Accelerate Hair Growth Using These 15 Natural Methods

Can you really accelerate hair growth? While most experts would say that you cannot, there are still many things you can do to encourage the process! Some natural remedies - that have been passed along generationally – prove to at least help speed things up a little. There’s certainly no harm in trying right? You may be the perfect candidate - but you'll never know if you do nothing.

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Wanting your hair to grow out much faster is a request I hear often enough. It’s apparent that having patience has become a lost virtue! Be advised, if you want longer hair RIGHT NOW - this very moment, the only way to achieve that is to get extensions. However, unless you get clip-ons, the real deal extensions are very costly and not everyone can afford them!

If you’re frustrated because your hair just seems stuck, try some of these natural methods to accelerate hair growth! They may not work overnight but they are tried and true techniques that are sure to help out some!

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Accelerate Hair Growth Using These 15 Natural Methods

  • Add a handful (1/4 C.) of minced yellow onion (or substitute onion juice or use dried onion flakes) to your shampoo after you let it sit for 15 days. Shampoo as normal. Onions are rich in sulfur which is known to stimulate hair follicles.

  • Eat more protein! It only makes sense since keratin is the foundation of your hair and is needed to boost growth. Without daily amounts, your hair will not grow as much.

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  • Grapeseed oil is believed to help hair grow faster. Massage your scalp with the oil before going to bed and rinse well in the morning.

  • Try an egg wash. Combine one whipped egg white with the yolk from one egg. Massage the mixture into your hair and scalp thoroughly for 10 minutes. Rinse mixture from your hair and condition.

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  • Nutrition help accelerate hair growth. Take prenatal vitamins, which contain higher amounts of biotin, iron, folic acid, and other important nutrients than regular vitamins. Ask any woman who’s had a child if her hair didn’t grow like crazy when she was pregnant!

  • Use reflexology and this method: With hands facing each other, place fingernails toward each other and buff vigorously back and forth for five minutes each day. You can do this while watching TV or right before bed.

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  • Before you go to bed, wash your hair then braid two pig tails while hair is still wet. Repeat the process each day for two or three days.

  • Boil a few potatoes in water but save the leftover water. Allow the water to cool and rinse your hair with the potato water. Potatoes are rich in vitamins A, B, and C. Additionally, you can make potato juice for the same purpose. Get recipes here.

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  • A daily rinse with rosemary infused water is said to accelerate hair growth. Be advised however. This method is may darken hair color some. Learn how to make rosemary water here.

  • Washing your hair every day may keep you from getting the greasies but it also strips natural oils that encourage your hair to grow. To counteract that, reduce washing your hair to a couple times a week or less.

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  • Do a head stand for three to five minutes each day. (Or flip your head over upside down.) This action increases blood flow to the head, which supplies more oxygen and more nutrients to hair follicles – which in turn stimulates hair growth.

  • STRESS can interrupt the hair growth cycle. The higher your stress, the slower your hair grows. Too much stress can also lead to alopecia – a sudden and catastrophic loss of hair in clumps. Lower your stress levels by getting more sleep, deep breathing methods, and meditation.

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  • Massage your scalp regularly to stimulate blood flow and follicles. It only takes a few minutes each day so no excuses! Adding an oil (such as coconut or argan) gives added benefits. Additionally you can also use castor oil mixed with a carrier oil such as sunflower oil.

    *Castor oil is rich in proteins, minerals and vitamin E, and works like a magic potion for your hair.

    *Many people recommend trying Barry’s Tricopherous to accelerate hair growth. The problem I have with the product is that it’s 97 percent alcohol. THAT’S not going to do much good for your hair!

  • Foods such as salmon, almonds, egg yolks, or Swiss chard have high amounts of the B vitamin biotin, which has many benefits for the hair including preventing hair from falling out. If none of these foods appeal to you, you can take the supplement as well!

  • Put 1/2 red onion, 4 cloves of garlic, and two cinnamon sticks into a pot full of water. Allow it to boil for 15 minutes. Rinse your hair with this infusion for four consecutive days.

    There are just too many natural methods you can use to accelerate hair growth, not to try a few! Don’t be in too much of a hurry though. Your hair can only grow THIS MUCH every month! Be the tortoise, not the hare! Slow and steady growth will give you the long locks you dream of eventually! And isn’t that a goal worth pursuit?

    Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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