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LGLWSM Newsletter 085 - Letting Go
October 30, 2015

This entire summer was one thing right after another. I don't know about you, but once I get too overwhelmed, I tend to just shut down... mentally and emotionally. I really need a vacation!


To start with, my garden was just a disaster this year. My tomato plants bombed (for the first time in my life) and nothing else did well either. My squash and cucumber plants flowered plenty but then never produced anything at all... A result from lack of rain and little time to water by hand since I had also picked up a couple of side jobs that were taking too much of my time. Although the money was decent, I didn’t get to enjoy the fruits of my labor - laying out the garden, amending the soil, clearing the weeds, planting the seeds, etc.

Fast forward to the end of the summer when the rain finally arrived. For almost 3 weeks solid, we got torrential downfalls. The weather was gloomy and dismal for days... the sun was no where to be found. Needless to say, that my beautiful yard became one big mess. Then the real rain showed up and deluged our area with 20+ inches more of rain in less than 3 days.

During that time, my only female cat vanished into thin air. My son Lars let her out after her dinner one evening, (as he’s done everyday for the last 13 years) and within three hours, she was nowhere to be found. It was the very same way I lost my George cat five years ago. Ironic because Kitten Litten was George’s mother. She was the only link to him that I had left. Since I live in the middle of a forest, I can only surmise that a predator came into our yard and 'took her out'. That's even more heartbreaking. She never left home anymore and always stayed nearby. Even though my friends told me not to lose hope, mom’s just know when their loved ones are 'gone'.

kitten litten and mr doodle image
Kitten Litten and Mr. Doodle

Within a few days, one of my oldest cats Snagglepus started going downhill fast. When your pets stop eating, it’s not a good sign. He passed away peacefully in his sleep a few days later. He is buried beside his bed friend Ruff. Losing two cats in less than one week has been more than my heart can bear... so I had to take a break.

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Well, you know what? I’m sick to death of being so strong. I need to be weak from time to time, which brings me around to the present. I realize that my newsletters have suffered this summer and want to make that up to you!

I’ve thought about it a lot and have realized that I was stretching myself WAY too thin. I am only one person and am responsible for many, many things you never see. Working behind the scenes is not glamorous, but there are updates and other site responsibilities that I must take care of. I also have to care for my disabled son. Believe me, he takes up a lot of my time.

That’s why going forward, my newsletters will be changing. I will of course, be giving you the health and beauty information you’ve been promised, but my newsletters will be more about my recent site posts. Each page I post on my site is important and I feel like they fall by the wayside when they’re stuck at the very bottom of my newsletter. I don’t post anything I don’t think is important!

So, I am letting go of the past (as best I can) and moving ahead in a way that makes the best sense for me. I appreciate you all, more than words can say. I want to keep you updated – times are quickly changing!

That said, I am closing for now but will be back very soon, sharing what I’ve learned. I am starting from the ground up but hope to be building an even better relationship with you all.

Peace, light, and love,

Halloween Cat image

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Until Next Time!

Stay Sweet and Be Beautiful!



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