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LGLWSM Newsletter 103 - Spring is In the Air!
April 21, 2017

Spring is in the air... so where have all the butterflies gone? I’ve seen a few but every year there seem to be fewer and fewer. I love to see them fluttering from flower to flower in my yard. They are so graceful - and add to the beauty around us!

Last year, I read that the burning off fall leaves can destroy the butterfly crystallis so I raked my leaves in a big pile and left them – hoping that change would make a difference. So far, I haven’t noticed one.

monarch butterfly image

So what’s happened to all the butterflies?

For years, experts have linked the decline of monarch butterflies to illegal logging in Mexico's Oyamel fir forests, where the insects travel every winter.

Experts point to American farmland, which is increasingly planted with GMO soybean and corn - engineered to withstand herbicide applications. These toxic herbicides are wiping out milkweed, the only plant on which monarch caterpillars feed, in critical breeding grounds.

But even without humans altering their habitats, the number of butterflies fluctuate from year to year based on variables like weather and disease. Severe storms can wreak havoc with the fragile insects, while drought may leave them too weak to finish their 2,500-mile migration.

There is no doubt that monarchs are facing a real challenge in today’s changing times. Instead of the earth getting healthier, (which we would all prefer), it’s getting worse. Do not look to the government to make the necessary changes. It is clear corporations dictate what happens. The fate of monarchs lies with each one of us. There are many things you can do to help.

How Can You Help?

Ramon Gonzalez from the Mother Nature Network suggests:

Start by planting milkweeds if you live along the monarch migration path. You can get free milkweed seeds here.

There are many flowers that make good nectar sources for butterflies as well. Find out more here.

Create a mud puddle to provide male butterflies with the minerals they need to reproduce. Butterfly Pavilion recommends home gardeners sink a pan into the ground that is filled with equal parts sand and composted manure. If kept moist throughout the growing season, the puddle may become a gathering place for butterflies.

Before placing your fruit scraps into the compost bin, toss the chunks of rotting fruit a mesh bag and hang them up in your yard (in a tree) for the butterflies.

While there may be little we can do to change the habits of BIG CORPA, we can fight back to save the butterflies using some simple techniques. Making a mud puddle is an easy idea and I’m game. Who’s with me?

lifeless hair image

Most women use a host of different products on their hair daily – that can leave traces of the product behind. When these traces mount up, your hair can start misbehaving. The trick is to remove that build up from time to time, which will help keep your hair more controllable.

Simple basic household items such as apple cider vinegar and baking soda are great at removing that unwanted debris. Find out how to use them on this page.

chemtrails in sky image

Do you feel unusually tired and rundown after simple activities? Do you often get headaches that seem to appear out of nowhere or frequent upper respiratory infections? There may be a reason for that called microplasma and it can make you very sick. Since microplasma has no nucleus, it can enter the bloodstream and settle into the organs – and suppress immunity. To find out more about chemtrail syndrome and how it could be making you sick, click here.

happy feet image

If you're ready to kick off those shoes and get out your sandals, you will need to slough off the old (including nail polish) and enjoy a relaxing foot facial... Get the recipe by clicking here.

*There is not much new to report with the ongoing situation that I’m in with my home. The bank keeps asking me for more information - sigh. I’m doing the best that I can.

I feel so bad about not getting to wish you all a Happy Easter before the holiday (I hope yours was wonderful) but I’ve been overwhelmed with stress and on top of that, I had a back injury last month that kept me in bed for weeks. Thankfully, I am on the way to recovery but full recovery could take months. This was not a typical fall that I took. I landed hard and that jolted every joint and vertebrae in my back. I am just thankful that nothing was broken - although I do think I blew a disc.

If you need help from an injury to your back as I did, you might want to check out these tips. I’ve updated the page to be very specific about the correct steps to take – which will help ensure that you’re on the way to recovery faster.

In Peace, Light, and Love,

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