keep off the weight!

  • Don't diet. You are far too young to be on a diet! Eat healthy foods and eat healthy meals and forgo the diet.

  • Journalize to keep your feelings in check. Writing things down each day helps you understand life lessons and sort out your true feelings.

  • Blending is a must have. After you apply powder makeup, go over your entire face with a large makeup brush to smooth it all out.

  • Ask your mom or dad to stock plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for snacking. It's just as easy to reach for an apple, as it is a bag of Doritos!

  • Don't over-commit after school activities. If you're stressed out about doing too many things, chances are they won't help you very much. All teens need down time to reflect and 'just be teens'.

  • Live within your means. Everyone wants to look hip and cool and wear the latest styles however, if you learn to budget yourself at an early age, you'll be happier and healthier when you get older. Fads fade and trends change. What you wear on the outside does not reflect who you are on the inside.

  • Moisturize your hair, skin, and nails regularly. If you have oily skin, use light moisturizers only. Facial shea butter works great for dry skin.

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    Quick Beauty Tips for Teens

  • Smile! - Smiling is a great way to start any day!

  • Use glitter and shimmer makeup to quickly help you shine.

  • Instead of coating your lashes with lots of black mascara, try hip new mascara colors in purple, pink, green, and blue! Your eyes will be sure to dazzle your friends!

  • Use peel off eyeshadows for a quick colorful eye fix!

  • Eat a healthy breakfast. - During teen years, your body is still growing so you need well balanced meals. You can't rev your engine if it's empty. Teens who eat a good breakfast are far more likely to do better in school.

  • No time for makeup? - If you wake up late and have to make ground in a flash, colored lipgloss is makes a fast, out-the-door way to add color to your face!

  • On exam days, dress for success!

  • Use makeup concealers on zits for a quick fix. For the best results, warm them up first between your fingertips.

  • Take vitamins everyday to get essential nutrients and help balance your body. Everyone knows that teenagers aren't always consuming the healthiest foods. Vitamins are a good way to keep nutrients in your body when you can't eat right.

  • Use nail polish like OPI nail polish regularly to express your moods. For fun, color code each mood to a polish color so your friends and family will know ahead of time how you're feeling.

  • Accessorize. - If you're feeling like you look a bit blazah, wear brightly colored necklace's and rings. You can add them quickly but they really pick up your mood.

    Being a teenager is hard work! Its gotten much more complicated with the evolution of technology. Remember, you'll be old(er) the rest of your life. Enjoy your teen years and don't be in such a hurry to grow up! Beauty tips for teens are best served with minimal effort!

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