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Carolyn Dickerson image My name is Carolyn Hunter Dickerson and this is my website. Welcome! Hope you enjoy the free information provided!

My Professional Credentials: I have been a licensed practitioner of Cosmetology in NC for over 18 years, and was licensed in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork for many years also. [licensed in NC and Nationally.]

Between the two, I have a broad knowledge base in both beauty and health and a working knowledge in pain management.

I have extensively studied micro-physiology and anatomy, medical terminology, ethics, nutrition, diseases of the skin, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. My studies brought me to the conclusion that although modern Western medicine does have its own merits, there are also a lot of good ways to naturally heal your body using ancient and time-tested Eastern Medicine practices as well.

My premise is based on the things your grandparents used to turn to before modern medicine came onto the scene. Going back in time, using those alternative modalities can be the KEY to your health!

Your beauty need not suffer the effects of harmful chemicals either. It doesn't take a lot of beauty products to shine from the inside out. The simpler a product is, the better it will serve you!

My life: I am now 56 years old and a single mom. I have one fantastic son who just happens to be mentally disabled. He is my greatest joy and also the greatest compliment I've ever had! Everyone loves Lars, which is (I hope) a good reflection on me... that I've been a good mom!

Although taking care of Lars has been my greatest joy, it’s also been my greatest challenges. Because of having to watch over him so diligently, I have not been able to work a ‘regular job’ in years. Lars is 25 now and far too old for day care but too vulnerable to be left at home alone for long. I’ve had to think outside the box and reinvent myself time and time again over the years just to pay the bills. Building this site gave me the ability to stay at home, make enough money, and share my knowledge. This site is truly my passion and my life!

Most of the time, Lars and I eat healthy, REAL food. I make our own lunch and dinner everyday. We rarely need to see a doctor because we rarely get sick. Neither one of us require prescription medication for any ailments. Going back to basics keeps us healthy and well.

On my site, you’ll find natural beauty and health remedies mixed with low-cost OTC products that do help you look great, lose weight, and save money!

Because of my family history, I’ve also had the good sense to research the best methods to use when you’re dealing with common health issues. It only makes sense to learn as much as you can in life about your own body. If you don’t take good care of it, who will?

I’ve also learned a few other important lessons over the years and have found that if you don’t learn the lesson the first time, your Higher Power will keep repeating the lesson until you ‘get it’.

I do welcome all comments and questions! You can email me anytime by using the simple contact form just below.

Best wishes always and God bless!


Carolyn H. Dickerson
311 Sandhills Drive
Newport, NC 28570

[Always question what you read online and use good old-fashioned common sense to find the most sound resources! Research many sources, find the common denominators, and you will get the most reliable information!]

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New! Comments

Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.

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