Anti Aging Formula - to Stop the Biological Clock

Is there an anti aging formula  that will help stop the biological clock? Why yes, of course silly! However, aging for the adult population today is not like it was for our parents.

To say that 'we have come a long way baby', is an understatement. When my mother was in her late 40's, she weighed around 160 pounds, had pure white hair, and looked like she was in her late 50’s. And she was OK with that!

I’m 56 and have been told that I look like I’m in my 40’s but as I grow older, it gets increasingly hard to keep up the pace. Yikes! Each day I work smarter (not harder) to STOP THE CLOCK. *Older and wiser DOES have its advantages!

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You have to be willing to stay committed in your quest to stay young, no matter what your actual age is. Women like Betty White serve a great example to younger women. She's sharp, well liked, active, and down right feisty! Do you think you can stay that youthful well into your 80's? If not, think about developing an anti aging formula so you can get back on track. Its never too late to start!

Aging is a cumulative combination of what we do and what we don’t do!

  • The human body is designed to last approximately 110 years.

  • Envision yourself at age 50, if you’re not there yet. Will your body last?

  • If you're already in your 50's, will your body and beauty hold up another 50 years?

    There are some basic ways to combat the aging process if you are willing to implement them. If you can create balance in your life, you can really slow down the sands of time by using some type of anti aging formula!

    Anti Aging Formula - Tips to Turn Back Time

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  • Think Italian! Did you know you can turn back the clock by eating more garlic? Turns out this hard, little gem has three compounds that help reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

    Caffeic acid, S-allyl cysteine, and uricil gives skin a smoother appearance by reducing oxidative stress that's known to cause premature aging and preventing collagen breakdown.

    *Tip - Eat 2 cloves of garlic weekly and see a visible difference in just four weeks!

  • Get outside to stimulate your senses!

    As you age, your senses can become dull, especially your sense of smell. With that comes an inability to smell fragrances and experience different flavors. Exercising helps pump a steady flow of oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to the areas of the brain that affect smell. Walking helps keep your smell in shape too!

    Power walking also improves hearing by surging more oxygen to the sensitive areas of the inner ear. Hearing loss is something that's often associated with aging so walk more and ditch the hearing aid!

    A brisk 30 minute walk is all you'll need each week. That's less than five small minutes daily!

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  • Firm up breasts with lotion to keep them youthful and perky!

    The tissue in your breasts ages two to three years faster than the rest of your body. To prevent breasts from sagging, use a firming moisturizer twice daily; after your morning shower and before bed.

    It's age-guarding secret? Moisture helps lubricate delicate tissues, helping cells withstand the push of gravity. In a study of twins, the sisters who used lotions regularly, had breasts with tauter and smoother skin.

  • Rev UP body defenses with blueberries and dark grapes!

    As you age, you become more susceptible to viruses. Your immune system needs a swift kick to keep doing its job. Resveratrol (found in grapes) and pterostilbene (found in blueberries) are the perfect fruits to do that. Resent research shows that they're critical compounds that help boost a gene critical for immune function.

    *Tip - Juice your fruits to get more POWER!

    *Tip - To amplify immunity, take at least 15 mg. vitamin E and 600 IU vitamin D daily.

    Honey Cinnamon Quinoa with Blueberry

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  • Trim your waistline using old-world fiber!

    The middle age spread can be prevented by keeping a steady supply of fiber in your diet. Quinoa is the perfect whole grain to do just that!

    Use Doctor Axe's recipe and start your day right!

    (Don't you just LOVE HIM? He's so dreamy!)

    Implementing a simple anti aging formula doesn’t take a lot of effort, although you gotta be willing to 'work it' girl! Especially as you age. If you want to be successful in life, you have to work at it some.

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