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LGLWSM Newsletter 109 - Make Your Own Herbal Skin Oil
May 05, 2018

Making your own herbal skin oil is so easy to do. I have several bottles I’ve made over the years that I can add to when they’re getting low. They also make a great gift for friends. Oils are especially good to use during the warmer months when the oils won’t transfer to long clothes. For that reason, lotions are best during the winter.

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Here’s what to do.

How to Make Your Own Herbal Skin Oil

First, you must have one or two dark colored empty bottles you can use - depending on how much you intend making. Most cold pressed oils are sold in dark bottles.

Next you’ll need a “carrier oil” to add herbs and essential oils to. I use organic sunflower oil cause it's so light and has next to zero aroma. Olive oil is too thick so you’ll need something lighter. Grapeseed oil is also a great “light” oil as well.

All you need now is few good handfuls of fresh herbs from your patio, yard, or garden. If they're flowering, that's even better! The flowers are also very aromatic! They must be dried out first however. (It only takes a couple of weeks if you roll them up inside newspaper or inside pages of magazines. )

When the herbs are completely dry, snap off the big stems and start shoving the herbs into the bottle - small stems should be included. Most people don't realize that the stems hold a lot of the fragrance too! Now fill the bottle with the carrier oil and some drops of your favorite essential oil(s). Since this is “your own blend”, use however much you want. Now, the waiting game begins.

I waited an entire year for the first batch I made and it has the strongest "flavors". However, you don’t have to wait that long if you don’t want to. Keep opening the bottle and testing it. You will know when you’ve achieved success! There are so many healing qualities to this skin oil!

What type of herbs should you use?

I used lavender, oregano, patchouli, and rosemary in the batches I’ve made but practically any herb (that smells good to you) is fine to use. Over time, you can keep adding more essential oils – and herbs - if there’s still room in the bottle for them.

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The only thing I’d ever heard about activated charcoal was that it can be used as a ‘universal antidote’ for the majority of poisons (chemical, food, or drug) because it prevents absorption and enhances elimination of said substances. However, after giving it a closer look, I quickly realized it can also be used as to brighten your teeth and your skin! Check out how here.

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The majority of people (especially in the United States) are still consuming a great amount of processed foods, even though research has shown their ill effects time and time again. The hard core facts are that it’s sheer junk in your trunk! Not only do they deplete the immune system and cause other health problems, they pack on the pounds very quickly. The only thing BIG FOOD cares about is their bottom line. Find out how these fake foods destroy your waistline on this page.

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Consumerism debt is a trap that vast commercialism has caused in a huge way. People are fooled into purchasing newer, better, more improved products by advertising ploys that suck you and your dollars in. Consumers have been tricked by advertising that entices! Just like my own parents, the older I get, the less I buy. Learn how to avoid the traps.

The more I learn about man made EMF exposure and its ill effects on human health and the environment, the angrier I get. The more wireless devices you have, the greater the risk. It also benefits you to be keenly aware of your environment! Where you live, matters more now than ever before. To find out how EMF’s are plaguing humans, animals, and the environment, click here.

Gadzooks! I thought converting my site to https would be easy. Um, no. Boy I have a lot of prep to do! But I persevere. What other choice do I have?

Happy Mothers Day on the 13th to all the moms out there!

In Peace, Light, and Love,

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