Anti Aging Secrets from Celebrity Icons

Who better to get anti aging secrets from than some of the most well-known celebrity icons? I can’t think of any, can you? With the constant pressure on them and the paparazzi always lurking close by, they’re bound to have some powerful ‘durability’ tips to share.

Influenced by her mother's advice, Julianne Moore accredits her flawless ivory complexion to avoiding the sun and using an SPF regularly. She's often spotted out in the sun sporting a floppy sun hat and those actions are paying off big time.

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There’s no doubt that our leading ladies of Hollywood always have to look glamorous. Check out a few of their anti aging secrets for waging war on getting older... and looking great doing it!

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Anti Aging Secrets from Celebrity Icons

  • In her fifties now, super model Cindy Crawford recommends that women look no further than their own refrigerators. She recently told "The Doctors" that she mists her face with milk everyday. Besides containing lactic acid, which has a mild exfoliating effect on the skin, milk contains fat, a mild plumping agent. That's easy enough, right?

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  • Besides doing regular body cleanses, Demi Moore believes that the best anti aging secrets are simple! Her 'thang' however, is moisture! She always makes sure to moisturize her skin, even if it's late and she's bone tired. She also advocates removing makeup and washing her face as an important part of great skin care.

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  • As a former Sports Illustrated model, you can bet that Christie Brinkley follows a strict diet and exercise routine. However, she attributes her youthful look to her hair. She highly suggests using hair extensions to create more volume and fix issues with thinning problems. She also recommends using eyebrow pencil to help fill in any voids, according to People magazine.

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  • Halle Berry's glowing complexion has become a Hollywood trademark, which was even more apparent after seeing the CBS show "Extant" this past summer! Her secret?

    After cleansing and exfoliating in the morning, she applies pure vitamin C on her skin, before her moisturizer. Vitamin C is well known for it's powerful collagen boosting and age spot zapping benefits.

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  • Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to a camera and has to be camera ready all the time. She says that her secret is 1) having a deep penetrating moisturizer and 2) making sure the ingredients boost collagen production and stimulate cell turnover.

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  • It's not hard being "America's Sweetheart" when you look like Sandra Bullock! Her secret to well-rested eyes? She says she uses Preparation H for it's anti-inflammatory ingredients.

    "Putting butt cream under my eyes is one of my best beauty secrets, and stops me from getting lines," Bullock reportedly told Yahoo Shine.

    So there you have it! Lots of luscious anti aging secrets from the stars, which is kinda awesome!

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    Anti Aging Secrets from the Stars

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