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LGLWSM Newsletter 066 - Shaping Up for Spring!
March 01, 2013

Spring is in the air and right around the corner now! The birds are all eating less and the flowers are starting to bloom! These are all positive signs that the weather is about to break! Thank goodness right?

However, its also (almost) time to get out your summer clothes and put away your winter stuff. If you’ve packed on some weight over the last couple of months, you may need to shed a few pounds if you want to look great in the coming months!

Here are some tips to motivate you into great shape for the spring!

Shaping Up for Spring

  • To make things easier on you, spring is a great time to elminate processed foods you may have lurking in your kitchen cabinets, frig, or freezer. They are full of chemicals and preservatives your body can’t use anyway.

    Instead, stock up on fresh foods that are packed in live enzymes and macronutrients. Go to your local farmer’s market or local grocery store to buy your produce. Use the internet to find new recipes that breathe new life into your favorite veggies or fruits. Invest in a juicer and start juicing your way to health. LIVE nutritious foods give you and your cells energy. Processed foods drain your energy reserves and pack on pounds.

  • If the idea of exercise turns you off, don’t do it! Instead, think about doing more activities you enjoy. Working in the yard, throwing the frisbee with your children, or taking daily walks all help get you motivated! Try and commit to at least 15 minutes a day when you can get outside and breathe fresh air! Moving more will help energize your body, mind, and spirit!

  • Take more antioxidants! If you’ve slacked off from taking your vitamins, spring is the perfect time to start taking them again. Your cells, tissues, muscles, and organs need extra nutrients when you start participating in more rigorous activities. Vitamin D is especially beneficial all year long but you’ll need to supplement to get enough to keep you healthy and disease free. Fortified foods are not considered a good source because they’re processed foods and full of GMO’s and high fructose corn syrup.

  • If you’ve gotten used to staying up late, you’ll need to start getting to bed earlier to reprogram your body’s natural rhythms. Set your schedule to include more sleep, which helps rejuvenate your body. Sleep deprivation can cause your body to accumulate fat and slows down your metabolism. You’re also more tempted to have a midnight snack if you’re awake! For that reason, get to bed earlier and get up earlier to get back in shape for spring!

    Before electricity was invented, folks used to get to bed shortly after sunset! That was so they’d be able to arise with the sun to be more productive during daylight hours. Some people even think that this schedule is engrained in our genetics. Remember: early to bed, early to rise, keeps a person happy, wealthy, and wise! The early bird also catches the worm!

  • Getting in shape means toning your muscles but your muscles cannot respond properly to exercise if you’re protein intake is low. Women especially, don’t get enough protein in their diet! Eggs are a whole, complete protein-packed food and an easy way to get more protein. (They’re also pretty cheap and convenient if you boil them!) Other good substitutes are protein bars or whey protein shakes. Protein packed quinoa is a quick and easy whole grain that’s especially appropriate for vegetarians.

  • Think about water as your lifeline. The more you drink, the more weight is bound to come off. Drinking more water makes you feel better and reduces hunger pangs. More than half of the time when you think you're hungry, you’re actually just thirsty instead!

  • You’ll get more bang out of exercise if you use interval training. It’s discussed in full in one of my older newsletters but if you need a refresher course, just follow these guidelines:

    Interval training involves alternating 30 seconds of intense work with 60 seconds of reduced work. For the fastest and most rewarding results, repeat the sequence 8-10 times. Interval training is extremely versatile and works great for any kind of exercise. Use it when you ride your bike, walk on the treadmill, or swim laps! There really aren’t many exercises you can’t use for interval training so be sure to mix it up to make working out more fun!

  • If you’ve gained some serious weight over the winter, you’re going to need to keep track of what you eat. If you don’t have time for a hand-written journal, there are apps you can use with your cell phone or tablet. Free Calorie Counter has a free app for just about every type of phone out there. (However, there are a lot of other ones so check them out if you think you'll use one!)

    Not keeping track of what you consume daily is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. You have to keep track of what you consume in order to slim down. That’s a fact!

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    Until Next Time!

    Stay Sweet and Be Beautiful!



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