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LGLWSM Newsletter 098 - Fat Soluble Vitamins MUST Be Monitored!
August 06, 2016

So last month (I thought) I was having a friendly discussion with a mutual acquaintance on Facebook. This lady told me she’d had pneumonia for several months and couldn’t shake it. So I asked her if she was taking vitamin D.

fatty dairy products image
Fatty Dairy Products

She went on and on about vitamins in general and seemed to know a lot initially – all well and good – until she told me she’d been taking sublinqual vitamin d - bragged about how superior it was compared to gel caps – but said because she’d been taking it too loosely, her levels had gotten too high. She had to stop taking it. So I asked her what her ng/mL levels were, which to me is a reasonable question. (Any Vitamin D test will show these results.)

In the messages that followed, all I kept getting was a brick wall. Then she got defensive and accused me of ‘hounding her’, then told me I was ‘irritating her’. When someone gets defensive, it's time to back off.

I was trying to help her and got blasted instead.

I realized there was something more going on that I needed to take away from the entire encounter - besides my frustrations.

Know this my friends.

I love vitamin D and am so thankful to my friend from for turning me onto it. For years I was taking a handful of vitamins daily but never took vitamin d. It was simply never recommended.

But in the process of learning all that I possibly could about taking vitamins (fat soluble and water soluble), I also understood that if you’re going to be responsible for your own health, you have to OWN the consequences. You must closely monitor how much you take! Especially with vitamins that can build up in your body and cause IRREVERSABLE damage. That’s not something to take lightly or loosely!

It’s also good to mention that fat soluble vitamins can’t do their job without SOME TYPE OF GOOD FAT. You have to be willing to consume FAT for it to do its job effectively. (It also helps you lose weight so there are other perks!)

(Examples of GOOD FAT that Lars and I consume regularly are: full fat greek yogurt, whole fat cheese + milk + ice cream + cottage cheese + sour cream, avocado's, and cold pressed oils made from organic sources.)

If you have a hard time taking vitamins or medications on a regular basis (which helps you keep up with them), make a list and check them off every day OR do what I do. Right before I shower each day, I religiously get my vitamins out and prepare and take my daily dose. You can also use those day of the week containers – that give you the ability to have a week’s supply on hand.

Maintaining your own health has to be part of the puzzle. Doctors can only give you advice or write your prescriptions. The rest is up to you. If you want to learn, its never too late to do that. My website has a bunch of information about vitamins and its free to access anytime. :)

Here’s a run down of what you’ve missed this past month if you’ve been busy. I have been very busy too and will tell ya about all that soon.

If you cook your own meals and are still using this kind of oil for frying, baking, or recipes, you are taking a huge chance with your health. Science Monthly summed it up succinctly. "What was garbage in 1860, was fertilizer in 1870, cattle feed in 1880, and table food and many things else in 1890." Remember too, that all major fast food chains use it. Just another reason to stay home and cook meals for yourself!

For many reasons, our government wants us to live in fear. If you’ve been afraid of getting the zika virus, let me set your mind at ease. The symptoms typically only last for a week at best... and are mild in comparison to other viruses. The virus is also not caused by mosquitoes as you’ve been told. If you’re planning on getting pregnant or know of someone who is, you need to read this. It will make you feel better!

When you see the all natural label, you automatically may think (for good reason) that you're doing something good and wholesome for you or your family. But that's not how BIG FOOD works. Find out here how you've been duped into buying pure crap!

Did you know that 90 million people today are walking around with fatty liver disease and have no clue? Because the disease is silent for so many years, it's easily missed by doctors which doesn't bode well for your future health. But it doesn't have to be that way. Check it out here.

Your next newsletter will be coming out soon. I have some things to tell you. I've been holding back for far too long - and I feel compelled to share what I've learned. See ya soon!

In Peace, Light, and Love,

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