Happy New Year 2009!

Are you hoping for a better year this year? Many people had a rough year last year, and are looking for a rebound in the economy to get them through! We are all strapped in a maze of bad news!

The New Year brings new hope and promise to us all! I can almost feel the change in the air. I'm convinced that 2009 will be a year of change for us all! (Hopefully it will be a change for the better!) Economists are not looking for a quick fix, but by the 4th quarter, things should be better! If we can only hold out a little longer!

I thought about you all during the Christmas holidays! I am sorry I wasn't around to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. This year, Christmas was bittersweet for us! We lost two very dear friends this Christmas and I was having a hard time functioning. My heart was very heavy and sad. It's hard to lose people you love during what's supposed to be such a jovial and jolly time. The irony is that I had just posted a page about depression. I had to go back and reread what I'd just posted to help me get through it.

2008 was an earmark year for me! I finally found a way to beat my chronic constipation forever using probiotics. They saved my lifelong struggle with constipation. If you too have problems with 'elimination', try them. They really do work and work well, not only for constipation, but diarrhea too!

I bring this subject up because during the holidays people (including moi!) tend to eat a lot of fattening and sugary foods. You can put on even more weight if you are not getting rid of waste normally!

My next issue (and first for the new year) is due in a week. I am very excited to tell you that the subject matter will be weight loss! In the coming months, fitness will be another key subject. Remember, if you have a newsletter suggestion, just follow the link below to submit them!

In the meantime, Lars and I want to extend our well wishes for you in 2009! I am looking forward to it, and hope you are too!

Until Next Time!

Stay Sweet and Be Beautiful!


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* I am looking for folks to fill out their favorite holiday comfort foods. Won't you tell me about yours? (Pretty please?) I'm trying to get some good participation going here! Thanks in advance!

* Be sure to tune into my homepage for more before and after Christmas suggestions. I'm spending lots of time looking for the best deals to save you money! No one's going to be spending a lot this Christmas but you've got someone whose searching online for great ideas at bargain prices, so you can give a few items. It's like having your own personal shopper!

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