Breaking Bad Eating Habits to Lose Those Extra Pounds

There is no doubt that bad eating habits can explode your waistline, especially if you're not focused on your health! That's why it’s an excellent suggestion to change unfavorable patterns along the way!

The simple truth is that most people form certain eating routines early on in life. If they're not good for you, they can become big trouble makers for your weight.

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Your body doesn’t function well with a full gut! There is a happy medium that must be attained if you want to take off what you've packed on! However, if you're willing to make some changes, realize that some refinements will be easier than others. Those die-hard habits will try and stick to you like glue.

The good news is that once you break the cycle, new patterns will become automatic! Poor eating habits are easier to break if you can remember that you should:

Eat to live, not live to eat!

Here’s a list of questionable practices you may have and a few suggestions on how to update them!

How to Break Bad Eating Habits

  • If meal times become hurried, please don't do this!

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    Instead, try grabbing a pack of nabs until later when you can sit down and relax while enjoying a wholesome meal!

  • If snacking is your thing, replace empty calories with something different, like this:

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    You don't have to have a dehydrator to fix them either! They can be done right in your oven. Try this recipe, that's a big hit with me and my son!

  • Italian dishes are super scrumptious but those noodles aren't doing your waistline any good!

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    For a delicious change, try making eggplant lasagna! Get the recipe here.

  • Replace your silverware if you're always eating more than your fair share!

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    Mastering chopsticks will definitely slow you down!

  • Cleaning your plate won't help you with weight problems! Instead, try this:

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    Saving half for later will help you slim down.

  • Save the money you'd spend at Burger King and spend it on local restaurants that need your business!

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    Hometown restaurants and diners serve REAL food and are a great investment!

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    Bad Shopping Habits that Trigger Bad Eating Habits

    You can’t change bad eating habits without changing your shopping habits. Here are a few things you should avoid to help you lose weight.

  • Shopping when you’re hurried.
  • Not sticking to a list.
  • Giving into last minute purchases.
  • Not understanding what you're buying.
  • Not writing down what your meals will be.
  • Not buying foods with live enzymes.

    Many bad habits are learned from family members and can be passed down from generation to generation. The only way the cycle will ever break is for something to disrupt/interrupt the pattern. Be THAT generation that forms good eating habits and pass them along to your children. Its a good way to end those bad eating habits forever!

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