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LGLWSM Newsletter 099 - When Life Beats You Down
September 30, 2016

Remember in the last newsletter I told you I’d be contacting you all again very soon? Well sadly, life didn’t allow that to happen.

In the many weeks since I’ve written you all, I contracted an enterovirus (that I caught cleaning a cottage at the beach), which also spread into my eyes. From that, I developed a condition called acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis. Both of the whites of my eyes turned completely blood red and on top of that, I had an allergic reaction to the virus and my eyes swelled up so bad I could barely see. This went on for weeks.

hemorrhagic conjunctivitis image
This is not my eye but a close representation of what it looked like. I know it looks horrible but this is exactly what I had to live with! Needless to say, I wore shades everywhere I went.

My eye doctor (who had never seen anything like it) prescribed me two pharmaceutical eye drops but they didn’t really help much. (One of them was a fluoroquinolone which is very dangerous... so I discontinued use. Examples are Cipro and Levaquin.) The biggest improvement I noticed was when I ditched the prescription meds and started using an iodine solution that I prepared myself. (In case you ever need it, the mixture is one vertical drop Lugols iodine mixed with 2 ounces of distilled water, used throughout the day).

After my eyes finally cleared up (about 20 days), one of my cats suddenly died. After sobbing and being sad for days, I noticed that my internet kept fading in and out. I called Time Warner Cable several times over the course of the next 3 weeks but they refused to send anyone out to fix the problem. Because they couldn’t see any problems on their end, I guess they didn’t believe me. They finally did and it’s fixed now but of course, I was unable to send out a newsletter with no internet during that time!

Then all of a sudden, all the outlets in my bedroom lost power one afternoon. To add insult to injury, my computer just happens to be in my bedroom! My handyman came out and was able to get one wall working again (envision multiple extension cords all over the floor) but until he has time to come back, I’m stuck.

Life can beat you down but you have to plow forward, regardless of what the universe throws at you. We humans have little other choice. Its not what beats you down that defines you. Its how you get up, dust off, and start again.

Here’s a run down of what you’ve missed if you haven't visited my site recently. Even though I've been interrupted a few times, I always, always find time to update my site!

no codex image

Let’s talk about codex alimentarius.

Codex was established in 1963 – by president Johnson weeks after President Kennedy’s assassination. Codex’s main purpose is to regulate ALL supplements and vitamins and eventually make them only available by prescription. Germany and the UK have already seen this happen. Our neighbors can't get squat!

People tell me all the time. This can’t/won’t happen in the US. Well it most certainly can and will. That's a guarantee. The corporate complex, supported by our corrupt government, wants to control every aspect of your life, especially your health. That’s why I’m encouraging you to STOCK UP your vitamins NOW, while you still can. Vitamins D, E, and liposomal C can be kept in the freezer. Everything else will have to be stored at room temperature. Please add Lugols 5% iodine to your list. You can also find it in the health estore on my site. You can read about iodine (and how important it is) here - and find out more about codex here. The article is a long read but I highly encourage you to read every word! You need to know this stuff!

long hair image

Did you know that having long hair actually has a deep and spiritual significance? If you’re like me and can’t seem to give up your long locks, this page is a good read. You’ll learn something you’ve never known before but may have sensed.

fluoride poster image

City water is full of contaminants that are horrible for your body. Fluoride is added to most of the water in the US. It is toxic and is horrible for your body. It is also a halogen… which because of the law of displacement, it can displace iodine. The more you take in, the more harm it does. Do your health a favor and take it out of the equation. Read more here.

Now that my internet is holding steady and the problems of the summer are almost behind me, I am planning on sending out another newsletter soon! Hold onto that!

In Peace, Light, and Love,

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