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LGLWSM Newsletter Issue 013 - Summer Care for Nails
June 05, 2008

Summer Care for Nails

It's that time of year again! Getting the house cleaned up and doing outdoor gardening are back!!! I don't know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with these chores. I start out loving them, then almost hate them by the end of the summer, especially the mowing. Planting flowers and herbs or working in the house or yard can really mess up your nails if you don’t take some precautions. Your fingernails are an integral part of those chores, but you don't want to ruin them!

Your nails need just as much, if not more, attention and moisture during hot summer months. We use our hands much more during these months than we do in winter months. Although winter air is very arid, summer heat can be just as drying!

Consider the following nail care tips and your nails will never show that you have been digging in the dirt or scrubbing your kitchen floor.

1. If you’re doing a chore that requires your hands to be wet for an extended amount of time, wear cotton lined rubber gloves to protect your nails. Your fingernails swell when they get wet and shrink as they dry, which causes nails to become more brittle. The cotton in your gloves will help absorb moisture and the rubber exterior helps keep your hands and nails dry.

2. If you’re using chemicals, liquid fertilizers, or plunging your hands into moist soil, wear rubber gloves that are water resistant. For projects that involve digging or weeding, consider wearing thicker gloves made of canvas or cowhide.

3. Before you put on your gloves, apply some lotion or cream on your nails and your hands. Use products that contain oils or shea butter. Another terrific moisturizer is vitamin E oil. If you take Vitamin E everyday like I do, you know they come in gel caps. Use those for your nails by simply popping one open. They are good for your body and your nails! You won’t have the expense of purchasing an extra bottle of Vitamin E oil that you may forget to use.

5. When you file your nails, you should always file from either side to the center of your nails in long strokes. If you file your nails back and forth, it can cause splitting as it stresses your nails. When buffing your nails, always buff in one direction.

6. Never, ever, ever file the sides of your nails.

7. To promote nail strength and flexibility, eat healthy foods that contain folic acids such as whole grains, berries, kale, and citrus fruits. Invest in a bottle of Super Biotin caps too. They really reinforce nail strength. You can also drink Knox gelatin to strengthen them.

8. Drink plenty of water during the summer months. Your body and your nails need ample hydration.

9. To avoid breaking your nails, don't use them as tools for digging.

10. Use products that contain alcohol sparingly. Alcohol is drying and can make fingernails brittle.

Fingernail Polish Tips

* Start with clean nails. If you’ve got polish on them, remove it.

* If you know you’re going to polish your nails, try to use hand cream on them the night before. If you forget, use hand cream an hour or two before you polish them. This will help hydrate them which helps protect them once you’ve covered them with polish.

* Wipe nails clean with nail polish remover. This will remove any oils from your nails and help your polish last longer.

* Apply polish in three strokes. Stroke once down each side of your nail, starting close to the cuticle. Finish with a center stroke.

* Apply several thin coats of nail polish to your fingernails instead of one thick coat. This will allow your polish to dry faster and last longer.

* To avoid drying out your nails, try not to remove and reapply nail polish more than once a week.

Sexy Toenails For Summer

* Massage your feet with some moisturizing lotion the night before if possible.

* Pumice your heels to remove all the dead skin and any callouses.

* Soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes before you polish them. That helps moisturize them and makes toenails easier to cut.

* Dry your feet with a soft, clean towel. Remember to dry the skin in between your toes.

* Cut nails straight across the same length if possible. Your big toenail can be kept a little longer to better compliment the rest of your toes. Once they are completely dry, use an emery board to file them if you’ve got any roughness.

* Push cuticles back gently with an orange wood stick.

* Apply nail polish. Apply a base coat to better protect your nails. Remove extra polish from the sides of your toes if you get polish on them. Wait till nails are dry and queeze out a q-tip dipped in nail remover and use it to help remove boo boos.

* Apply a topcoat after the polish is completely dry. This protects the polish and adds sheen to them.

* To keep polish bottle’s from getting glued shut, use a cotton ball saturated in polish remover after each use.

* The professionals agree that the best place to store polish is in your refrigerator. If you store your nail polish in a warm place, it can change the consistency.

* If you don't have time to polish your nails or choose not to wear polish, rub on a buffing cream and then polish nails out with a chamois buffer. This is a very natural, appealing look.

* A pair of brightly colored sandals always look great with polished toenails!

Use these tips for healthy and beautiful nails all summer long. You might also want to consider giving yourself a hand massage from time to time. This helps boost circulation, and encourages nail growth.

Kudo's for Mowing

If you’re responsible for mowing around your house, and think that it’s a drag, here are positive thoughts to help you get the job done.

* It’s peaceful. Just you and the sound of the engine humming.

* Mowing is time alone. Nobody will bother you because nobody can talk to you.

* You can’t hear the phone ring or the kids fighting. If you have a man around your house, you should still mow the lawn. Why? Because you can ask him do the dishes and the laundry! Seems like a fair trade to me!

* It’s healthy for you to exert yourself. Mowing changes your routine. Some changes are good for you.

* Lawn mowing gets you outside on a nice day.

* Machinery is powerful. Vvvvrrrmmmm! Gives you lots of girl power!

* Lawn mowing gives you a sense of accomplishment. I always enjoy looking at my yard much more once it’s tidied up!

* Great ideas come to when you mow. You have time for reflection and you can think for once.

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Stay Sweet and Be Beautiful!


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