Inexpensive Anti Aging Products that Pamper

Some of the best anti aging products that pamper you, can be simple things in life that other people may overlook.

They are unassuming in nature but they can sure hold a lot of value, especially if you don't have a lot of money to spend on yourself.

Products that make you 'feel good' are worth more than you could ever realize! Those warm fuzzies you get when you use them, are what gives them meaning and importance.

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Anti aging products don’t always make you look younger either. They can instead, make you feel younger! If you’re a mom, you've probably had to give up some of those little extras for yourself, so that your children never had to do without. Mom sacrifices can stretch far and wide.

Even if you aren't a mom, there are certainly times for everyone when money's tight. In tough economies, those little bits and snippets are the things that are the most heart felt and appreciated.

Anti aging products can also be things you make yourself. A batch of sugar cookies or a hot cup of cocoa can help smooth out all the wrinkles in your day. Sometimes it’s truly those little things in life that make you feel grateful to be alive!

Inexpensive Anti Aging Products that Pamper

  • Reading - Don't you just love diving into a good book? They can transform you into a different world and help you escape life's troubles, if only for a little while! A riveting mystery, smoking hot romance, or fact-based novel about someone that intrigues you is a great way to get away without spending a dime! The newer digital readers today, like Kindle, make reading something everyone can afford!

  • Sheets – You know I never had satin sheets until I was 48 years old. What a nimrod! Now I truly treasure my bedtime, alone with my sheets at last! In the fall and spring, they feel cool when you get in bed but warm up nice and toasty. Add a fan in the summer and they’ll feel really cool. Satin sheets are of my top anti aging products from now on!

    The sheets I bought were like $40, which I thought was pretty reasonable, considering what I was getting... instant yumminess! You can find them much cheaper online in some really amazing colors. They look and feel very very sensual, even if you sleep alone! (The ones I bought were leopard print which are pretty darn awesome!)

    Your comforters and pillows do slip off the bed, but frankly I find that it's much easier make up the bed for that very reason! Slip sliding away and right back again!

  • Smooth Skin – Maybe you've never related razors to anti aging but they really deliver. Some of them have built in moisturizers that make your skin feel lustrous and silky; a gentle reminder of days gone by. The newest razors on the market work incredibly well and leave your legs looking great! So if you love having baby soft skin, try the Venus Embrace Razor. It has 5 (count em!) blades that smooth every nook and cranny! So great!

  • Yummy Smelling Hair – Try hair products minus the harsh chemicals to help reinvigorate your senses. The natural fragrances remind you of flowers and spices you may have enjoyed as a child; when living was carefree and you were full of vim and vigor!

    If you love Eucalyptus, Root Awakenings by John Frieda can do the trick. You might also try WEN® Hair Care System, made in many appetizing flavors. With Wen, you won’t get the lather but you do get very silky shiny hair. Of course there are hundreds of other natural anti aging products available. It only makes sense to explore more of the possibilities!

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  • Taking a Bath – Bath salts have gotten a bad rap lately but that's only because some people were abusing their use. For those of us who use them properly, they're awesome. If you’ve got a bathtub, chances are you haven’t used it lately. Why not take advantage of it again? Buy some great smelling, skin smoothing bubbles, beads, or salts, add a nice glass of wine, a candle, and you’ve got your own private party!

    Philosophy has a 3 in 1 product line in every fragrance imaginable. They make great gifts for a low price too. You get three great products (shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath) in one! Try philosophy Gingerbread Man, Marshmallow, Melon Daiquiri, and many other exotic flavors. What's not to love?

  • Indulgence – Ooey, gooey, delectable richness sold in a wrapper! So simple, right? Imported dark chocolates have some of the most amazing healing properties too and are quite enjoyable to the palate! (Now that's an understatement!) Like to know more about the benefits?

  • Delicious Scents – Everyone should have some great smelling scented candles laying around to place soft romantic notes in the air. When you get stressed from work or home, turn off the overhead lights, get out your lighter, and burn a few candles. You’ll save money on energy (light bills) and create harmony in your house. Burning candles can change a bad mood in a snap, but purchase them at the local stores in your area. Candles are nearly impossible to shop for online because you can't get a whiff before you buy!

    Opt for Febreeze or Glade candles if you like the scent to carry across the room. You can find small scented candles for a dollar at various stores so keep an eye out for them. Relaxing scents are lavender and tangerine. Invigorating scents are cinnamon and apple crisp. Ready to light a candle? I know I sure am! You can also opt for air fresheners that fill the air with other tropical aromas.

  • Colorful Nails – So many great colors, so little time! Brighten up your life with painted toenails or fingernails. Colors always brings a smile to your face. Get better value when you buy sets of polishes to save even more money!

  • Moisturized Lips - Lip glosses just make your lips feel simply scrumptious, don't they? They make your lips slippery and moist and are a great alternative to lipsticks. Because you can apply them super quickly, they're also a great convenience!

  • Hours of Enjoyment - One of the best anti aging products are fragrances in a bottle. They're a great way to pamper yourself and rejuvenate your spirit. They don't have to cost a lot to do the job though! Many fragrances and body sprays on the market today, are competitively priced so most everyone can afford them. My absolute favorite perfume, (that I only buy one time a year), is Angel by Thierry Mugler. If you love Pachouli and Vanilla, you will love this perfume. I always get the most compliments when I wear it. Another sensual perfume that I adore, is Hypnotic Poison. Use it sparingly or you'll have men following you around for sure!

    Of course, there are a zillion other sensual perfumes on the market, so try as many as you can till you find 'the one'!

    These anti aging products are just the tip of the iceberg. See if you can't think of some low cost products you love to have around too! It just proves that you don't have to spend a lot of money to feel good! Life is full of simple pleasures if you just open your eyes and look!

    *When my son was just a baby, I found this poem in a magazine and it really resonated with me. I didn't have much money back in those days, so I immediately realized what a treasure it truly was! I lost the poem somehow but never forgot the message. In later years, I started thinking about it again and found it online. It was a real miracle! So now, I get to treasure it all over again! Yeah!

    The Little Things

    by Mary Dawson Hughes

    It really is the little things
    That mean the most of all...
    The "let me help you with that" things
    That may seem very small
    The "I'll be glad to do it" things
    That make your cares much lighter,
    The "laugh with me, it's funny" things
    That make your outlook brighter...

    The "never mind the trouble" things,
    The "yes, I understand,"
    The interest and encouragement
    In everything you've planned
    It really is the little things,
    The friendly word or smile,
    That add such happiness to life
    And make it more worth while.

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