6 Highly Addictive Foods that Sabotage Your Weight

Addictive foods are meant to trap you. They were designed specifically to sabotage your taste buds and brain. The entire food industry was set up this way to ensure return visits so you will buy more off their menu again and again and keep them in business. Without your dollars, these shady establishments wouldn’t exist.

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American’s are intentionally being led down an unhealthy road. Every time you stop at a fast food joint, you are basically giving that business permission to serve you foods that shouldn’t even qualify as being real!

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Food today has been engineered with a deadly combination of refined carbohydrates, sugar and fat. These ingredients dish out a whopping glycemic load – which sends a rush of blood sugar into your system. This in turn triggers your brain’s reward center and makes you crave the food even more. It’s a vicious cycle if you’re not making a conscious effort.

Most people today know nothing about moderating their food consumption. People eat without thinking because of pressures at work or stresses at home. Believe me, I've heard a thousand excuses for bad behavior! Food was never intended to be consumed on the run or without a thought. But that’s exactly where we are today.

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5 Addictive Food Ingredients

  • Fat has been stereotyped to be bad by western medicine but evolution suggests that it’s been a very important aspect of the survival of the human race. The problem is, Americans are getting too much of the wrong kinds of fat!

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  • Sugar gives your body a rush of energy and taste buds are magically drawn to sweets. Brain scans of animals high on sugar look similar to brain scans of animals high on cocaine.

  • Salt is a highly important part of the diet because it helps produce electrolytes. However, it’s also gotten a bad rap just like fat. It’s not the real salt in your diet that’s the bad guy, it’s the amount of sodium that’s found in processed food today. Just like sugar and fat, sodium triggers the brains feel good center and makes you hungry for more.

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  • Casein is a protein found in cheese and it’s highly addicting. Many cheese companies use concentrated casein to make their cheese products taste even better. When casein is digested, it breaks down into casomorphins, compounds that are opiod-like in the body. Cheese therefore, naturally produces a relaxed state.

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  • MSG is a definite bad guy, even though the “experts” can’t seem to agree on that point. Many fast foods today contain added monosodium glutamate because of Its highly addictive nature. Now that you know which ingredients to look out for, here’s a list of addictive foods you’ll want to avoid if your waistline has gotten out of control.

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    6 Most Addictive Foods that Sabotage Weight

  • Pizza is just one of those foods you can’t put down. It is the most sought after food on the planet! The more processed it is (think frozen pizza) and the denser/thicker crust it has, the worse it gets! Making your own pizza with fresh ingredients and quality toppings is an investment well worth the extra time it takes! Thinking of food as nourishment will help you make better choices!

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  • One of the most highly addictive foods has to be fast food French fries. Choosing smaller portions may help or simply cutting them out completely and/or swapping them out for apple slices for example. Baking your own hand cut fries at home with a small drizzle of oil and salt will get you on the right track!

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  • Potato chips and snack crackers like goldfish are highly processed. If they’ve got chemically engineered flavoring added, they are even worse for you. The main problem is they never fill you up because they’re airy and they’re addictive because of the salt. Opt for organic/non gmo chips or lower salt chips to curtail cravings for these types of addictive foods.

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  • While milk chocolate might taste good, it’s not so good for you because it’s high in fat and sugar. Dark chocolate is made from cocoa butter, not milk based butter, and is by far a much better choice if you’re trying NOT to gain weight. It may taste bitter at first but after a while, you will actually prefer the darker blends!

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  • What you find at the grocery store today may or may not be REAL ice cream made from cream. Many times it’s just flavored ice - so LOOK at it! However, it’s also one of America’s favorite go-to comfort food that is highly addictive. If you just can’t turn it down, downsizing the size of what you buy is suggested. Buying a pint instead of a quart will help you curb cravings.

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  • Cookies, like donuts, are hard to turn down but you really should avoid them! The processed cookies/cakes/pies on the market today taste horrible if you’ve been making your own from scratch. Believe me, I know this from my own experience! They are high in sugar and other highly addictive ingredients you’ll want to cut out of your menu!

    There is no doubt that the fast food industry wants Americans to be overweight! The more you eat the crap they serve, the worse your weight (and your health) will be! Help kick food addictions by cutting fast foods out of your diet!

    Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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