Update on Your Marinade Recipe

Forgive the intrusion into your day! I hated to bother you <>, but I wanted you to know some important information regarding your free gift.

I am not quite sure what happened yet, but will figure it out sometime in the near future. For some reason, when James' Amazing 10 Minute Marinade file was converted into a .pdf document, one of the bullets from the recipe list got removed. I didn't catch it because I was so busy looking for typo's and grammar mistakes.

I've redone the ebook, included the removed information on the bullet list, and also added that information into the recipe list. It is ready on the same page that you went to before.

I would suggest that you just delete the copy you have if you'll already grabbed it, (and I hope you have!), and get the new copy. It's located in the same place for your convenience. Just delete the other file and add the new file to your documents.

The link is:

Get Gift

(If your email is not html friendly, just copy and paste this URL into your browser.)


This is a password protected page! You'll need the password. Please copy and paste this link exactly. Lower case only please.

Password: getgift

I wanted everything to be perfect when you got this, but we all know that stuff happens all the time that prevents perfection. (It would be a boring world if everything went right all the time, but somehow boring sounds good right now:o)

I made the video that I promised to go along with the marinade however it got really dark outside when I was filming it and I'm not sure yet if I can use it. (A big storm was moving in from the west...) Believe me, I'm trying hard. I may go ahead and use it until I can get a better copy just so you'll have some visual to use. (Might be better than none at all?) I'm not sure what to do exactly except for to keep on breathing and staying positive!

I'll send an email out to you and let you know when the video is available. I will add it to the same page.

Stay Sweet and Be Beautiful!


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