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LGLWSM Newsletter 080 - 6 Symptoms Men Should Never Ignore
January 30, 2015

Most men are notorious for avoiding the doctor, unless something’s really wrong. My X was one of those guys until he tripped and sprained his ankle. It was only AFTER his foot got the size of a basketball that he agreed to let me take him to emergency. *sigh*

On average, guys are nearly 25 percent LESS likely than women to see a doctor. So it’s no surprise they’re at a much greater risk of being hospitalized for serious health threats such as congestive heart failure and the long-term complications of diabetes. I don’t really blame them though. I am a little intimidated by today’s doctor’s myself! :o)

However, ignoring something doesn’t mean its not still there. To help all the women reading this take care of the men in their lives, here’s a list of symptoms that men should never ignore.

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Six Symptoms Men Should Never Ignore!

  • Most of the time when men fall asleep, women know it, especially if they’ve had a hard days work, have had a few too many drinks, or fall asleep quickly. That’s the perfect set-up for snoring... and sometimes very loudly. This is called sleep apnea and is a disruption of air flow, which decreases the amount of oxygen getting into the body. It also puts a tremendous amount of stress on all the major organs but especially the heart. When the heart gets stressed over and over again, it increases the risk of congestive heart failure.

  • There may be a lot of inside jokes about erectile dysfuntion, but it’s really no laughing matter. Being unable to get an erection can be caused by a disruption of blood flow to the arteries of the penis - which are often the first to become clogged with plaque during the early stages of heart disease. It can also be a side effect of certain medications, so it’s very important that men talk to their doctors as soon as possible about the potential underlying reasons.

  • If your man is constantly out of breath or develops heartburn more often than not, it’s a red flag that shouldn’t be ignored. When the heart can’t get enough oxygen-enhanced blood to function properly, the result is chest pain... a warning sign for heart disease. A man’s typical reaction is to blame the pain on heartburn and pop a Rolaids.

    The good news is that there’s a big difference between the two types of pain. Angina is more a pressure sensation, like a horse sitting on the chest. On the other hand, heartburn is more of a burning sensation with sharp pain. It’s important that men understand the difference.

  • Most men are likely to put on or take off a few pounds over the years. These are normal fluctuations that are most often attributed to stress. However, when a guy experiences a dramatic drop in weight, that’s something to pay attention to.

    Unexplained weight loss can be attributed to early signs of cancer, thyroid disease, or some kind of nutritional deficiency. Losing 10 – 15 pounds in a very short time could mean that’s something’s not quite right, and is the right time to make that phone call.

  • As men grow older, the prostate gets larger, which means that men could find themselves darting to the bathroom more often. However, frequent urination is also an early sign of diabetes, as sugar builds up in the blood. An enlarged prostate is also nothing to sneeze at, as it blocks the flow of urine and makes it more difficult to empty the bladder completely. That’s why men should seek help if frequent urination becomes a big issue.

  • Most people use the bathroom and flush the toilet without further inspection, but changes in the color of the stools are note-worthy... especially very dark stools. When blood mixes with feces, it turns black, which means there’s bleeding going on somewhere between the mouth and the large intestine. This can be caused by a ruptured blood vessel, an ulcer, or cancer of the colon. Visiting a doctor should never be postponed.

    Even if you aren’t in a relationship right now, most ladies have at least one man in their life that’s important to them. It would do them well to be reminded occasionally that doctors are not mind readers either! The more information that a patient can provide, the better opportunity the doctor has of uncovering a health issue that might just be life altering!

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