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LGLWSM Newsletter 071 - Why Good Friends are Good for You!
May 31, 2014

No man or woman is an island. Whatever happens to you in life, remember that isolation can lead to desolation. We used to call them 'hermits' when I was growing up and I visited a few homes that they'd lived in... and it wasn't pretty. Don't be one!

It is much better to surround yourself with people that care about you and love you deeply. There’s no doubt that good friends can help you get where you need to go.

While some friends may be categorized as just acquaintances, there is always a connection of the heart when it comes to good friends. They hardly ever let you down, they are there when life throws you a curve ball, and they’ll be there with you during the happiest of times. If you only have a handful of good friends in your life, consider yourself lucky! They are truly hard to come by!

Here are a few of the best reasons that friends add so much to your life and why you can’t really live life without them. Remember that magical connections happen when you not only see, you also believe.


Why Good Friends are Good for You

  • When you know you’ve got support, you feel loved and are better equipped to deal with the dark cloud that won't stop following you. There is a strong emotional and psychological need that gets fulfilled when you are around other like-minded people.

  • Good friends can have a major impact on your well being since they can elevate your happiness, calm nerves, and heighten self image and worth. Some people love attaining new friends, while others prefer a small circle of existing friends. Just like your family, good friends have specific roles and responsibilities in your life’s journey. To get through this thing called life, you are going to need people you can lean on, grieve with, use as a sounding-board, and motivate you.

  • Sometimes in life, you are left all alone. As you grow older, having friends becomes even more important. Your friends may out-live parents, siblings, and spouses, so prepare for that possibility and keep in touch with them.

  • Close friends remember and help you celebrate birthdays and special occasions. They offer you emotional support even during the worst of times. Without friends, your life may seem empty or outright lonely. Fill your bucket with the good feelings that friends offer.

  • You can’t grow if you don’t learn new things! Friends share their life with you and invite you into different ideas or experiences you may not know about. They can light up the monotony of a humdrum day and on rare occasions, they may even change your life forever.

  • Research shows us again and again that having good friends add years to your life… even more so than relatives, spouses, and family. Deep connections with friends can even reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

  • Most people want to feel like they're needed. Whether your friends live next door or in another part of the world makes no difference. Their connection is fierce and can give you a strong sense of belonging and identity.

  • Having someone who considers your point of view important can have a major impact on the way you feel inside. The right friends will boost your self-esteem and give you the confidence to handle different difficult situations you find yourself in. They also value your company and opinions.

    Friends can also help calm fears and share your dreams. They understand you better than most everyone else and relate to you on a very deep level. Even when words aren’t spoken, they speak to you with positive vibrations. You feel comfortable just being with them, enjoying time shared.

    Just one more thing:

    Were you ever talking to one of your friends and felt like they just weren't hearing you? Don't do that.

    When a good friend is telling you something's important, be quiet and listen; not only with your ears, but also with an open heart. Reflect on what you say before you speak and make every word count. Keep those 'shoulds' out of the conversation and be supportive. That's your role. You can iron out the other stuff later.

    I also wanted to say that a few of my most special friends actually subscribe to my newsletter. They value my opinions and think I'm worthy. Thank you my most special friends!

    One of the reasons I wanted to write about friends this issue is of great importance to me. My little dog Ruff didn’t make it and left this earth on May 20, 2014. My entire world changed the second I lost him. Without the support of good friends, I’m not sure if I could have made it this far. I'm still missing my son desperately, but it's getting a little easier each day. One day, I'll be able to smell the roses again.

    Make sure you surround yourself with the people who give freely and truly care about your well being. They will serve you well throughout your life, many times over! XOXO

    Ruff Hunter image
    Good-bye Sweetest Boy! Momma Loves You Forever!

    I am clearing the area where Ruff is laid to rest. I am looking for contributions to help create a flower garden in the area. If you'd like to help out, here's the URL. It's going to stay up for the next week or so and then disappear forever. XOXO

    God bless! XOXO

    Note: In last months newsletter I wrote: "But even if your stuff does end up in the landfill, you know what they say; "One mans' trash is another man's treasure". Maybe someone else will appreciate the things you toss:o)"

    Since then, I've gotten a large bucket and a decent broom from our local trash dump. I am alwaYs amazed at the stuff people throw away. If you take your trash out like me, look for things you need around the house. I once got a very large box full of Stephen King hardback books that someone didn't want. The possibilities are endless!

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    Until Next Time!

    Stay Sweet and Be Beautiful!



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