There have been so many natural disasters already this year. 2011 will go on record as being one of the worst years for floods, tsunami’s, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

There’s a big difference between knowing one’s coming and being able to make preparations and not knowing they’re coming at all. The best way to handle natural disasters is to always be aware of the weather around you and preparing for possible threats.

The simple fact is that some weather is unpredictable, no matter how much the meteorologist’s try to figure it out. But you can plan on the possibility that one might happen. Having some extra food and water on hand are just the first steps you’ll need to make. If your house gets ripped apart by a tornado, it won’t do you much good but it’ll at least make you feel like you’ve done something!

Most everyone by now has heard about Hurricane Irene, and the devastation she left behind. However, many of you don’t know that I live in Carteret county NC, which was ground zero for the huge storm.

This is where I live in Newport, NC.

newport nc image

This is the doppler image of hurricane Irene as she made landfall.


In my time of living on the coast, I’ve been through many tropical storms and hurricanes. The simple fact is that you never get used to it. I lost a few trees but overall, we live in a well protected area in the middle of the Croatan Forest. Trees can either be your friend or your enemy during a storm. In my case, they created a natural barrier which helped block a lot of the wind that could have blown my home to bits.

What many folks don’t understand is that natural disasters help in many ways! They can create new jobs in the aftermath, restructure land, renew life, and help people better plan where they build their homes. As long as man continues to build structures close to natural waterways and oceans, there will be more fatalities and devastation.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned from going through hurricanes over the last 20 years.

Natural Disaster Survival Tips

  • You can prepare but you can’t always predict.

  • You can live without electricity for a few days if you plan well and use your imagination. For example, during the height of the storm on the second day without power, my son Lars and I took showers in the ‘waterfalls of water’ that were coming down from our gutters. Our gutters simply could not keep up with the amount of rain we were receiving so I took advantage of it!

  • Buy plenty of ice if you think you might be without power for a few days! Keep items you’ll use in a large cooler and do not open the refrigerator or freezer for anything!

  • Before a storm, turn your refrigerator and freezer to the highest setting. This will help preserve your food longer.

  • Don’t go out and buy an overabundance of foods that will spoil if you don’t have power! That’s just stupid.

  • Your grill can be a perfect asset for cooking. You can grill just about any kind of food, even fresh fruits!

  • Invest in a generator and make sure it’s working. Also be sure you have plenty of gasoline to run it. I have a generator but couldn’t get it started. I could kick myself for not planning better!

  • Keep plenty of flashlights and candles around. Make sure you also have batteries to run things!

  • A battery powered radio is essential so you can be aware of what’s going on in the outside world!

  • Do not leave your house during a storm. Find a safe place in your house and stay put! Many people think it’s OK to drive around during a severe storm. This is the worst thing you can do! In strong winds, ordinary objects become projectiles and can kill you!

  • If you live in a flood prone or low lying area, leave your home and find a shelter!

  • Use common sense when making decisions.

  • Find out all you can about where you live and if it’s prone to disasters. Look at the 100-year studies that have been done on the area. Are you living in a safe place? This is key! Also, being familiar with surrounding bodies of water and knowing your elevation are essential to your survival.

  • Know what plants in the wild you can eat if it comes to it. The tips (or new growth) of catbriar leaves (also called Smilax rotundifolia) and dandelion leaves are perfectly safe to eat once they're rinsed. Boil water for a few days after a storm if you’re unsure if its safe to drink.

  • Going through natural disasters takes it’s toll on you mentally and physically. Don’t expect to instantly bounce back once the storm has passed. It just doesn’t happen. You can lack focus, feel lethargic, and even have flu like symptoms, which I’m going through right now. You can only do what your body and mind will allow you to do. Everything else will have to wait. Be sure to keep taking your antioxidants to help you stay healthy during stressful times.

  • If you need help, ask for it and accept what’s offered. Let me share a short story about a man who died because he didn’t accept the help that was offered. (Its not verbatim but close:o)

    There was a big flood coming to a small town. A very devout religious man lived in a neighborhood, near to the flood area. The county sent out Firemen to warn people that they should leave their homes. They went to the man’s house and warned him to leave but he said, “No, God will save me.”

    The waters started rising and a boat came by the man’s house. They asked him to jump on board to save his life but the man said again, “No, God will save me.”

    The water’s continued to rise so the man got on the roof of his house. A helicopter came by and told the man to jump onto the ladder. The man said “No, God will save me!” Then the water overtook his home and the man drowned.

    When the man got to heaven, he was confused and a bit angry. He said “God, why didn’t you save me”, in which God replied “I sent you a warning, a boat, and a helicopter! There was not much else I could do!

    As with everything in life, balance is absolutely necessary. Know your limitations and strengths. You can get through the worst of times by concentrating on the future. Things will get better in time. The 'ups and downs' of life happen for all of us.

    Here are a few more pictures from my house. The first image is the rain coming down sideways. It really was coming down in sheets!

    Irene's rainfall image

    The second picture is after Irene had passed. I had the first bloom on my passion flower... and a creation of new life! Mother nature at her finest!

    passion flower bloom image

    I know this newsletter isn’t the normal thing I do, but my son and I are still trying to recover from the tremendous amounts of stress that the storm created. Irene is still on my mind and it helped me to write about it. Hope you don’t mind!

    I also made several typos in my last newsletter (yet again). My son wouldn't stop interrupting me while I was working. This month, although stressed out even more, I made sure all was correct. If I made a mistake, I'll be a monkey's uncle! Forgive me, I'm just human!

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    Blessings to all!

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