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LGLWSM Newsletter 100 - Why Change is So Hard
November 18, 2016

Historically, most people are resistant to change. We tend to like things the way they are… or at least, we’ve grown accustomed to them. When the world suddenly becomes different, you rightfully feel unsafe, nervous, and somewhat lost. And that’s very unsettling.

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To demonstrate this phenomena, just think about how you feel when you go into the grocery store, only to find that they’ve changed everything around. All those isles you had memorized so perfectly are all out of sync. You look around the store in disbelief as if you've landed on an alien ship. And panic sets in.

Humans will always covet what we see every day. When those things change, it sends off a silent alarm in your brain and you become scared... and fear becomes the driver.

What most people fail to understand is that fear can actually serve as a useful tool. It helps to keep you safe when faced with potential dangers. The problem occurs when those alarm bells remain at a high intensity for an extended period of time. This allows fear to grab hold and thrusts you into a state of constant impending doom.

Relief can only be attained when you replace your feelings of fear with love and you feel contentment and a focused existence in the here and now.

Does that make sense?

People worry too much about tomorrow but it’s truly today that matters most. For too many of us tomorrow will never come. Let’s stay focused on the things that are truly most important and let the things we cannot control take care of themselves. It is said that 80 percent of the things we worry about never come into fruition. Let those percentages be your guide!

So next time you’re at the store and things are not where they previously were, change your perspective. Make the challenge work in your favor. The items you seek are still there waiting for you. You just have to look a little harder or longer to find them until you get used to their new location!

Here’s a run down of what you’ve missed if you haven't visited my site recently.

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There is one kind of antibiotic on the market (that's actually the most widely prescribed) that can negatively affect your life forever, even in small doses. The problem is that you never know if you're one of those people who can't tolerate them until it's too late.

They are called fluoroquinolones. You can recognize them pretty easily if you look at the prescription information. If you see form of the word fluoride (fluoro/fluor) listed, you'll know automatically that it's an FLQ. Names you might recognize include Avelox, Cipro, and Levaquin.

I am absolutely sure that I've taken Cipro before. Thankfully there were no issues that I know of but that doesn't mean that problems can't occur later on in my life. The truth is, we just don't know because a lot of the information has been suppressed by our friends (not) at BIG PHARMA. They will never tell you 100 percent of the truth. If they did, no one would ever take their concoctions!

*There are many safer alternative antibiotics available so don't be afraid to speak up!

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There are many foods that encourage collagen production in your skin, bones, tendons, and ligaments. As you probably already know, collagen is a protein - and acts similar to glue - helping to hold everything together. If you want tighter firmer skin the simple way, try and include a variety of foods that helps supply the necessary nutrients. Check it out here.


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Most naysayers believe that it's impossible to speed up the hair growth cycle. I've heard it again and again. Trouble is, they haven't talked to me! I know from experience that it can happen! However, you have to be patient and work at it. There is no magic pill but there are some remedies that are worth pursuing. Read more here.

Now that the election in the US is past (whew!), it's full steam ahead! I am really excited about the holidays and the new year! I recently found these salt rock lamps on Amazon and wanted to share the link with you. They are very healing and beautiful! If you're into jewelry, check out these gorgeous stone pendants my girlfriend Sallie makes. Her store is on Etsy here.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

In Peace, Light, and Love,

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