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LGLWSM Newsletter 064 - How to Stay Positive During Tough Times
December 21, 2012

Since our last newsletter, a lot has happened, which is a gross understatement by the way!

There have been some really traumatic events over the last couple of months. for me, it's become increasingly harder to concentrate on my work and be creative!

However, if you are receiving this newsletter, it means that the world didn’t end! Thank goodness for that one huh? Besides the end of the world, this mess with the fiscal cliff in the US has also got many of us frustrated beyond belief at our lawmakers. They are holding us hostage once again!

Add to that the murders of the Kindergarten children at Sandy Hook Elementary School, financial woes at home, not enough money to pay the ever increasing bills, and numerous other stressors, its enough to make you want to crawl into a hole and hide!

As my dear grandmother would say: 'the whole world’s gone to hell in a hen basket.' In simpler terms, it means that everything has gone crazy!

If you are also feeling overwhelmed, and can’t seem to find the light of day, here are some tips to help create a more positive outlook and get rid of the negative! Print them out and post them around your house if you need to! (I most certainly will!)

How to Stay Positive During Tough Times

  • What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. Why does life have to throw curve balls at us all the time? You'd think we'd get a break every now and then wouldn't you? Here’s the real key though. No one ever promised you that things would be easy. Don’t let the challenges that face you, define you. Rise to the occasion and get whatever needs doing done. The sooner you deal with problems, the sooner they’ll be solved.

  • Live each day as if it’s your last. Cherish the time you do have and make things as good as they can be. (This may sound easy but it’s actually harder than you might think, at least for most of us.)

  • Be more thankful of the friendships and family you have in life. Surround yourself with people who care deeply for you and admire you. Run fast from negative people (you know who they are!) who suck the life right out of you. Never let anyone steal your energy. Be greedy and keep it all for yourself!

  • Breathe deeply. Breathe in good thoughts and light, breathe out the bad thoughts and darkness.

  • Laugh more often. Create temporary moments of happiness throughout the day. Literally, laugh out loud. Really!

  • Cry less often. There are far few things better than having a good cry, but crying for days at a time, will only lower your immunity and leave you more susceptible to germs and infection. Let go and let God.

  • Create peace; if only for moments throughout your day. Become immersed in something that distracts you from your problems. Tune out the world by watching a movie, meditating, taking a long hot shower, or simply petting your kitty or doggy.

  • Keep your faith. Throughout your life, your faith will be tested. If you remain strong, your faith will carry you through even the toughest of times. I had a major stessor two weeks ago and have been emotionally in dire straits. Then suddenly yesterday, without warning, the sun came out from behind the clouds and things turned around. The faith I had lost had been restored.

    Then last night, I happened upon the movie 'A Walk to Remember'. I couldn’t believe I’d never seen this movie before, although I’d heard of it many times. (If you haven’t seen this movie, please do!) I don't think it was a coincidence that I happened to find it. It served as a timely reminder to keep my faith strong!

  • Set expectations of others low. That way, they’ll rarely disappoint you. If someone promises they’ll help you, be wary. Do what you can for yourself and you’ll never fall into the resentment trap.

  • Never let anyone take away your personal power. You have as much power as any person. Learn to use it.

  • If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask! Don’t let your pride get in your way. For all the bad things going on around us, there are a lot of good people in this world that can and will help. However, if no one knows you need help, it’s awfully hard for them to help you. Don’t expect people to read your mind.

  • Never should people. When my massage therapy teacher used to say this to our class, I thought she was saying 'never sh_t on people'. LOL In other words, don’t say 'should' when you're conversing with others. Simply take it out of your vocabulary! How do you know what other people should or shouldn't do or want? This is called transference and will not (in most cases) create a positive reaction from others!

    Instead of saying 'You should be more responsible', say something like 'If you were more responsible, I bet a lot of good things would happen'! (or something of that nature.) It puts a positive spin on things! Think of ways to rephrase your statements before they come out of your mouth. Never should people and they will be less likely to should you too.

  • Be happy inside when you wake up and be happy inside when you go to sleep. A happy beginning and ending will create a happier middle.

  • Focus on the present and the future. The past can’t hurt you anymore so let bad memories go! When you do look back, try and focus on the good memories that make you smile.

    This short poem was submitted to my site by my friend Debbie in California. My 'inspirational poetry' page was HOT at one time! (Not so much anymore.) However, my friend Debbie still keeps adding her poems although I only allow one submission per visitor. (I think partly, she does it to inspire me but I can't be sure.) In any event, I thought it appropriate to share Debbie's good thoughts! I hope she doesn't mind:o)

    Be Optimistic

    Be optimistic in your life,
    Believe that things will go your way,
    And if you need a little help,
    Take some time and pray.

    You need to have positive thoughts,
    The negative needs to leave,
    And if you think long enough,
    You truly will believe.

    So you did think good thoughts,
    And being optimistic made things right,
    And it was all because,
    You saw the light.

    by Debbie of California

    Merry Christmas to You!

    Christmas Lights image

    See you next year!

    Until Next Time!

    Stay Sweet and Be Beautiful!


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