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Advertise on Look Great, Lose Weight, Save Money to help boost your traffic and give you more brand recognition. You can choose whichever type you need for your site.

You will increase the visibility of your business name and/or logo. The more often your branding is seen, the more familiar your message becomes in the minds of potential customers.

Ad Options

Contextual Text Links

Text links within content on a site work the best. These are also the least expensive way to endorse your site without looking blatantly obvious. Most people like to make up their own minds about which links they click on. That makes them the perfect option for most businesses.

Text links target specific content related to your site or offering. You can create your own content to go on specific pages of this site. If you need some direction, please contact me and I'll give you some options, or just use your keywords and the site search tool to get a quick list of potential matches that best fit your site's needs.

This is especially effective because text links don't have the appearance of being an ad. Visitors are compelled to click on text links within the content.

Contextual link costs vary. It all depends on the page you want to place your link.


Banners offer greater visibility but are a bit more costly to implement. Banners are a great option for sites that have lots of targeted traffic but need more sales.

If this suits your needs, please fill in the form below to contact me with your requests.

Prices are flexible.


The homepage is the most expensive way to advertise on this site and will cost a monthly fee. You can use banner type ads or text links on the homepage. Of course, banners will cost more than contextual links.

If this suits your needs, please fill in the form below to contact me with your requests.

All prices negotiable.

*Note: I ALWAYS respond to inquiries about advertising. If you do not hear back from me, then look in your spam folder. Since I'm not yet a contact for you, my reply to advertise may have gotten kicked into your spam box. My name is Carolyn Dickerson so look for an email address with my name and/or an email that mentions my site. Thank you!

Advertising Form

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Submit your keywords and get a targeted list of pages that relate to your site's content.


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