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LGLWSM Newsletter 074 - The Healing Power of Gemstones
September 05, 2014

Did you ever pick up a stone by a river or a pebble on the beach? Did you feel the coolness of the stone and like the way it felt in your grasp? Did you feel the sands of time and vibrations of energy within your hand? If you answered yes, you already have a sense of how magical stones can be!

Many types of stones have been used since before recorded history for many types of healing. (spiritual, emotional, and physical). Alternative healers all around the world, still use stones in their healing practices today. To find out which stones will benefit your situation, you must do some research to find out about the different properties they represent! Many people believe for example, that crystals are the ultimate healers but some gemstones are also touted for some of the very same reasons.

All beings and all material goods are simply energies that emerge from the creation of patterns and densities; as are all thoughts and feelings… Even though humans may seem very different and diverse, all functions of the body are the same. Our hearts beat and lungs breathe because of the balance that’s created by specific patterns.

When everything works together in a harmonious way, you experience good health. However, when those patterns are interrupted or disrupted, harmony is thrown off balance and poor health is the result. Correcting the distortion is what healing is all about and healing in a natural way is always the best option.

Human beings are a complex masterpiece of nature’s organization and balance. Gemstones are also living creatures capable of resonating with inconsistencies in vibrations. Mother Nature is full of untapped energy that helps create intricate patterns of balance and harmony on earth. And gemstones are part of that natural wonder. Sometimes recovery from sickness takes place when we let go of old useless ideas and views that are inorganic in nature. When you learn to respect Mother Nature’s way of doing things, you surrender to all her wisdom.

You see, nature repeats itself over and over again. Once a pattern is established that works, nature builds on that. Each stone resonates with a slightly different pattern. If you hold Rose Quartz over your heart for example, the stone’s patterns align with your heart to help break up any unresolved issues, which allows the heart to let go of them. Do this enough, and you may experience imagery from past experiences that are holding you back. Stones help align integrity.

Gemstones radiate pure patterns with unmatched consistency. Gemstones vibrate unique structures, wavelengths, and frequencies and can energize human beings back into harmony and peace.

These are some of the best gemstones to own. Once you surrender to their power, you’ll understand more about the wonders of this intricate and complex planet called earth.

fluorite image

The Healing Power of Gemstones

  • Rose Quartz has a gentle and pure energy. It is a well-known healer of heart ailmants as well as emotional heartbreaks. Rose quartz is a unique gift to give to someone who desires to learn self-love.

  • Jade is a soothing stone that helps teach acceptance. It is also a calming stone that can help you be less critical of others as well as yourself.

  • Fluorite comes in a wide variety of colors and dimensions. It helps absorb and dispel negative energies and protects against picking them up from those around you. The stone needs to be cleansed or re-energized at least once a week if you’re using it for protection.

    hematite image

  • Hematite is a grounding stone. If you’ve ever hugged a tree, you already understand how it feels. This gemstone will help bring you back to center and help you deal with unpleasant tasks or events.

  • Amethyst is a highly spiritual healing stone. It is associated with The Christ Consciousness and the Violet Flame of Transmutation. Amethyst helps one tune into a higher awareness.

  • Turquoise is a teaching stone that can be used to learn spiritual lessons through meditation or visions. Personally, this has always been my favorite stone and I believe it’s helped me love teaching others. I have a very large turquoise necklace I bought many years ago. When I wear it, my entire body warms up and I feel very safe and secure.

    kyanite image

  • Kyanite is well known for its balancing properties that align the chakras. It is best worn near the throat chakra to help open communications with your guides and angels. There is no need to cleanse this stone, as it clears itself automatically of negative energies.

  • Lapis is said to be an Egyptian energy stone that helps unblock mental confusion. If you’re suffering from emotional trauma, this stone can help get through to the root of the issue and create emotional balance.

  • Citrine is a unique and cheerful yellow stone that helps to manifest goals. It also attracts abundance and personal power. I sure could use some of these stones around me, that’s for sure!

    snowflake obsidian image

  • Obsidian is a naturally occurring type of volcanic glass. It was highly valued in Stone Age cultures because it could be fractured to produce arrowheads. Since it forms when hot lava meets cool water, it encompasses the most potent energies of three elements together: fire, earth and water. It can be used for grounding and protection. It may help you let go of negative habits or harmful pathways that no longer serve the present condition. It can also bring about change, serenity, and clarity.

    Of course, there are many other healing stones in nature. The stones above were recommended as a good starting place. Since I was a little girl, I have always had an attraction to stones of all sorts. Because I allowed life to get in the way, I laid them aside and forgot how powerful they can actually be! I want to thank my good friend for helping to bring them back into my life! As I have grown older, I realize that the shiny objects of nature are much more desirable than the flighting objects of man.

    Find out more about how crystals and gemstones can cure here.

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