Beauty Sleep - Therapeutic Benefits for Women

Beauty sleep is an essential element of the anti aging formula. You feel better and look better when you have a sound night of restful slumber. Your mind is much more alert and attentive and your body responds naturally. When you don’t sleep well or have interrupted dreams, you feel tired and sluggish all the more.

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Beauty sleep is required for proper healing of your organs, including your skin. During sleep, your body has a chance to rejuvenate and heal itself. With the right amount of sleep, your appearance looks bright and vibrant. Lack sleep and your appearance suffers.

Too boot, did you know that women need more sleep than men? Why? Scientists at Duke University in North Carolina recently said that women suffer more than men, both mentally and physically, if they are forced to skimp on their sleep. That's just another reason NOT to put off going to be on time!

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The Therapeutic Benefits of Beauty Sleep

  • You might spend a fortune on skin treatments but ultimately you need a certain amount of sleep for a glowing complexion. During slumber, damaged skin has a chance to repair and the mending processes get busy! Nothing can replace the healing power of a good nights' sound sleep.

  • A direct advantage of using skin care products prior to sleep is that some ingredients like vitamin C and hydroquinone, (which can break down in direct sunlight), ceremides, and liposomes are much more effective when used before bed.

  • Sleeping flat on your back increases your skin's metabolism, which allows for better absorption of night creams. Try sleeping on your back for more anti aging benefits.

  • To avoid puffy eyes or a sallow, dull complexion, experts agree that as you age, sleep becomes even more important.

  • Another benefit of beauty sleep is that it can slow down the visible signs of the aging process since your body is given a chance to heal and rehabilitate.

  • Sleep may be instrumental in reinforcing memories and beauty sleep is essential to processing complex emotions. The more you can process daily activities, the lower your stress levels, and the better your skin will look.

  • Recent research indicates a relationship between insufficient sleep and the inability to lose or even maintain weight. When you stay up beyond your bedtime, you’re more prone to be snacking on those sugar-packed snacks that contribute to problematic skin.

  • Your body builds muscle during sleep, which naturally lends to better skin tone.

  • During sleep your body secretes HGH, a growth hormone that repairs and regenerates tissue throughout the body, including your skin.

  • Many of your body's cells get to work during sleep. They increase production of other 'like cells' and reduce the breakdown of proteins. This allows your body to repair any damage that happened during the day. This is how 'beauty sleep' got its true meaning.

    Dark circles under your eyes are common when you become sleep deprived. If you have a hard time falling asleep, it's vital that you try methods to soothe you into sleeping at the same time each night.

    How to Improve Beauty Sleep

    Occasionally, you can make up for lost sleep by sleeping a little longer the next day, but if inadequate sleep is a routine, you'll need some kind of intervention! Sleep averages can vary from person to person but most adults complain that they're only getting six hours per night, which is not enough.

  • Get in the habit of going to bed before 10 PM if at all possible. When night arrives, your bodies natural rhythm is set to sleep. Overriding the desire for sleep interferes with it’s healing abilities. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the most important hours for detoxification and rejuvenation are before midnight.

    Therefore, the earlier you go to bed, the better. For the most restful and restorative sleep, be sure that your bedroom encourages sleep. Cotton bed-clothes allows your skin to breathe. Keep your window open at least a few inches year round to provide plenty of fresh air.

  • Taking a warm bath or shower before bed can help you settle in and truly relax enough to drift off into a sound sleep.

  • Avoid eating for at least two hours before sleeping. This ensures that your body’s energy can be used for healing and rejuvenation instead of digestion. If you get hungry before bed, have a piece of fruit which is naturally cleansing to your body and is digested quickly.

  • It's not always possible to block out every little bit of light using window treatments alone. An eye mask can help to block out the remaining light so you get the beauty sleep you need.

    *If you need more help getting a good nights rest, see this page.

    A great deal of your body’s healing work takes place during beauty sleep. Without the need to attend to all of the functions of daily life, your immune system and organs can focus attention on cleansing and restoration. This is the time when your body does major housecleaning, takes care of wastes that have accumulated during the day, and repairs cellular damage.

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    Duke University Scientists Find that Women Need More Sleep Than Men

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