Fix a Bad Hair Day In a Snap!

Having a bad hair day sucks! As a hairdresser of many years, I can guarantee you I've had more than I'd like to admit! You curl your hair and it flops. You part it to the left and it veers to the right.  Sometimes is because of the weather, but sometimes your hair just won’t behave. The bottom line is that you're stuck unless you happen know some tricks of the trade...

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Some days just can’t seem to find any peace between what you want your hair to do, and what your hair wants to do on it’s own. It’s almost like your hair has a will of its own!

Bad hair days are especially painful if you’ve got something important planned and the absolute worst days for this phenomenon to happen. With cell phones around, pictures will most likely be taken, and people are going to talk. It’s embarrassing enough without having to take flack about it for years to come.

That’s why planning is key! If you’ve got important stuff planned, you must also plan how your hair will look. Here are a few tips to get you on your way so you’ll never have another bad hair day, when it counts and even when it doesn’t count as much!

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How to Fix a Bad Hair Day

  • If your hair's out of control, try taming it with oil. Just add a dab to your palms and smooth over your hair. Voila!

  • If you have bad hair days often, it's time to re-think the products you're using. Bad hair days will never improve if you don't change what you do.

  • Moisturize your hair every chance you get, which will help curb the frizzies.

  • Cut your hair so it is well suited to your face! When your hairstyle follows the contours of your face, your hair will always look good! You’ll never have a bad hair day again!

  • If you just can’t get your hair to do a darn thing, do what I do. Pull your hair UP on top of your head and tie off with a band. If your hair's short, try wetting it thoroughly and blow dry it straight!

  • Many women throw on a ball cap when they wake up with greasy or dirty hair. Instead of covering up a bad hair day, sprinkle a little cornmeal on the oily areas, wait a few minutes, then brush out. This trick will breathe new life back into your locks. Baseball caps were meant for boys!

  • Sections of your hair giving you a fit? Braid them, pull them back, and secure them with a bobby pin. Problem fixed!

  • If you curl your hair and it falls, try pig tails! They're always stylish and they'll pull your look together, even with floppy curls.

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  • If you’re tired of your hair laying flat on your head, you can revitalize your entire look just by adding bangs.

  • Tired of the same part? Zig zag your part to change things up and kiss bad hair days goodbye!

  • If your hair has crinkles after you sleep on it, simply spritz some water onto your hair and blow dry. Voila! No more crinkles!

  • You’re trying to run out the door, but the hair clip you bought isn’t large enough to hold ALL your hair. Instead, try clipping a smaller section instead.

  • You’ve been meaning to color your hair but your roots are showing big time. What to do? Instead of fretting, wear a wide headband over them. Tuck your headband behind your ears and let the hair from behind fall forward.

  • If you were born with straight hair, but always curl it, (because you love curly hair), get a permanent wave instead. You’ll free up a lot of time by investing in a simple perm!

  • Don’t ever try to fight the weather. If the weather man is calling for heavy rain or high winds, opt for another day to curl or style your hair.

  • To add new spark to your hair, try a temporary color. It'll wash out next time you shampoo and it can be done quickly and easily.

  • Really think about new haircuts or styles you get. Is the new cut or style made for your hair? A straight style on curly hair won't work as well in most cases, and visa versa. Make sure the styles you choose are appropriate for your schedule.

  • If you want to prevent a bad hair day, don’t try to style it right after you shampoo. Instead, wait at least a day or two.

  • Women often try to imitate a style that is NOT made for their hair texture. Trying to create hairdo’s that don’t work for your hair type is just crazy. It will drive you absolutely MAD! Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Accept what you have. There are other hairstyles that will work for you and will make you happy! Look for new hairstyles here!

  • Hair that’s been freshly cut often doesn’t look blended or refined. Given a week though, most blended styles will fall right into place.

  • If everything else fails, pull your hair back into a ponytail and forget about it. (Be sure to smooth it out so it looks neat and tidy though.) Remember that it's not the end of the world and tomorrow is another day.

    You can prevent a bad hair day before they happen just by using good common sense. Use simple techniques that keep your hair looking fresh and stylish everyday!

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