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LGLWSM Newsletter 104 - Protecting your Heart
June 30, 2017

It is critical that you keep protecting your heart as you grow older. I’ve learned this lesson far too many times the hard way. Humans can’t control the death of a loved one but we can control the people we allow into our lives.

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I recently cut ties with a 35 year friend. It hurt a lot but it was WAY past due. She refused to tell me the truth and kept disappointing me. I’d finally reached the point where our relationship was affecting too many parts of my life in a negative way so I put an end to it.

I will always love her but I didn’t love the way she treated me. She told everyone else that we were BFF’s but things had gotten to the point where she was abusing that friendship too often. She sure didn’t act like she treasured me anymore... even though I treasured her. It became a very lopsided relationship and I grew weary from having to maintain it all by myself.

If you have people in your own life that aren’t living up to what they portray themselves to be, it’s better for you to let go. It’s a matter of survival in many ways. Once you let go, you are able to move on and foster new friendships!

Here are some guidelines from the Personal Excellence site to know if it’s time:

1. When the friendship is causing you more anguish than joy.

2. When he/she is putting in little to no effort in the relationship.

3. When the same situation/issue keeps recurring even though you tried addressing it.

4. When your fundamental values and beliefs are different.

5. When the friendship is preventing either of you from growing as individuals.

Of course, there are other ways you can protect your heart. Your nutrition is key, along with taking vitamin D every day. The vitamin D counsil explains why:

  • A Harvard study found that people with low vitamin D levels had twice the risk of developing a heart attack compared to those with adequate vitamin D levels.

  • A study in a Utah healthcare system found that people with lower vitamin D levels were more likely to have Congestive Heart Disease.

    Your body is the temple for your organs. Your organs are vital to your life. Your life is precious. Your heart is the only organ that’s both emotional and physical. That’s exactly why it’s especially important to keep a check on its health and take good care of it.

    Here are the latest posts on my site I hope are of interest to you...

    french manicure image

    If you have brittle nails that always seem to break and chip, there’s a lot you can do to strengthen them. When I posted this page, I had forgotten all about using Knox gelatin in the 70’s – but then I remembered it. We used to buy it regularly as teenagers and it worked really too! There are some other ways to attain better nails as well. Read more on this page.

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    The nutritional value of conventional produce today is alarming. Most produce has lot around 50% of the nutrients they had just a few decades ago. Most don’t even meet the RDA for fruits and vegetables – which is further bad news because they were set far too low to begin with.

    The agricultural industry – along with the USDA - are far more concerned with growth rates, pesticide resistance, and size of said produce than nutrients. And of course, GMOS contribute to all of these things!

    Topsoil rates are decreasing at such a rapid level that there are only an estimated 48 years left of topsoil in the US. Keep reading here.

    chemotherapy image

    Did you know that chemotherapy is actually mustard gas? And to think they use this stuff on purpose is beyond my comprehension. The fact is however, that chemotherapy is BIG BUSINESS in the US and brought in an estimated 200 Billion dollars last year. The problem is it does not address the cause of cancer and destroys all cellular function in its path. That’s exactly why it fails time and time again… If you are considering chemo, please read this page first.

    On a personal note, I finally secured a loan from my bank for my house. It was the most worrisome 8 months of my life that I can remember. Thanks for all of the personal notes from those that sent them! They helped me get through this time beyond measure! Things are looking up!

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    Happy 4th of July to those who live in the US!

    In Peace, Light, and Love,

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