The All Natural Label Lie – 9 Gross Ingredients that Will Turn You Off!

The all natural label on processed foods is one of the biggest slights of hands in the history of food and is meaningless by federal standards. Big food has one sole purpose – to sell as many of its products as possible by any means necessary. If that means fooling the consumer, then so be it. Their bottom line is driven by corporate greed, plain and simple.

It is high time that consumers pay attention to their blatant deceptions!

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Most people know that the FDA (Food and Drug Assassins) is responsible for food regulations in the US and is supposed to protect the welfare of the consumer. But that’s not how it usually shakes out.

There are EXTREMELY loose guidelines in place – allowing these corporate conglomerates to slap the all natural label on many ingredients that simply aren’t natural at all! (If they meant naturally disgusting, that would be more honest!)

Thus far, the FDA has not objected to the use of the term ‘natural’ as long as the food does not: 1) contain added color, 2) artificial flavors, or 3) synthetic substances.

Somewhere along the way, the FDA HAS SIDE STEPPED its sole responsibility to WE THE PEOPLE, in favor of BIG FOOD. They give a false perception that the food industry IS well regulated, even though it’s not. In fact their oversight is down right laughable!

As Bruce Bradley said after leaving his job as a food marketer for these corporate giants:

"While it took me some time away from the industry to realize it, now I honestly believe that your average person doesn’t stand a chance against Big Food’s deceptive marketing tactics and addictive, cheap products."

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The all natural label is blatantly ambiguous. “Natural” products can contain:

1) Genetically altered organisms
2) Pesticides and herbicides
3) Growth hormones
4) Antibiotics

Today, there has been a HUGE shift in marketplace and a high demand for healthy foods, as more and more consumers figure out that their food is sheer POISON to their bodies - and is largely responsible for the obesity problem in the US. The more we boycott these sorry excuses for food, the more power we have as consumers! The balls in our court and we must act!

Here’s a list of nine of the gross ingredients these food giants GET AWAY WITH USING in their products with the all natural label. Believe me, there are many many more! Please look over the products you buy before placing them in your shopping cart. Your kids are counting on you!

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9 Gross Ingredients That Can Boast The All Natural Label

  • Anal Glands of the Beaver – I gave up raspberry and strawberry flavored anything years ago for this very reason. It is used in vanilla, strawberry, and raspberry flavors and comes from the castor (anal) sacs of beavers. The FDA allows this ingredient (called Castoreum) to appear with the all natural label, even though there’s nothing natural about eating it! You will find it in ice cream, candy, alcoholic drinks, baked goods (like pastries), pudding, jello, and chewing gum.

  • Beetle Juice – Many processed foods that are pink, purple, orange, or red in color may contain the cochineal beetle. It is known as Red Dye #4. Red food color is known to cause allergic reactions in many people and is found in candy, waffles, lemonade, grapefruit juice, yogurt, and ice cream. If you'd like to know more about this product check this page out.

  • Hydrolyzed Protein – This type of protein may be one you want to omit from your diet! Hydrolyzed protein has been predigested by soaking protein in a synthetic acid, chemically similar to gastric juices. This process is supposed to make foods easier to digest but is often used as a loophole to add MSG into a food without having to label it. Known foods that contain it are Knorr Noodles, Funyuns, and many protein-based foods.

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  • Ruminant Animal Stomach – Called rennet, this ingredient is harvested from the inside of a goat, calf, or sheep stomach. Rennet is used to separate milk into solid curds and purportedly gives cheese a better texture - but is typically missing from the ingredients or all natural label.

  • Sheep Secretions – Most women I know have used lanolin at some time or another in their lives. But I highly doubt that folks know the origins of this ingredient. Lanolin is an oily substance that sheep’s secrete inside their wool. It is widely used as a gum base for chewing gum but can also be found in vitamin D3 supplements. (It’s one thing to slap some on your body, it’s another thing to consume it!)

  • Human Hair – The average person unknowingly eats around 8 pounds of human hair each year, and if you own a pet, it’s 12 pounds or more. But did you know that human hair FROM CHINA is harvested in barber shops and salons and added to bread as L-cysteine as a softening agent on purpose? It’s one thing to eat your own hair (or your pets hair) but another whole ball game to consume someone else’s from another country! You will find L-cysteine added to breads in commercial breads, and especially at fast food restaurants like McDonalds, Burger King and Arby’s.

  • Maggots – Did you know that the FDA allows 19 maggots and 74 mites in every 3.5 ounce can of mushrooms? I’m so glad I stopped eating canned mushrooms years ago as well but had no clue about the maggot factor! It makes far more sense to buy fresh!

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  • Arsenic - This heavy metal can accumulate in the body, yet it may turn up in many foods and drinks on store shelves. Beer, wine, and moonshine (that are lighter in color) may contain traces of the element, as brewers filter their concoctions with industrial diatomaceous earth that can contain heavy metals. Arsenic may be found in rice, cereal, juice drinks, and many alcoholic drinks.

  • Sawdust – If you buy shredded cheese, you are probably eating sawdust, labeled as cellulose. It is far better to buy block cheese and shred it yourself. It may take a little more work and time but is well worth the effort, no doubt.

    Each time you buy something from the store, you are supporting someone's right to do business in the US. Seek out foods that are wholesome, locally grown, and/or natural by Mother Natures standards. These are the ONLY types of foods that should bear the all natural label!

    Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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