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LGLWSM Newsletter 073 - 8 Incredibly Strange Beauty Product Ingredients
August 01, 2014

You may not be hip to putting LIVE snails on your face but it’s already being done in many Asian countries. It’s also the hottest new ingredient in many beauty products already on the market today! And believe it or not, it really works!

Strange ingredients have always been tested for use but for most people, they sound down right disgusting. And even though women use the majority of skin care products, men are not off the hook! There’s something very strange lurking in your shaving lotion so you’ll need to check out the list below to find out what it is!

snail slime image

Strange Ingredients Found in Beauty Products

Snail Slime – The slime from snails contains a mucous-type extract, composed of proteins, glycolic acids, collagen, antibiotics, and elastin. It is being used in various skin care products, ranging from facials to creams. Snail slime helps boost skin cell regeneration, heal scars, and reduce skin discolorations.

Sheep Grease – Lanolin extracted from the fur of wool bearing animals (namely sheep), is being used in makeup removers and many lipsticks on the market. It’s the newest innovative ingredient that helps increase smoothness. Studies have shown that when it’s applied directly to the skin, the emollient action produced by sheep grease is prominent and lasts for hours!

Bird Poo – Nightingale poop, most commonly featured in the popular geisha facial, helps cleanse the skin and give it a refreshing glow. This songbirds poop differs from other bird feces but only because nightingales only have one excremental passageway called the cloaca, from which both liquids and solid wastes are eliminiated. Nightingale feces contains nitrogen-rich urea and guanine (amino acid). Urea helps attract moisture to the skin, which makes the skin soft and super hydrated.

Infant Foreskin – This product has been touted as being the ‘fountain of youth’ by Oprah Winfrey and many other celebs. Although certainly controversial, the foreskin, obtained after the circumcision of infants, regenerates new skin growth. I would suppose that it most probably works well because it contains stem cells! You can find the youthful concoction in SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum but you’ll pay a high price. Just one ounce will cost you around $300, depending on where you purchase the product.

Fish Scales – This may seem like the least strange ingredient so far, but it’s also plenty weird! Called guanine, fish scales are used in many shimmery-type products such as lip gloss, nail polish, lotion, and eyeshadow. Fish scales have reflective properties and can help add shimmer to many beauty products. It’s also been shown effective in hiding blemishes and scars!

Shark Liver Oil – Squalene, a fat found naturally in the skin, creates a skin barrier to help protect and plump. For that reason, it is commonly used in many skin care products and is commonly extracted from a shark’s liver.

Rooster Combs – The secret ingredient extracted from a rooster’s comb is hyaluronic acid, which is found in every cell of the body and is a super hydrater. You can find out more about it here. HA was originally derived from rooster combs, however today, it’s commonly created in a lab using plant sources instead.

Mutton Fat - Tallow, a form of saturated fat from a lamb, has soothing and hydrating properties that make it an ideal ingredient for many beauty products!

Mink and Emu Oil – Used in shaving creams, sunscreens, and hairsprays, both oils help create a silky barrier after using the product that contains it. The oil is obtained by scraping fat from the hide of the mink or emu bird.

Of course, these products may or may not be listed in the ingredients list in terms that you are able to understand. You may have to do a little digging to find out if any of the products you're presently using contain them! But don't sweat the small stuff too much! At least these are natural ingredients, which beats the heck our of using dangerous chemicals, especially on your skin!

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